7 Best Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet (updated 2024)

7 Best Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet

Brands like Huion, Articka, and Otraki are a few of the great choices that you can opt for when it comes to the best artist gloves for drawing on a tablet. Also, there are other considerable brands like Parblo, Mixoo, Gaomon, and EasyGold that you can also put on your narrowed-down list.

Professional artists tend to have a unique kind of gloves that usually cover only two of their fingers: the ring and the pinky. This anti-fouling gloves will make sure that there is no room for any smudges in your artwork. 

Many tablets come with a sensitive screen, and your palm can be a cause of an interrupted drawing. Wearing a drawing glove will decrease the chances of that scenario, and most of all, your hand can glide swiftly on the screen.

Although these are not fundamental choices and not necessarily needed for a digital drawing, they can still make your work easier and better. In this article, we will discuss some of the best artist gloves for drawing tablets. We will scrutinize them so that you’d be sure of getting the perfect one for you. please read here Why Do Tattoo Artists Wear Black Gloves? 4 Best Reasons Why

Without much delays, let us drive right into it! 

The drawing gloves that as follows are among the best in the market. In this part, you can select the one you think has the best attributes that will fit your interest.

1. Huion Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet

A drawing glove that will work on both of your hands is an excellent choice for you just like Huion artist glove for drawing tablet. 

You do not have to worry because Huion is the best pick that you can select in the market today. The package that you will receive is one unit of the glove that can be used on both hands, depending on your orientation.

With its anti-fouling design, you can prevent the occurrence of smudges from your hand to the drawing tablet or graphics monitor. It also leaves you no scratch, so your tablet won’t have the risk of unwanted lines of damage. However, this kind of drawing glove can cause your fingers to be a little sweaty. 

This fantastic glove is made from a soft Lycra material and Nylon, which depicts a flexible finish. Its fabric is sure to be very comfortable and will reduce the friction between your hands and the tablet’s surface. As a plus, whether you do great stretching, you won’t need to worry about it deforming in shape. 

Huion comes with a classic black color, which is a peaceful and elegant one. Furthermore, it is a great detail because this color is resistant to soiling, so you won’t need to wash it frequently. You can see fine stitching on its edges, so you are assured of a durable and excellent glove at hand. 

What I love about Huion artist glove for drawing tablet is that it works perfectly during sketching, coloring, inking, and digital drawing on graphic tablets. It has an ergonomic design that will comfortably fit your hands and offer you a better drawing experience. 

By these, it is a safe choice for you and your hard-earned money won’t go to waste. 

  • Made from soft Lycra and Nylon material 
  • Has fine stitching on the edges
  • It has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly on your hand
  • Extraordinarily flexible and does not deform
  • Comes with a classic black color
  • Fingers can get a little sweaty 

2. Articka Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet and iPad

If you are tired of all the smudges that ruin your artwork, then Articka artist glove for drawing tablet is just the one you need. It is an efficient solution against the smears that are left all over your working place. 

Also, this is a model that is lightweight on design and not heavy on the pocket so you can take it anywhere that you like without hassle.

This hand gear is an iPad glove that is specially made for artists who work on screens. It assures you that when you do drawing, sketching, inking, coloring, and painting it will be much easier since it eliminates hand sticking. 

Articka’s glove is a premium choice that covers the last two fingers of your hand that touches the screen the most. It also ensures excellent protection to your grip so that there is no transference of oil or fingertips that will leave you a clean surface.

Furthermore, this glove is made from 100% Lyca material that will give you maximum comfortability while doing work. It is elastic in construction, so this is truly an excellent choice for professional artists out there. However, with all the useful details, this is a model that does not prevent palm touch and is a bit pricier.

What I love about this glove is its breathable factor because you can work comfortably even for a long duration. This black color gloves can fit both either the right or the left hand. This model is free in size, so it is designed to meet both men and women in most hand sizes. 

Smooth sliding will be achieved if you are to use this fantastic glove. It is incredibly flexible, so you do not have to worry about it restraining your motion. So if you decide to choose Articka artist glove for drawing tablet, you will be sure of the comfort and the efficiency that it will provide you. Get yours now! 

  • Very much suitable for digital artists
  • Allows your hand to slide smoothly on the screen
  • Prevents smudges and smears 
  • It is made from 100% Lyca material 
  • Very flexible and does not restraint your motion
  • It does not prevent palm touch. 
  • A bit pricier than other models

3. Otraki Two-Finger Artist Gloves for Tablet

Next up is probably the best budget choice that you can opt for an artist glove. Otraki two-finger artist gloves are made from the high-elastic fiber, so it depicts a soft texture which is extremely comfortable to use. 

More so, it has an excellent air permeability and a robust tensile strength, which means that it is an efficient and worthy glove. It comes with a classic black color and is resistant to soiling, so you do not need to wash it often. 

Using this, you can avoid the risk of smudges from your hand towards the graphic tablet or graphics monitor. Furthermore, you can reduce the tablet touch using the hand that does not leave any scratch or damage on the screen’s surface. By this, you can improve your work efficiency and have a better experience while drawing. 

It is a two-finger wrap design that is very convenient for holding a pen that gives you an excellent grip. When you wear this artist’s glove, your hand will be able to side smoothly on the tablet screen and reduce the friction. However, gloves of this kind can’t avoid the palm to be sensed by the device that you are using.  please read here best led gloves.

What I love about it is that it is excellent for both men and women since it is universal in design. Like other models, as mentioned earlier, it comes in color black and offers you an elegant finish. Also, Otraki is soil-resistant and no need for frequent washing. 

Additionally, the package comes in 4 pcs of soft gloves for both left and right hand. It is undoubtedly an excellent gift for your family and friends because it works right when doing a sketch or digital drawing. These Otraki two-finger artist gloves are undoubtedly best for people who love to paint or a newbie in doing artworks.

  • It is universal and for both men and women 
  • Comes with a friction-reducing design
  • Made from a very comfortable material
  • Soil-resistant
  • A perfect gift to your family or friends
  • Does not avoid the palm from being sensed by the device that you are using

4. Parblo Two-Finger Glove for Graphics Drawing Tablet

Adding to this list is another black colored artist glove that is offered by Parblo. This two-finger design gear is specially designed for artists who are fond of using tablets, lightboxes, and tracing light pad when creating art.  

It is made from elastic Lycra fiber because it features an excellent air permeability and strong tensile strength resistance. These characteristics are significant, especially for professionals, to improve their work efficiency. 

By these, a high level of satisfaction will be achieved, for it is an artist glove that offers the best that it gives.

When you are using Parblo two-finger glove for graphics drawing tablet, just like the products mentioned above, the friction between your hands and the tablet will be reduced. By that, you can experience the next level comfortability that a drawing glove can offer.

However, it is in free size but can be used for both left and right hand. Small-framed hands surely won’t fit well. What I love about this glove from Parblo is that it works great on a graphics monitor, tablet, and tracing light pad. As an addition, it is made from elastic cloth that will provide you a good flexibility factor. 

Overall, this glove from Parblo is an excellent pick, even for beginners. The comfort that it offers equalizes the value of money that you spent on the purchase. Parblo two-finger glove for graphics drawing tablet is undoubtedly a unique gift for your loved ones for the holiday season that loves to draw or sketch.

  • It has an elastic finish
  • Reduces the friction between your hands the screen of the tablet
  • Can be used in both the left and right hand
  • Has an excellent air permeability and sturdy tensile resistance
  • Provides you a comfortable feeling
  • It is free size, so small-framed hands do not fit well

5. Mixoo Artist Gloves

If you want a glove that has palm rejection and is very thin, then Mixoo artist glove is the best. It ultimately prevents the detection of the capacitive screens, so you are sure of having an advantage if you pick this model.

This kind of glove s made from high quality and elastic Lycra fabric that depicts a breathable finish. You are sure to have the most comfortable feeling when you work with this glove. As a plus, you can have the benefit that it is suitable for both of your hands. 

With the extra padding, it effectively improves your drawing session’s performance and prevents any unwanted smudges that may happen. Unexpected palm touch has no room for the interruption, and this is a gear with high wear resistance.

Furthermore, these artist gloves reduce the friction between the hand and the tablet surface so you can swipe and glide smoothly for reasonable control of the device. It is very flexible and works perfectly for sketching, inking, digital drawing, and coloring. 

What I love about Mixoo’s drawing glove is that there are three sizes that you can choose for this model. You can have the chance to pick what is the measurement which will suit and fit you well. Additionally, the package includes two pieces of gloves that will surely give you a high-quality performance. please read her best wedding gloves.

However, the design is a little loose around the palm area, but still it works perfectly fine and not a hindrance. It does not tend to stick on the screen, so it is a truly worthy purchase. I must say that Mixoo artist glove is a well-recommended glove choice for you, for it is a cheap one that also has a shot compared to its competitors.

  • Reduces friction between the hand and the screen
  • Has high flexibility
  • Comes with a padding patch design
  • Made with premium quality of Lycra fabric
  • Comes in three sizes depending on your preference
  • Design in too loose on the palm area of the hand 

6. GAOMON Two-Finger Glove for Graphics Tablet

Next on the list is a two-finger glove from Gaomon, which is excellent in protecting your hands from dust and oil paint. You have to note that if your device supports finger touch, the signal won’t be blocked by this glove and can be detected. This feature is a unique one and which makes Gaomon stand out. 

As a good aesthetics, the wrist is extended for an ergonomic design. It is the right partner for sketching, coloring, inking, and digital drawing on tablets and monitors. This glove is made from a Lycra fabric, which ensures high comfortability and efficiency while doing work. 

What I love about is that it is very flexible with high air permeability and strong tensile resistance. These details are a must-have for a glove that depicts a high-efficiency level for the main priority: your satisfaction. Restrained motion is not a good thing to happen if you work on your masterpiece for a long time.

Like the previous products, it reduces the friction between your hand and the tablet surface, which will give you a comfy feeling. However, it is only available in free size option in which you can’t choose the perfect dimensions for you. On the brighter side of this fact, it is still a size that fits most people’s hands.

The package of this glove comes in the form of a craft paper which is environment friendly. It is an efficient model; it is also wrapped in a manner that won’t harm. 

This Gaomon two-finger glove is a good pick, especially for first-time buyers, because you can be assured of the high comfortability that it will provide you.

  • Reduces the friction between your hand and the surface of the device
  • Made from Lycra fabric
  • It is extremely flexible
  • Has excellent air permeability and excellent tensile resistance
  • Suitable for artists who use a pen tablet or tracing board
  • It is free-sized, so you cannot have a specific size of glove for the dimension of your hand

7. EasyGold Artist Drawing Tablet Gloves

For the last deserving spot, EasyGold artist drawing tablet gloves offer you a great model that is suited for both beginners and professionals. It is two pairs of black and blue gloves made of upscale Nylon Spandex and Lycra fabric, making it soft.

Additionally, it is breathable, sweat-absorbent, wear-resistant, and high in elasticity. By this fact, you can use it frequently without any worry about tearing and wearing. These two-finger professional drawing gloves can help your hand move freely on the drawing board in a swift manner. 

This gear is an excellent choice, for it avoids the resistance caused by sweat, friction, and dust. As long as it is not too hard, it can prevent an accidental touch and damage on the tablet device’s surface. Because if it will become hard in texture, there is a high possibility of scratch on the surface of your tablet computer. 

Even when there is water or oil on your hand, you won’t feel any unwanted stickiness and friction on your drawing board. While wearing the glove, you can have protection, and it is suitable for both the left and right hand.

A glove of this kind is a beautiful gift for your family and friends during the holidays. This model is used in multiple activities like oil painting, sketching, digital drawing, and tablet computers. I can say that great for it is versatile in design and can be used in many tasks and work that you desire.

What I love about it is that there are two colors for this glove. This blue and black gear depicts high elasticity and stretchability.  However, like the other previous models, it is only available in two sizes that are medium and large, so those with smaller hands won’t fit on the gear. 

This EasyGold artist drawing tablet gloves are suitable for different palm sizes and can be cleaned and used repeatedly without the fear of wear and tear. It is a money-wise decision, for it gives you a benefit for various applications. So do not hesitate and get yours now! 

  • Keeps your artwork clean
  • It reduces the friction that is generated from your hand and the screen
  • Can be used in multiple ways
  • Made from Lycra and Nylon fabric for high comfort 
  • Provides you a high flexibility 
  • It is only available in two sizes, which are medium and large.

What to Look for Before Buying 

It is always a need for buyers to know the right characteristics that he/she will look for in every purchase. There are many things to consider when selecting a drawing glove, and we will discuss it for your advantage.

Material Used

There is always a need for you to pick a glove that has high quality and durable. Items that are made from Lycra fabric can offer you a very high level of tenacity. This type of material will surely improve your efficiency and comfortability every time you do an artwork. 

You can also choose a glove made of Nylon material, specially designed to give you a smooth finish. It will also allow your hand to move freely and without restriction. Gloves that are made from this are thick on the inside, which can keep your hand warm while you are drawing.

The material in which the glove is constructed must be of premium quality so that you, as the user, won’t be disappointed. By this account, you won’t be able to waste your money on gloves that are low in quality. It is a simple logic of the excellent quality glove that connects all the positive outcomes in the future.

You can also be ensured of a high level of flexibility that does not deform the drawing glove’s original shape. If it is stretchable, you won’t have a problem with restrained motion. That is why you have to pick the best of the best quality that is present in the market. 

Anti-fouling Design 

For professional artists, smudges are a thing to happen, when you are so near in finishing your work. Your palm can leave a stain mark on the surface due to the dirt, grease, sweat, and any other things that will tend to do possible harm to your drawing.

Due to this anti-fouling design of the glove, it will reduce the friction between the tablet surface and your hands. You have to choose a glove that will undoubtedly go along with the surface you are using. By that, you can have excellent drawing experience, and you can be sure that the glove won’t harm your device.

Having a drawing gear that does not depict this characteristic undoubtedly has the chance to do damage on the surface of the device. There is a bi possibility for a scratch in which is a bad thing to happen in your tablet. So if you aim for a kind art and a secured device, you must consider this factor.

Size and Suitability for Both Hands

There are types of these drawing gloves that cannot fit both of the hands. You must consider this factor because it will surely offer you a significant advantage over those models that cannot provide both. Whether you are left or right-handed, you can fit on the glove without any hassle.

Additionally, the size will also matter if you can have the right measurement, and you won’t end up disappointed. Some of these gloves have a universal design, which is nice because it can fit most hand sizes. However, it is much better if you chose the brand with a small, medium, and vast option to offer you.

Even a few brands have a size chart available for men and women, so we genuinely advise you to look at the product specifications whenever you decide for a purchase. Though the free size is also great if it fits a range dimension of hand, it is still useful if there is a specific size depending on your preference. 

You cannot be so sure if the free size the product is talking about will fit your hand perfectly. That is why you need to find an option in which you can see a literal size chart.


Due to the vast variations of these gloves available in the market, you will be amazed at how they differ in price ranges. They differ in the amount due to the features that each model depicts. You should choose the one that is durable and will give you a long-lasting performance. 

The design is also one factor that contributes to the price of these gloves. So basically, it still depends on your preference. If you think that it is in your budget, go for it. If not, try and choose another model in which it can equalize the features that you desire. read more here best budget ski gloves.

Few manufacturers sell individual pieces, and some offer you a set. You can choose the model which you think fits most according to your needs. The ones that come in set tends to give you higher discounts than those that are individually sold. People tend to buy bundles often, for they aim a great advantage.

The best advice that I can give you is that your quality does not always come cheap. If you desire a glove with great details and characteristics, you need to have a budget that will equalize the great features that it will provide you. It is more like an investment so that you can have the benefit of a long-lasting drawing glove.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a glove for a drawing tablet?

It is not necessarily a need for you, but if you aim to have the most out of your graphics, you should get one. Also, the friction will be minimized between your hand and the screen. Not only that, it will quickly help your hand glide, but it will also ensure you for a clean and dust-free tablet.

Where is an artist glove used?

The primary purpose of these gloves is to reduce the possibility of smudges while drawing. For tablets, you can reduce the friction that is made due to your hand that is continuously touching the surface of the tablet. It is an excellent gear to enable you to have a good performance while doing your art.

What are the best materials in which a drawing glove can be constructed?

If you aim for a smooth finish of the glove, then, Lycra and polyester are the materials that you should consider. It offers you maximum comfort, so you do not need to struggle. Also, it gives you a firm grip on your pen or pencil, guarding it against smudges.

You also need to look if it is made if Nylon because it is thick inside. Due to that, you can have a warm experience while doing your masterpiece. 

How do you wash a drawing glove?

These gloves can be hand washed by using cold or warm soapy water. It can also be machine washed, but you need to use cold water for it. Gloves of this kind should be hanged for air drying.

There will undoubtedly be instructions on how to wash your hand gear, so all you have to do is follow it. Being keen on the details is an excellent characteristic is you want your drawing glove to last a long time.

Do you need a screen protector for a drawing tablet?

Whether you use a tablet for either work or play, a stylus will possibly damage your tablet. Screen protectors will enable you to give security against any scratches. Also, if you are using a glove while sketching or drawing, you can have added safety because it will minimize the generated friction.

Final Words

Overall, you have to try choosing a glove that will give you a great experience when drawing. If you do that, you can be ensured that you have the best artist glove for a drawing tablet and won’t lose time due to interruptions. 

Good luck, and may you pick the right one for you!