Best Arm Warmers for Triathlon

Brands such as KEMFORD, Feeke, B-driven, OutdoorEssentials, Sonthin, Sports Trail, Mcdavid, Evoshield, and Aegend are reputable when it comes to the best arm warmers for triathlon. 

When you play triathlon, you may either engage in swimming, cycling, and or running in one race. Certainly, you’d want to make sure that you have the complete gears to lessen the probability of getting injured; arm warmers are often used to protect your skin from the scorching heat and other factors.

In this article, our top pick is the Kemford arm sleeve, mainly due to its durable yet breathable material, providing comfort for your skin. Not to mention, it’s also affordable given all of its amazing features. It’s definitely worth the cost. 

Wondering what other options are there for the best arm warmers for triathlon? Here we selected products that might suit your liking.



In the rapidly expanding business of protective sports gear, there are a lot of products that excel. If you are an athlete that engages in tough and sweating activities, you need to have arms sleeves to secure your all-out performance. To help you choose, we have listed 9 best arm sleeves for you. 


  1. Kemford Armsleeves for Men and Women

To be able to play with comfort is something very important for athletes. Whatever outdoor activity it is, whether you are a man or a woman, you need arms sleeves that let you move smoothly and bring coolness. 

All of these benefits can be experienced with the Kemford arm sleeves. Excellence is its top priority, so a lot of runners, bikers, players, and athletes like you will definitely love it. 

No doubt about that given its overall quality and reliability. Also, its composition- 90% nylon and 10% spandex- can offer you a soft compression. Well, these mentioned materials are proven to be safe and the best ones for this kind of product. 

Not to mention, it also ensures convenience and takes away moisture and odor for non-stop and hassle-free movements. The upper band and the thumbholes promote stability and protection. 

Kemford arm sleeves are built to shield your arms from the danger of UV rays with its UPF 50+ rating. So, you can do your job without worrying about the odds of getting tan. Day or night, it is sure to lower the temperature up to 6 degrees, keeping your arms cool. 

What makes this product extra special is the overall protection that it provides. You can play and win without having scratches, sunburns, and abrasions. Also, having this garment is a great way to develop muscular endurance. 

This mild compression promotes a longer time of muscular performance, faster recovery, and helps you avoid injuries. It also comes at various sizes, making it ideal for anyone. 



  • High-quality composition 
  • Offer great protection 
  • Promotes endurance 
  • With many sizes 
  • Prevents tanning 


  • Limited colors


  1. Feeke Arm Sleeves for Men and Women

When you’re playing outdoor, you know that the weather can greatly affect your physical performance, competitive mindset, and interest. If you want to experience continuous fun and excitement, you need to keep your arms cool with these protective arm sleeves for men and women by Feeke. 

Given all of its amazing features, you will certainly love this product. Firstly, the materials used therein are guaranteed to be of high-quality, so you’re sure that it’s durable, stretchable, and weather-resistant. 

With this, you can play for a long time under the sun without worrying about spoilage and material deterioration. Also, it’s chemical-free so it’s safe for everyone. Personally, I love how it can give all-day freshness; it is capable of wicking away moisture naturally. 

With the UPF 50+ protection, you are truly safe from the harmful UV rays. It devotes to block 98% of UVA and UVB, making it perfect outdoors, especially under the scorching heat. No need to apply sunscreen lotion from time to time because this product will protect you from tanning. 

Indeed, there is so much to love about Feeke arm sleeves for men and women; it has anti-slip feature and exquisite stretching. Certainly, you can perform huge and rapid movements without worrying that it will lose or rip. Thanks to the special elastic band non-skid design, the sleeves just stick to your skin. 

Also, you will be delighted how these sleeves aid the long-term performance of muscles. Not just that, but it is also durable, stretchable, and easy-to-wash. The kind of sport and the length of usage are not a problem. 

Yes, it may just be a bit pricey, but all its features are sure to be worth it. 



  • Durable and weather-resistant 
  • Blocks UV rays 
  • With special elastic band 
  • Flexible use
  • Chemical-free 


  • A little pricey


  1. B-Driven Sports Athletic Compression Arm Sleeve 

Sweating while running, playing, and biking makes the sports harder; it can undeniably ruin your mood. The invention of arm sleeves is indeed gratifying, even so, you still need to find the most excellent product that can best respond to your needs, just like these B-Driven Sports arm sleeves. 

It’s unisex, so it matches well to men and women. Also, it can be used for any sports, whether it involves huge or little movement, it’s not going to be a problem.  

Much more, it comes with a camouflage design, giving you a fashionable look. Not to mention that the fabric used is very effective in wicking away moisture, so you can have optimum confidence while playing. 

The product comes in various sizes; it means that it can be used by anyone- kids or adults. What I love about this is that it provides a chart that can help you determine the size that you should avail. 

Furthermore, the silicone endura band functions well to keep the sleeve in place. With this, your game will surely go smoothly as the sleeves won’t slip down and cause hassle; and this is true even if it involves strenuous movements. 

This well-designed product uses 35+ SPF protection to block the UV rays. So, your skin is assuredly safe and the heat will not cause you inconvenience. 

When it comes to blood circulation and removing toxins, B-Driven Sports arm sleeves also work perfectly well. Not just that, it also increases your odds of winning because it also improves muscular endurance and muscle recovery.



  • Stylish design 
  • With lots of sizes 
  • Features the silicon endura band
  • Remarkable protection 
  • Helps in blood circulation 


  • Only includes a single sleeve


  1. Outdoor Essentials UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves 

Tough movements need heavy-duty arm sleeves, something that will not bother you during the game, something that will give you the feeling of competitiveness and focus on winning. 

With all the emerging products in the market, Outdoor Essentials arm sleeves should be added in your list of choices. You can bank on it from the quality of the materials to everything that it offers. 

Even though you will be playing under the sun for a long time, you don’t need to apply sunscreen anymore. This product takes responsibility for taking care of your skin using its UPF 50+ protection. After playing, you won’t see spots of sunburn or tanning. 

It also guarantees comfort. You won’t feel like you are not sweating because the moisture is immediately absorbed by the sleeves, leaving you with cool and dry feeling. Unlike other products, Outdoor Essentials arm sleeves give way to air so that freshness can be felt all day. 

Its nylon and spandex composition promotes durability and longer lifespan. You can wear and wash it every day without worrying that it will be spoiled or ripped off. 

About the colors, you can choose between dark gray and black. These colors are proven effective in hiding your tattoos and help you look more professional. You can buy 2 up to 6 pairs. Availing more pairs will allow you to share it and change if you will engage in a tougher activity with a longer duration. 

Also, the seamless design elevates the fine texture and soft feeling. As you take it off, it will not leave you marks and itch.



  • Enhanced skin protection 
  • Comfortable 
  • Great materials were used 
  • You can buy lots of pairs 
  • Seamless design 


  • Only has 2 colors


  1. SONTHIN Arm Sleeves UV Protection Compression Sun Sleeves

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you can have the optimum freshness and comfortability with SONTHIN arm sleeves. Outstanding quality and excellent protection are its top-most priority, so you can experience premium satisfaction. 

What makes this product stand out is it’s uniquely built to keep you safe from tendon inflammation. You can just stretch and bend your arms freely and comfortably. 

The UV protection that it offers you is superb. Sunburn and skin aging are just some of the disadvantages that you might acquire if you will deny the use of arm sleeves. 

Yes, you are safe with the UPF 50+ protection of SOONTHIN arm sleeves. Not just that, it also keeps your arms warm if you will use it during winter. The silicone anti-slip band lets you move freely. It also closes the possible ways of wind and dust. Truly, it’s a great quality of guarantee. 

Whether you are a man or a woman, a kid or an adult, this product is perfect for you. It can fit all sizes so expect that it can also cover wide and huge tattoos. Perhaps, the only downside of this product is its cost. Anyhow, it’s set off by all of its amazing qualities. 

Well, it can be useful for any kind of work and sports, of course. Much more, you can use it when you do something in the garden, in the yard, or inside the house. This level of versatility makes it one of the best arm warmers for triathlon. 

The fabric used is 85% nylon and 15% of spandex. There are so many benefits that can be acquired from these materials- cooling, elasticity, comfort, and breathability; all of these contribute to your performance. 

Lastly, these sleeves are very lightweight. My friends love how this product can be used during hot days and activities for a longer duration. Cleaning it is also straightforward; it’s easy-to-wash and fast drying.



  • Prevent tendon inflammation
  • Offers freshness 
  • Provides superb protection 
  • Anti-slip 
  • Can be used by anyone 


  • It may not be a choice for someone who in a budget


  1. SportsTrail Cooling Arm Sleeves for Men & Women

The turn-out of the game may be affected by what you feel. If you’re feeling good and comfortable, you will gain confidence and surely win the game. One of the ways for you to get optimum comfort is wearing these SportsTrail arm sleeves for men and women with mild compression and protective features. 

The cooling effect is indeed on a higher level. Its material construction, 90% nylon and 10% spandex, contributes a lot to the immediate absorption of moisture. So, you will feel fresh and dry all day long. 

With regards to the UV protection, the product has an UPF 50+ rating, making it effective in shielding 98% of UVA and UVB rays. Too much sun exposure is indeed risky; it can damage and hurt your skin. With this product, it will be easier for you to play under the heat of the sun. 

Much more, SportsTrail arm sleeves are beneficial for muscle recovery, blood circulation, and muscular endurance. Yes, it doesn’t just protect you and give you comfort but also assures that you can finish the game. 

Whether you’re engaging in an indoor or outdoor game, you will find this product necessary; Sports Trail arms sleeves are certified to be effective in every sport. Also, it features seamless comfort. The texture is very fine and smooth and it does not leave your skin unwanted marks. 

Its perfect elasticity simply means enhanced flexibility to let you move freely and accomplish tasks easily. This feature also helps to completely cover tattoos no matter how wide they are. 

Everything it has is just a reason for you to rely on it. It’s durable and weather-resistant so you can expect that can use it for a long time. Also, it’s chemical-free, thus guaranteeing your safety. Although it doesn’t have a silicone band, which is present to most products on this list, it is flexible in its unique way. 



  • Made of excellent materials 
  • Optimum protection for your skin 
  • Improves muscular endurance 
  • Fine and smooth feel
  • Covers tattoo well 


  • Doesn’t have a silicone band


  1. Mcdavid 6500 Hex Padded Arm Sleeve

If you want a good performance during the game, you need to get away from everything that bothers you. Of course, you cannot play well if it’s too hot and sweat is dripping all over your arms. Wearing an arm sleeve, just like this one from McDavid, is a good idea to prevent this circumstance and to gain focus. 

For sure, the McDavid padded arm sleeve will get you covered with all of its amazing features. Well, it’s a revolutionary product that stands out due to its unique qualities. 

The package includes only one sleeve. But then, it fits either your right or left arm. If you want to cover both arms, you have to order two of them. Although it may cost you a bit, this can ensure comfort all throughout the game. 

This product has a special feature, a foam padding that is incorporated in the elbow area. It is definitely an advantage if you play tough sports like basketball and volleyball. 

If ever you will collide to the floor or other players, the pain may be minimized or you won’t feel it at all. With this protection, you can be confident with your movements. 

It also stands out because it maintains muscle warmth. Do you know that keeping your muscles warm can help you win the game? In short, warmed muscles are happy and active muscles. 

Aside from the fact that it protects your skin from harmful UV rays, causing skin aging and skin discoloration, it also offers a remarkable cooling effect and dryness. 

With its moisture management technology, the sweat will be eliminated while you are on the game; leaving you with all-out freshness and dryness to lighten up your mood. 

Looking at the composition, which is 80% nylon and 20 percent spandex, this product is truly durable, fine, and soft. No matter how many times you wash it, it remains tough, firm, and stretchy.



  • Padded at the elbow area 
  • Maintains muscle warmth 
  • Provides cooling effect 
  • Firm and stretchy 
  • Durable 


  • Comes with one sleeve only


  1. EvoShield EvoCharge Compression Arm Sleeve

If you’re determined to win the game, you should be unstoppable, energetic, and active. But then, you should understand that too much movement can cause intense perspiration as your body releases heat. If you don’t want to get bothered with this circumstance, then get the perfect compression arm sleeve from EvoShield. 

Exceptional features and remarkable benefits come in mind when creating this product to offer you optimum functionality. There is no doubt why it is one of the preferred brands of the biggest and well-known sports icons. 

With this, you’re certain that it is of high-quality. Not to mention, it has supreme durability, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged even with frequent use.  

Also, you’re sure that the moist cannot stay long in your arms. Wherever you are and no matter how intense is your activity, it’s like you are not sweating at all. Instead, what you get are coolness and dryness. This high degree of comfort allows you to enjoy and play triathlon with convenience. 

Much more, you can trust the composition of this product- 80% polyester and 20% elastase. Without a doubt, it is highly commendable for its quality. Certainly, it will be durable, long-lasting, fine, and soft. You can even take it off without signs of imprints and itch that’s why athletes love wearing it.  

More amazingly, it has a wide range of uses. Aside from being a sport protective gear, this product also works well as a household PPE. Yes, you can use it with chores such as cleaning the yard or gardening. No matter how often you use and wash it, it doesn’t rip off and deteriorate. Amazing right? 

Given all of these great features, you will know that it’s a good choice. Just come to imagine the excellent benefits it can give to your muscles. With this, you will less likely experience fatigue. Also, it helps rapid muscle recovery, increase blood circulation, and enhance muscular endurance.



  • Made of worldwide quality 
  • Prevents sweating 
  • Gives optimum protection from the heat of the sun 
  • Can be a household PPE
  • Excellent for muscles 


  • Some may not like polyester


  1. Aegend 2 Pair UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves

Sweating is inevitable when you engage in sports such as basketball, running, and triathlon. For sure, it can be much of a hassle, affecting your focus on the game. Another problem is the scorching heat, which can be damaging to your skin.

But with the Aegend 2 pair UV protecting cooling arm sleeves, everything will become easier. Well, this is all thanks to its moisture management and protective ability.

Much more, it is empowered with advanced and modern technology to meet your needs and obtain the quality that you are paying for. Certainly, all of the benefits that this product brings are worth the price. 

One of the advantages is the UPF 50+ protection. When you wear this, applying sunscreen is not necessary anymore. Having this is a great way of protecting your skin from 99. 8% of UVA and UVB rays. Even if you play under the sun all day, your skin will stay safe and healthy. 

You will be amazed when you take the sleeves off; you won’t see any blisters or peel in your arms after using. Much more, the 92% nylon and 8% spandex fabric is responsible for maintaining the cooling effect. This material is best in absorbing moisture and sweat. Therefore, you can expect that you can play comfortably. 

This product also excels when it comes to durability. It doesn’t easily tear when it is overstretched; with this, you won’t worry even if you tend to make a large movement while playing. Also, if you wash it often, the fabric doesn’t become loose easily.

Its seamless and fine texture gives you a feeling of lightness. It’s like you are wearing nothing. You will be happy to know that the design is unisex, meaning; it can be worn by men or women. A single size also fits all. It doesn’t matter how long or how big your arms are, the sleeves can adjust by itself. 

Anyway, if you want to cover your tattoos, the black and gray colors are the perfect choices for you.



  • Perfect for all sports 
  • Provides exceptional protection 
  • From the best materials 
  • Very durable 
  • One size fits all 


  • Only limited colors


Benefits of Using Arm Warmers During Triathlon

You might be wondering, “Why do I need to wear arm warmers, is it really important?” Well, most athletes opt to wear arm warmers to protect their skin, especially when they are exposed to heat. Just keep on reading for we are to break down for you the benefits offered by arm warmers.


Reduces chances of injury

By doing a strenuous task, you might cause yourself injuries if you are not wearing any protective gear. Arm warmers do not only protect your skin from the sun, but it also serves as support that allows better circulation when doing sports due to its compression sleeves.


Maintains body temperature

Arm warmers lock in moisture to keep your skin dry from unwanted sweat. However, the weather is unpredictable and it can change any time during sports events. 

But thanks to the compression sleeves of your arm warmers, you don’t need to worry about any of that because it will ensure your body be at its moderate temperature.


Blocks UV rays

The most common use of arm warmers is that it keeps your skin from harmful sunrays. Spending hours in the sun can damage your skin therefore, wearing one is a must. It is made from fine material to keep you dry and cool all day long making it suitable for the hot weather. 


Fast recovery

Compression from your arm warmers provide stabilization for your arms muscles and increase blood flow, helping you to recover quickly. Arm warmers are made from fabrics that allow elasticity to lightly squeeze your arm muscles, which is why choosing a perfect fit is essential when buying one.


Prevents muscle soreness

With all the extraneous activities you will be doing, expect muscle pain, and soreness afterward. Fortunately, wearing arm warmers on Triathlon will help you prevent muscle tightness and soreness. 

The sleeves will loosen up your muscles that will help you during your games not to feel any pain and when you are healing.


Improve Performance

With the help of the compression of your arm sleeves, your body produces more oxygen that helps the muscle avoid fatigue. This will help you stay at the top of your game improving your performance.


Covers tattoo

Some people might prefer to cover their tattoos when in-game. If you are one of those few people then purchasing a pair of arm warmer is the best choice for it!


Things to Consider When Buying Arm Warmers for Triathlon

You might be familiar with this product we are talking about. Arm warmers are often seen worn by runners, cyclists, golf players, basketball players, and many more. Now that we’ve tackled about the benefits of wearing one, you might be thinking what makes an arm warmer the best.

Here is the list of factors you want to take note of when buying arm warmers for triathlon.



When buying arm warmers, we suggest you be specific and not only rely on small, medium, or large options. Some arms are more muscular than others and if you chose the wrong one, it might slip or won’t give you the comfort and compression you desire. We don’t want that to happen right?

Do consider your arm sleeve size, your bicep sizearm density, and of course your desired feel and fit. It might be difficult to understand so let us define it one by one.

  • Arm density: It describes the densities of a person’s arm that varies from how lean to normal and muscular it is. This gravely affects the feel and fit of your arm warmers. Therefore, identify your arm density first to achieve the fit and feel you desire.
  • Bicep size: This refers to the muscles on your arm. Keeping your arms relaxed gives you your bicep size. You can use a tape measure, cord, or a rope to measure around your arm. 
  • Desired feel and fit: It is important for you to know how your arm sleeves would feel and fit. How tight or snug you want it to be? It depends upon your taste so please choose carefully.

Adding to this, the length is also a factor you need to consider. Arm sleeves come in short, medium, or long. Triathlon is consists of different sports so do choose a product that will ensure you UPF protection and of good quality.

Considering these factors will help you to give out better performance when doing sports such as Triathlon that requires you to move a lot and to use your body rigorously.



When participating in Triathlon, you’d be using your arms a lot causing them to feel soreness afterward. This is where compression comes in. As we said to form the benefits, compression aid to faster recovery, therefore, choosing the arm warmers with the ideal compression should be your top priority. 

Some studies show that when doing sports, it is necessary for you to wear arm warmers that provide compression. It stabilizes your arm muscles and helps you to have better blood flow ideal for minor injuries or recovery from strenuous activity.

For you to experience the amazing benefits of wearing arm warmers, you must choose what fits you the best. Also, consider the fabric used for these affects the compression of the sleeves. This will ensure that your arm sleeves will not slip and won’t restrict your blood flow by being too tight.



The material used for arm sleeves indicates the performance or quality of the product. For your awareness, here is the list of material for your arm sleeves to look out for.


  • Nylon material- A material often used for arm sleeves. This thin fabric is ideal to wear underneath your shirt or any long sleeve so heat is definitely not an issue here. It is cheap, durable, and easy to wash as well. 
  • Spandex- This material is stretchable, it can expand and return to its original size without being worn out. This fabric can fit almost any arm eliminating the need to custom fit. However, spandex is not breathable but it is long-lasting and durable.
  • Microfibers- Arm sleeves made up from this material don’t stretch just like a spandex material do making it ideal when more compression is needed. However, unlike nylon, this material is thicker and cannot be worn under any shirt. But it provides you the comfort you want.
  • Silk- This fabric is suitable for sensitive skin for its soft yet durable material. The same as microfibers, this material isn’t stretchable and is not suitable to wear under any clothing.
  • Wool- This material is best for colder days because it offers more warmth than any other material. It draws off moisture leaving your skin dry from sweat. However, this material will not give you the best compression as any material mentioned does. 

All the materials have their unique functions. But in triathlon, we suggest you choose a material that is durable and gives you the compression you need while protecting your skin from the UV rays and also ensure that it draws off moisture from sweat.

Additionally, the construction of your arm sleeves should be seamless to provide you more compression. This is made from a technique that features 3-dimensional knitting textures, some use mesh panels to allow breathability. Ribbing is required for targeted support. 



When buying arm warmers, you should ask yourself; “Will I be comfortable wearing that?” or “What do I want my arm warmers to feel?”

By ensuring comfort when wearing arm warmers, your performance in any game will definitely improve as it offers you support and protection. You’d want to consider these following characteristics of your arm sleeves to achieve the comfort you want:

  • Draws off moisture and dries quickly
  • Cooling such that is breathable
  • With at least UPF 50% for sun protection, blocking 99% of UV rays
  • Fabric offering compression 
  • Does not slip on your arm
  • Made from high-quality material that is durable and long-lasting 
  • Quality construction offering comfort
  • The material that features odor-resistant and anti-bacterial properties for hygiene 
  • Perfect fit for your arm

Breathability is vital for your comfort. In definition, it is the ability of a fabric to allow moisture to pass through. Doing any extreme activity will cause you to sweat vigorously which is why breathable arm warmers will be convenient at this time for it draws out unwanted sweat leaving your skin fresh and dry.

Comfort is very important, especially in sports. You’d be using your body for a particular activity and you don’t want anything ruin your concentration or performance. By considering the following characteristics, we assure you that the arm warmers you’d be purchasing will be the best one!



Choosing a color in arm warmers can be also important. Runners and cyclists may find this useful, by choosing a bright color such as neon yellow will make them more visible on road making it a safer trail. 

Traditionally, arm warmers come are available in only black and white. But as time pass by, manufacturers are starting to upgrade from different colors to graphic and flashing designs that are attention-grabbing to match your outfit.


In triathlon, you’d be competing with many people so be sure to be visible by choosing a design that is eye-catching for you to be spotted easily. Nevertheless, an arm warmer with UV compression quality in a variety of colors is an ideal pair.


UPF /Sun Protection

Most people, especially athletes, who spend hours under the sun use arm warmers for this purpose since we all know that too much exposure to UV rays will cause a lot of damage to your skin. However, many arm sleeves with UPF 30+ or less do not shield us from the harmful UV rays. 

When buying arm sleeves, we suggest you choose one with UPF 50+ to protect yourself from UV rays. These arm sleeves will protect your skin longer without making it feel greasy, unlike sunblocks that only last for an hour and a half.



Of course, we all want our purchase to be worth its price. If you are active in outdoor recreational activities or sports, investing in arm warmers will definitely help you a lot! You’d to experience firsthand the benefits of such a product.

There are cheap arm warmers available that are made of high-quality materials but be careful because some may only waste you your hard-earned money. Expensive sleeves have additional features that are useful for any use; however, it is still up to you.

Our only advice is for you to purchase from reliable brands to ensure good quality arm warmers.


Additional features to consider


Some arm sleeves have features such as silicon grippers placed on the upper hem to prevent it from slipping down your arm when doing certain tasks.



Participating in triathlon will make you sweat buckets because of the series of events you’d be doing. This will cause your arm warmers to smell bad afterward, but most manufacturers are now including anti-bacterial and sweat-resistant materials for arm warmers.



This is a helpful feature for an arm sleeve since you’d be sweating a lot after doing a sports activity. Your sweat will not stay on your skin leaving it fresh ensuring any irritation won’t occur.



There are arm warmers made with materials that are water-resistant. This is perfect for areas that are wet. However, this kind of arm warmers is quite expensive.



Who could’ve thought that this simple pair of arm warmers can provide you a ton of benefits especially when you are doing sports? Therefore, choosing a reliable product with high-quality is definitely necessary.

Now that you are enlightened with the best arm warmers for triathlon, We hope that you’d find the perfect pair for you!

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