Best Budget Ski Mittens

Skiing can be a very exciting yet dangerous activity. Winding down the ice is an exhilarating experience. When the day is clear, you’ll be able to see the horizon at the top of the mountain. If the climate is colder than usual, you’ll be very busy keeping yourself warm. Fortunately, skiing is one of the best ways for you to be one with nature while getting some exercise, making it worth your every effort.

If you ski, you would need to make sure that your whole body is protected. You would need to wear your ski jacket, boots, pants, and most especially your ski mittens. While a cold body can be managed, but frozen hands can lead to disaster. Cold hands would make it hard for you to grip your ski poles or control your movements. This is why it’s essential for you to wear the best ski mittens. However, they can be expensive, making it hard for most people to purchase them. But in my experience, if one knows where to look, you can actually get the best budget ski mittens.

To help you, I’ll share with you tips on how you can keep your ski mittens warm and how you can differentiate gloves and ski mittens. I’ll also share with you the best budget ski mittens that I’ve found in the market.

Tips On How You Can Keep Your Ski Mittens Warm

When the temperature gets too cold, you can have a hard time to stay warm. Even if you have the best budget ski mittens, if you do not know how to properly keep your ski mittens warm, they’ll be useless. This is why you would need to take extra steps to stay warm. Gladly, you have me to give you tips to keep your best budget ski mittens while you’re hitting the slopes.

– Take advantage of hand drying machines

When you go skiing, it can’t be helped that at times your clothes and ski mittens would get wet. If your mittens get wet, of course, your hands would get cold.

I have learned throughout the years that you can take advantage of the hand drying machines.  You can easily find them in bathrooms. All you need to do is place your hands under the machine and let it do the rest. Your ski mittens would dry easily while your hands would get warm.

– Always keep your hand warmers with you

Every time I go out skiing, I always keep my pockets full of my hand warmers. They’re small enough that you can keep them with you anywhere you go. You can easily grab them if you get too cold and place one of them in each of your mittens.

– Make sure your mittens are well taken care of

Just like your every ski gear, for your ski mittens to stay warm as possible, you need to take care of them. You need to make sure that you wash them regularly while using the right methods. For me, it’s always best to hand wash your ski mittens and avoid machine drying them. I also found that the best soap to use is a mild detergent and avoid using bleach.

How You Can Differentiate And Choose Between Gloves And Mittens

Most of the time, people have difficulties in differentiating gloves and mittens from each other. People often interchange them since they both fit your hands and meant to be used when you’re skiing. So, how does one differentiate ski mittens from ski gloves? And how will one be able to choose the perfect ski handwear?

– Gloves

There are plenty of people who prefer using gloves because their fingers are separated from each other when wearing them. I found that gloves can offer better grip when I’m holding my skiing poles. The separation of my fingers also allows me to perform tasks that can be impossible if my fingers are closed to each other. However, I found that gloves can’t keep my fingers as warm as I want them to be.

– Mittens

The mittens, unlike gloves, allow your finger fingers to be close to each other. My hands stay really want even during the harshest of conditions. The biggest take-back of mittens is that because of their design performing some tasks can be difficult.

– 3-In-1

If you want something that offers warmth while allowing you to do your tasks with ease, you can try the 3-in-1. The 3-in-1 is a combination of mittens and gloves. It’s a shell mitten or glove that comes with a removable liner mitten or glove. You can also purchase liner glove or mitten that can fit inside your glove or mitten adding more protection and warmth.

Budget Ski Mittens

The Best Budget Ski Mittens

As I’ve mentioned earlier, ski gloves can be pricey. There are also plenty of ski mittens out in the market that it can be hard for one to choose the best budget ski mittens. Well, you don’t have to browse each pair one by one since I’ve already done that for you and I’ve listed the best of the best. Here are they:

1. Hestra Women’s Extra Warm Ski Mittens

Hestra Heli Ski Womens Glove - Classic Leather Snow Mitten for Skiing and Mountaineering with Women's Fit



  • The mittens are not great in keeping the moisture out

The Hestra Women’s’ Extra warm Ski Mittens are for people who love powder. The powder keeps the snow and rain away from your hands. These pair look great while fitting well on your hands. I have no personal experience in using these gloves since they’re for women, but from what I’ve heard, they’re one of the best. They keep your hands very warm without causing any discomfort. Even if you’re going to ski in harsh colder conditions, you will be able to find yourself warm and comfortable. That’s not easy for ski mittens of this price.

These mittens come with a double-layer design that you won’t even need to use a shell or liner. If you want to add a liner or shell, then you’ll be glad to find that there’s extra space inside the mittens. The design of these ski mittens helps keep the snow or rain away from your hands. The price is simply reasonable for every feature that this pair comes with.

2. Arcteryx Fission Mittens

Arc'teryx Down Mitten


  • These mittens are not very compact
  • Has great water resistance
  • Easy to make adjustments while being worn


  • Not great for an expedition

The Arcteryx Fission Mittens are mittens with a perfect balance between water resistance and warmth. This brand produces one of the best mittens that your money can buy. The mittens are constructed with preventing water to come in contact with your hands through its Gore-Tex XCR waterproof insert.

These mittens have Primaloft Gold inside the palms and fingertips. The insulation is not bulky but can greatly help your hands warm. One of the best things that I’ve enjoyed with using this pair is that I can easily make adjustments while I’m wearing them.

3. Gordini GTX Storm Trooper Mittens

Gordini Women's GTX Storm Trooper III Mittens


  • Warm for their modest price
  • Is windproof and waterproof
  • The pair are not bulky giving its user more dexterity


  • Liners are not removable

The Gordini GTX Storm Trooper Mittens are one of the best mittens that I’ve used for its price range. These mittens are not only waterproof but also windproof. The pair is one of the toughest winter fighting mittens that you can find in the market. It’s also wrapped together with Gore-Tex combined with a woven shell Skeepskin fingers. Even with all these features, the pair does not have any undue weight making it less bulky allowing its user more dexterity.

If you’re looking for a pair of mittens that can be great for skiing without getting concerned about the price, then you’ll love these just like I did. I enjoyed that they come with a heater pack pocket that made them even warmer. The only thing that I didn’t like about them is that their liners were not removable.

4. Gordini Women’s GTX Storm Trooper III Mittens

Rugged Waterproof Winter Mittens | Extra Long Gauntlets | Snowboard, Ski, Ice Fishing, Mittens | Medium Weight (Small)


  • Perfect for cold-weather activities
  • Allow you to perform tasks without the need to remove them
  • Have great after-sales service


  • They’re not good with keeping your hands warm

The Gordini Women’s GTX Storm Trooper III Mittens are one of the gloves that I can use while snowboarding, skiing, or simply walking during cold weather. In my experience, for its price range, they have a great waterproofing system. They are also perfect when taking selfies or using your devices because of their wrist leashes.

I salute Tough Outfitters for creating the products themselves, allowing their clients to enjoy huge savings.

5. Dakine Men’s Titan Mittens

Dakine Men's Titan Mitts


  • Have a thin removable liner
  • Stay smelling fresh for a longer period
  • Have a reasonable length of cuffs


  • They don’t have enough insulation

The Dakine Men’s Titan Mittens are perfect for the cold weather. In fact, they’re one of the warmest ski mittens I have used. Their outer cover has great insulation, but in my standpoint, they don’t have as much insulation as advertised. However, these ski mittens make up for it by being water repellent and waterproof. I also enjoyed that these mittens come with a removable stretch lining making them great during cold weather.

6. Burton Gore-Tex Mittens



  • Can be used for snowboarding and skiing
  • Have a good waterproofing system
  • These mittens have elastic straps and wrist tightening straps


The Burton Gore-Tex Mittens are mittens are great for people who don’t want to invest too much money on mittens but want something with quality. If you only go out to skiing only a couple of times a year, then these mittens are for you. However, I discovered that the pair are never meant for extremely cold temperatures. They are a great choice even with this downside.

The waterproofing system of these mittens are inexpensive but can keep its users happy. You can keep your hand warmers in the zipped pockets of these mittens. Lastly, they have a thermal core insulation without being limited to your mobility.

7. Columbia Bugaboo Ski Mittens

Columbia Youth Whirlibird Mitten


  • One of the most breathable mittens in the market
  • Has a removable touch-screen compatible liner
  • They come with a removable safety leash


  • They are not unisex

The Columbia Bugaboo Ski Mittens come with great insulation that’s not only waterproof but also breathable. What I’ve enjoyed about them is that they have a removable touch-screen compatible liner that allows me to use my gadgets without the need to remove the entire ensemble. They’re also durable allowing you to use them for a very long time.

These mittens have a sympathetic palm grip that allows you to take hold of your ski poles even tighter. Also, even with the price, it’s simply one of the warmest pair that I’ve worn. They’re great even when the temperature gets extremely low. The only drawback is that they’re made only for men.


If you have more budget for a pair of ski mittens, then I’d like to try this a little pricier pair. Trust me, they’re worth for the extra that you’ll be paying.

Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mittens

Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mitts


  • These mittens have heaters
  • They are waterproof
  • Have extra layer adding protection and warmth


  • The batteries don’t last very long

The Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mittens are one of the warmest pair of mittens that I have used when skiing. They are built with ALTI heat that can keep its every user’s hands warm. You will be ensured that your hands would always stay warm even during the coldest of temperatures. The pair comes with EnduraLoft insulation giving you an extra layer of protection and warmth. They also come with Gore-Tex inserts making them not only warm but also waterproof.

These mittens come with a lifetime guarantee. The only downside of these mittens is that the batteries easily die out when you’re using them.

Never Let Frozen Hands Ruin Your Day

One of the most crucial elements for you to enjoy skiing is having proper gears. Every single one of these gears is equally important, may it be your boots, goggles, or gloves. However, having the perfect gloves can sometimes be overlooked by most people. They often forget that keeping your fingers from getting frozen is as essential as protecting your eyes with goggles or keeping your feet warm with boots.

Frozen hands can easily ruin your ski day but you can avoid it with the perfect ski mittens. Yes, mittens are a necessity, but you won’t need to compromise your money. Just pick one of these best budget ski mittens and enjoy your ski trip. Don’t let frozen hands ruin your day and just keep skiing away.

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