11 Best Exfoliating Gloves

Last updated on : September 28th, 2021 at 04:12 am

If you are looking for the best exfoliating gloves, brands such as Earth Therapeutics, EvridWear, Aquasentials, Yoturo, and Linda are great options. The same is true with Supracor, Dermasuri, Skinerals, Seraphic, and Zoubaa. 

Personally, I recommend the natural white exfoliating gloves from EvridWear, specifically one for light exfoliating, since it suits everyone’s face. But if you’re looking for the best exfoliating gloves for hair ingrown, then you should opt for Dermasuri deep exfoliating mitt body scrub. 

Well, every person wants to have better skin. So if you want to achieve radiant skin, worry no more because; there are perfect exfoliating gloves that could help you get rid of dead skin cells and ensure healthier, smoother, and livelier skin. Every product that we are going to discuss has its benefits and uses. read more here exfoliating gloves benefits.

If you’re struggling to find the right products for you, then we’ve reduced your options to 11. We are going to help you find the product suitable and ideal for your skin type and preference. Just read on!

With the aid of these reviews, we’ll analyze the 11 best exfoliating gloves to help you find the right one that fits your type of skin. We’ll provide you some essential details, such as recommendations and feedbacks, explaining each of the exfoliating gloves.  read more here how to exfoliating gloves.

1. Earth Therapeutics Hydro Exfoliating Gloves

If you’re looking for something useful in avoiding incubated hairs, then I recommend you the Earth Therapeutics hydro exfoliating gloves. This product is definitely perfect for your skin; it helps remove dead skin, making it look healthy and lively.

One of the things I like about these pairs of gloves is that it’s produced from 100 percent nylon material that makes sure you avoid even the slightest dirt in your body. 

Also, these gloves might help your hands become smoother and even softer. Besides that, you will find it effective for bikini-area scrubbing. Wash it gently, so it isn’t going to hurt your skin. Do you know that it’s also best exfoliating gloves for bikini area?

Unfortunately, if you have sensitive skin, you better not use these gloves. Why so? First, it is produced from Nylon material, which I have mentioned above. Yes, it is an ideal choice if you value durability, except that it is rough when you scrub it to your skin. It might cause damage to your skin.

Don’t worry though, you can use other soft exfoliating gloves, which we will introduce later on. Also, this one disadvantage could not change the fact that these gloves have more benefits that you can get. For your information, it is even dubbed the best pick given all the exfoliating gloves you can find in the market. please read here can you use mma gloves on a heavy bag.

The advantages of these gloves are quite a few than its flaws. So if you are interested in these Earth Therapeutics hydro exfoliating gloves, better not think twice because it will surely make you happy in a small way. 

  • Budget-friendly
  • 100% Nylon
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fit to any size hand
  • Good for skin
  • suitable for sensitive skin

2. EvridWear Exfoliating Dual Texture Bath Gloves

If you’re not confident with your current scrub or maybe you still feel unclean after a shower, it’s definitely time to make a change. You should make sure to have the best exfoliating gloves just like these exfoliating dual texture bath gloves from EvridWear. 

This product has three distinct levels: “mild exfoliating”- natural white, “moderate exfoliating”- blue, and “strong exfoliating”- brown. With this, you are provided with choices on how to use exfoliating gloves on your skin.

Well, EvridWear is a great deal, especially if you have a tight schedule and cannot spend more time to clean yourself thoroughly. In just one scrub, dead skin cells and dirt in your body will be removed real quick. More so if you choose the color gray, which is dubbed the best heavy exfoliating gloves.

I like this product the most because you don’t need to apply extra pressure to scrub your skin; slight pressure would be enough. Hence, you can save more of your energy. 

Also, the natural white, which gives a light exfoliating, is suitable for the face, making it the best exfoliating gloves for face. Thus, it’s ideal for those who are wearing makeup. 

Much more, it also helps exfoliate before using self-tanner. It cleans your pores and smoothens your look, but don’t press too hard; gently brush over your face in a circular motion. 

Unfortunately, there is one thing that you might get disappointed with this product, and that is the size of the gloves. Some buyers complain that it can’t well in their hands, and some are too tight to their fingers. However, it is not a big deal to change the fact that this product is pretty excellent and convenient. please read here heated fingerless typing gloves.

Since EvridWear exfoliating dual texture bath gloves are a dead skin cell remover, it is also the best exfoliating gloves for keratosis pilaris (KP). This brand is an outstanding recommendation for all types of skin because of the distinct level that it offers. 

  • 100% Nylon fiber
  • Works for all skin types and body parts 
  • Helps remove the dead skin cells
  • Easy to wash, machine washable
  • Do not fit all hand sizes
  • Quite expensive 
  • The gloves tend to slip once they soaked in soap

3. Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Gloves 

Are you looking for good quality gloves and want to have a total of four pairs yet affordable? You’re just in the right place, Aquasentials exfoliating bath gloves are a good idea. This product is a budget choice and is of good quality. It can help moisturize your skin and can kill some dead skin cells like the other brands.

First off, it has a fine texture that could help you smoothen and soften your skin. I highly recommended this product for children users because the size of gloves fits their hands well. It is small enough for them to use comfortably and enjoyably.

It is also suitable for small hands, on certain women. Apart from that, when you’re traveling, this product is right to bring because these gloves dry quickly—being clean while backpacking with this glove isn’t a big deal.

However, some find Aquasentials exfoliating bath gloves terrible, especially for those who have sensitive skin. Well, it’s worth noting that the texture can be considered as moderate because given that it is not harsh and not too soft. 

It is best that when using it, you should not give your full force; instead, scrub gently in your entire skin. This product is also the best exfoliating gloves for ingrown hairs provided all the features at hand. 

  • Budget-friendly
  • Improve skin texture and smoothness
  • Exfoliate and remove dead skin cells 
  • Washable a d reusable
  • Can be used on body, foot or hand
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • Does not fit for men

4. Yoturo – 6 Pairs Exfoliating Shower Bath Gloves

Now, if you are looking for a low price with six pairs of exfoliating gloves that could fit men, women, and even children, choose Yoturo. These 6 pairs of exfoliating shower bath gloves are budget-friendly that could give you the right quality at the same time. 

Like the others, this product can exfoliate the skin exceptionally well. It removes dead skin cells and helps the skin become smoother and healthier. It is considered the premium choice, given all the amazing features it can provide. 

The Yoturo exfoliating gloves also dry very quickly, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and other unhealthy things. More amazingly, these exfoliating gloves are not only excellent for human use, but also for your dogs and any other pets. Using this to bath your pet can remove its thick fur, leaving its coat super clean. 

Sadly, this product is not suitable for those who have delicate skin. Suppose you don’t want to damage your very own skin, better not use it, or the other moderate and heavy exfoliating products. Always keep in mind the susceptibility of your skin.

Another bad thing about this product is that it wouldn’t last forever and will tear if you yank on it, so be careful. But all in all, Yoturo exfoliating shower bath gloves have a great deal for you. 

  • Universal size
  • Washable and Reusable 
  • Budget-friendly
  • 100% Thick Nylon
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It can easily tear easily
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

5. Linda Exfoliating Bath Gloves

This next product can allow you to scrub your skin so well. Like Aquasential, this brand also offers four pairs of exfoliating gloves at very affordable prices. Linda exfoliating bath gloves can help your skin exfoliate, allowing you to experience smooth and soft skin every after a shower.

All products from Linda are pretty durable for the price. Its texture is great too. For sure, using this glove can eliminate your dead skin cells and remove dirt that stays in your body for an extended period. 

Much more, this glove has a universal size, so you don’t have to worry whether or not it fits both of your hands. It also helps to reduce problems with your skin, such as dry skin, eczema, and acne. Indeed, using this glove will make you more confident about glowy skin.

Sadly, some consumers are a little bit disappointed with Linda exfoliating bath gloves. They noted that gloves ripped off quickly. It is also not suitable for those who have sensitive skin because the texture is a bit rough. But after all, the products are outstanding in some other ways.

  • Universal sizes
  • Washable and reusable 
  • Very affordable prices 
  • Good for skin exfoliation
  • Get ripped easily
  • Bad for sensitive skin

6. Seraphic Supracor- Supracor Spa Bath Mitt Body Exfoliator Face Scrub Sponge, Blue 

If you are looking for a premium-quality brand that will surely meet your expectations, I highly recommend this spa bath mitt body exfoliator face scrub sponge from Supracor, known as the best exfoliating gloves for face

This glove is also ideal for use to your body because it is made from nylon material, known to be very soft. Not to mention, it is furnished with a versatile type of honeycomb, adding to its durability. Without a doubt, this product already has all of your typical exfoliation gloves qualities.

Besides making your skin smoother and softer, it is also a real deal because it can remove your unwanted ingrown hair. If you are a traveler, these exfoliating gloves are a perfect travel buddy because it can be dried quicker than the other brands; you can toss it back to your luggage bag without them getting moldy. 

But after all of these positive reviews, there is one thing that might prevent you from buying this product; the reason is it is quite expensive. Yet again, it’s entirely worth it given all the excellent features this Supracor spa bath mitt body exfoliator face scrub sponge can give you. 

  • It perfectly exfoliates your skin
  • Made from a flexible form of honeycomb
  • Best exfoliating gloves for fake tans
  • It dries very quickly 
  • Can be your travel buddy
  • Quite expensive 

7. Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt Body Scrub

Are you looking for the best exfoliating gloves for hair ingrown? Then you must try the Dermasuri deep exfoliating mitt body scrub. It comes with amazing features that you will love, for sure. 

First off, this product is made from excellent materials- 95% viscose,  2% Cotton, 2% Polyester, and 1% latex- that can certainly help you prevent unwanted hair growth. With this, you can have that smoother skin, giving you even tanning.  

Much more, it is suitable for those who have a KP (keratosis pilares); it’s just one of the best reasons why people with sensitive skin highly recommended this product. What is more amazing is that these gloves can help you scrub off dead skin cells, making your skin look and feel healthier. 

However, some users complain that this product easily unravels after frequent use. Also, it’s not that durable, so you should not expect longevity. 

Well, anyway, if you know how to clean exfoliating gloves, you would know that it requires regular replacement to ensure cleanliness. After many uses of your exfoliating gloves, bacteria growth is inevitable.  

All in all, the Dermasuri deep exfoliating mitt body scrub can meet at least half or more of your expectations and is highly suggested for those struggling with the complexion of their skin. 

  • Reduces ingrown hairs
  • Remove layers of dead skin
  • Made for all hand sizes 
  • Exfoliate your skin very well 
  • Ensures immediate glow and smoothness
  • Quite expensive

8. Skinerals Store- Skinerals Scrubbing Exfoliator Mitt for Super Smooth Skin and Self-tanner prep

If you want to obtain the great effect of sunless tanning, you’re just in the right track,  Skinerals scrubbing exfoliation mitt does exist just for you. It’s the best exfoliating gloves for fake tan. Also, this product is affordable and has good quality. Not to mention, it’s long-lasting, making it worth your penny.

It can make your skin extra smooth, and it is also great for those who have a rough skin coat. There’s no doubt that many users are amazed and delighted with this exfoliating mitt. Much more, it is also useful for those who experience itchy skin. 

It’s fantastic for Keratosis pilaris (KP) too. So if you have scaly bumps on your skin, it’s always a good idea to use this scrubbing exfoliation mitt from Skinerals. With this, you’re sure that it removes dead tissue from your skin and thoroughly moisturizes it, giving you a perfect glowy skin. 

However, some may say that they felt a little bit uncomfortable when they are wearing these exfoliating gloves. But no worries because it cannot affect the good ratings of this product. After all, its benefits are quite a few than its flaws.  

  • Best exfoliating gloves for fake tan
  • Make skin extra smooth
  • Great for KP
  • Unisex
  • Very affordable price
  • Uncomfortable when wearing

9. Zakia’s Morocco The original Kessa Hammam Scrubbing Glove

The kessa hammam scrubbing glove from Zakia’s Morocco comes with remarkable features that you will love, for sure. Well, it is known for its traditional, yet fashionable style. 

First off, it is made up of biodegradable rayon that could help your skin exfoliate; not to mention, it is perfect for your skin to become genuinely healthier and luxuriously smoother. 

This product could even get rid of 90% of your postpartum discoloration, bringing back the beauty of your skin. So if you’re a new mom and you hate those dark patches all over your body, it is definitely a must-have. It takes away all the dead skin cells that ruin your image. 

Unfortunately, some people say that this product is poorly stitched; it gets separated from the wrist elastic after a few uses. Others complain that using this can cause much redness on the skin. 

With this, it is vital to note that you should be extra careful when using exfoliating gloves. Do not put extra pressure when scrubbing, especially if you have sensitive skin. You’re right, just gently, and slowly, the scrub will do. I guess you should know more about how to use exfoliating gloves

  • Traditional yet simple and fashionable design
  • Unisex, thus ideal for men and women
  • Ensures a healthier skin
  • Eco-friendly, safe to use
  • It takes away all dead skin cells
  • Poorly stitched

 10. Seraphic Skincare- Premium Extreme Exfoliating Mitts(pair)

Seraphic Skincare is one of the best Korean brands that can provide you with high-quality exfoliating products- just like these premium extreme exfoliating mitts. For sure, you will be awed by all of its top-notch features. Let’s delve further about the best korean exfoliating gloves there is. 

Firstly, it has the power to remove dirt and dead cells in every area of your skin. This product is produced from viscose fiber clothing, making it very smooth and relatively light. Not to mention, it’s breathable and highly absorbent, which ensures its effectiveness and comfort as well. 

Much more, it is suitable for those people who have dry skin and is best for keratosis pilaris. After using, you will see the result and turns out to be virtually good in exfoliating. 

It will help your skin to become smoother and softer. So these pair of gloves would be a perfect addition to your skincare routine. It can make your skin look more pleasing and healthier too. 

People with thin and light body hair can reap the utmost exfoliating gloves benefits. This is true especially if they are fond of performing hair removal processes such as shaving, waxing, etc. 

Well, they usually leave a lot of ingrown hair, which can be bothersome, but thanks to these pair of glove. This product from Seraphic Skincare will surely get rid of these problems; it will clean out and remove those hairs. 

Unfortunately, some people experience extreme itch all over their bodies after using the gloves. But then, you should follow the proper way on how to use the product. Never exert so much pressure at scrubbing; that will do so gently. Give a little extra skin to have that fantastic sensation after scrubbing.

  • High-quality materials
  • Ideal for removing ingrown hair
  • Washable and reusable 
  • Very affordable price 
  • Breathable, durable, and soft
  • Will leave itchy feeling when used with so much pressure

 11. Zoubaa- Premium Quality Exfoliating Gloves with a set of 2 Body Scrub Gloves for Men and Women

This product from Zoubaa is sure to give you the best exfoliating gloves there is for your body. This premium quality exfoliating gloves come with a set of 2 and is a good choice for both men and women. There are more things that you would love about the product, although it’s last in the lost, it’s definitely not the least. 

First off, it is made from bamboo rayon fiber. Though the texture is a bit rough, it provides the power to remove dead skin cells from your body effectively. For your info, the material used is typically utilized for diaper production. Why so? It’s not only soft; what’s more amazing is that it has anti-bacterial properties. 

And these benefits can also be reaped when you have these top-notch quality gloves from Zoubaa. There’s no doubt why a few of my friends felt so satisfied using this product. Indeed, it’s very efficient in exfoliating their skin exfoliated, and it’s excellent in removing dirt from their body. 

Yet, some people got disappointed after buying this product. The usual reason is its texture; they complain that it’s so rough, so they are not comfortable using it. However, if you are looking for a set of 2 body scrub, especially for you and your partner, you can purchase it at an affordable price. 

  • Have two pairs of gloves 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Made of natural and eco-friendly materials
  • Excellent quality
  • Effective in exfoliation
  • A bit rough


Guidelines for Choosing the Right Product 

Since the company could sell so many goods, you’ll probably be confused about what to purchase. Because the products are very similar to each other and can offer some of your expectations, make sure to pick the right one for you. 

So we’ve mentioned some guidelines that will certainly help you determine what glove is going to touch your heart.


When we are buying some appliances or furniture, we first check the quality of a product. We are aiming for its excellent work or performance that could make your money worth spending. So same here when buying exfoliating gloves. Quality is the top priority when you are choosing and getting the best one.

Make sure to check every part of the gloves. Whether what material is it made of? Are they comfortable to wear? Is your money worth spending on that product? So that you would not regret it after. Be assured that if you finally decided, make sure that it will meet at least half of your expectations.

Other people also tend to compare the difference between dry brushing vs exfoliating gloves. If we talk about quality and you’re familiar with the two, you would know that the latter is more effective than the former. 


You don’t need to spend much of your money just to buy exfoliating gloves. A lot of brand company offers many that start with a cheap yet good-quality product. But if you are finding one that could last longer, expect that the price is higher than usual. 

The Size Fit

Some consumers felt a bit disappointed about the size of the gloves that they have bought. So if you are trying to get one, just make sure that it fits your hands and fingers skillfully. Whenever you are ordering online, you need to find the universal size gloves so it would serve to whatever size your hands and fingers are. 

Skin Type

Some people have sensitive skin; therefore, it is only essential to know about your skin type to avoid skin damage when using exfoliating gloves. If you have sensitive skin, choose the products that give a light exfoliating that surely would not hurt your beloved skin. 


The design and breathability of the gloves are essential qualities that need to be considered. Each glove should be designed to clean and remove all unwanted dead skin cells for glowy skin. 

The leading manufacturers create different designs that will surely suit your taste. You may choose what products catch your attention and serve your needs. Exfoliating gloves have different designs, colors, texture, and uses.

If you are looking for a kids’ size and colors, then probably the Aquasentials exfoliating bath gloves are what you are looking for. 

If not, then you can choose any of the given best products listed above because they have made such designs that could provide you the same exfoliating gloves that you are looking for.

These products have three distinct substances that could suit your skin dearly. If you want your skin to be exfoliated, then we suggest the light exfoliating gloves to avoid damage to your skin. And ideal for those with sensitive skin. 

Second, if you want your body scrubbed, then we’ll develop a moderate product that will support you throughout.

Now, if you have thick skin and good work cannot help you with your matters, then the heavy exfoliating gloves are designed for you. But please remember that do not use extra pressure when using it, it may leave damage in your skin.


Exfoliating gloves are usually made of rough, mesh, or textured cloth. These materials have varying applications. It will encourage you to choose which is best suited for your skin.

Some are made of nylon, bamboo rayon fiber, viscose fiber cloth, and so on. You will feel the roughness of a product once it touches your skin, but it helps you remove the dead skin cells, making your skin smoother, softer, and even healthier. 

If you have chosen the right material according to your specific need, then you will definitely find it effective. Also, you should remember that what works for one does not necessarily work for others. 

Then again, know what material is good for you. And from there, choose the gloves accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • What are the best exfoliating gloves?

There are a lot of goods out there, so you should make sure you have the right gloves. These are the top 11 gloves on the market mentioned above. Some of these include Earth Therapeutics hydro exfoliating gloves, EvridWear exfoliating dual texture bath gloves, Zoubaa premium quality exfoliating gloves, and so much more. 

  • How should exfoliating gloves fit?

Try to get a glove with no excess material when you are first buying. These should fit in nicely as a second layer of your skin. Remember also that some products tend to expand over time. Ensure it’s not getting too tight or too loose.

  • What are the Exfoliating Gloves made from? 

Numerous exfoliating gloves are usually made from 100% nylon that can undoubtedly scrub even the smallest dirt in your body. So expect that it is a little bit rough when you wash your body.

And if you think that you have thin skin, make sure to rub gently and do not use pressure to avoid scratch and other types of damages. There also some are made of silicon, viscose, a lot more. Choose the right material for your skin.  

  • What often should you use these kinds of products to exfoliate your skin? 

Remember that you don’t need to exfoliate every day because it is not also healthy for your skin. Once or a few times a week will do, but it depends on your skin type if you are dry or oily. 

But I strongly suggest buffing before you hop in the shower more often, especially if your skin is dry. It would help you to get rid of all the dead skin cells. 

  • What is the best thing you do after exfoliating?

After you exfoliate your skin by using some of the exfoliating gloves product, you should not be contented enough for that. You must put some moisturizer and sunscreen after exfoliating to ensure that your skin is hydrated. 

For in that way, you could also avoid your skin from getting damaged and make your skin healthier and livelier.

  • Are exfoliating gloves good for your skin? 

Yes! It is suitable for your skin, but you have to be careful when using it. Do not out extra pressure when using it. Just gently scrub your skin, and you will see the result. It will give you a livelier and healthier skin. 

But also remember that you could only use the exfoliating gloves once or twice in a week to prevent redness and damages to your skin. It also takes away bacteria that stays in your skin for a long time. 


You may be more familiar with the various exfoliating gloves on the market after having read through this post. We guarantee you will get high-quality gloves in your hands if you select any of the products mentioned above. 

For sure, you will gain more confidence in your physical appearance. It’s just one easy way to keep your skin safe and vibrant. The only trust that each product could give you is the benefits and satisfaction that you truly deserve. 

In this short review, we have already discussed each product’s description and its uses. We can say that they are all quite similar, especially when it comes to exfoliating. Hopefully, we help you enlighten your mind about the best exfoliating gloves in out there.