7 Best Gloves for Metalworking

When it comes to searching for the best gloves for metalworking, Magid, Youngstown, Dex Fit, Custom Leathercraft, and Miller Electric are the brands that first come to mind. 

As the leading manufacturers when it comes to innovative, comfortable, and functional protective gear, they ensure nothing but satisfaction as you perform your light to heavy-duty tasks. 

Among their products, Magid TRX 744 ANSI A4 cut-resistant safety work gloves are my best pick because you can get much more at such a budget-friendly price. You will learn more about it as well as the other top-notch products in the next section below. 


There are numerous premium-quality products that these brands offer, but to avoid confusion, we narrowed down your options to seven. This is to help you quickly determine which among these gloves for metalworking is the most suitable for you.


1. Magid TRX744 ANSI A4 Cut Resistant Safety Work Gloves

MAGID TRX744 Windstorm Series Impact Gloves | ANSI A4 Cut Resistant Hi-Viz Safety Work Gloves with Cool Mesh Venting, Orange/Grey, Size 9/L (1 Pair)

Perform your metalworking tasks with ease using the Magid TRX 744 ANSI A4 cut-resistant safety work gloves, a product made to suit your preference. 

One of the things I like about this pair is it features a cool mesh venting system; that improves the overall airflow of up to 60%, making you more comfortable while working. In addition to this, it has a new and improved vented multi-piece m-flex defense system, giving you more flexible and efficient impact protection. 

Its goatskin leather palm enhances the grip of this product, allowing you to handle tools and equipment firmly and securely. Also, for refined durability, it has a reinforced thumb saddle.  

As for its ANSI standard rating, it is level A4 in cut protection. Meaning, it is capable of withstanding 1,500 to 2,199 grams of cutting load before a sharp blade or object penetrates the material. Also, it has a level 3 puncture-resistance and level 4 abrasion-resistance, perfect for your metalworking needs.

Unfortunately, this model is not as durable as expected, which makes it suitable for performing light tasks only. But there’s a lot more to love than hate. You can enjoy its premium features without having to spend too much money. 

Tackle your safety challenges with Magid TRX 744 ANSI A4 cut-resistant safety work gloves, a decent pair that will certainly make your job easier. 


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features a goatskin leather palm
  • Has a vented multi-piece M-flex defense system
  • Reinforced thumb saddle
  • Possesses a cool mesh venting system
  • Not durable as expected
  • Suitable for light metalwork only


2. Youngstown 05-3080-70-L General Utility Kevlar Gloves

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L General Utility Lined with KEVLAR Glove Large, Gray

Choose to protect your hands with Youngstown 05-3080-70-L general utility Kevlar gloves, a reliable gear when it comes to metalworking.

It is made to withstand time as it is composed of some of the most durable materials that exist today, namely nylon, polyester, PVC, polyurethane, Kevlar, cotton, rubber, and Velcro. Because of this, you can enjoy a comfortable, flexible, and lightweight pair of gloves.

Metalworking involves the use of numerous sharp tools and objects, which mean the hands, are prone to various wounds and injuries. Luckily, this model is lined with DuPont Kevlar, which makes the gloves cut-resistant and puncture-resistant, a feature that I really love. 

Also, it is rated ANSI puncture level 4, and ANSI cut level 3. With this, be assured that your hands will remain safe from wounds and injuries that are caused by light to medium hazards. 

This glove model offers you exceptional grip as it features non-slip reinforcement in the palm and fingers, allowing you to handle specialized tools and equipment firmly and securely. 

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L General Utility Lined with KEVLAR Glove Large, Gray

Additionally, it is integrated with soft terry cloth so you can wipe the sweat or any debris on your face effortlessly. It also has a supportive cuff with Velcro closure, giving enough protection for your hand while you’re performing heavy-duty work. 

Aside from metalworking, you can also use these gloves for barbed wire fencing, landscaping, and recycling pretty versatile, right? 

As for the downsides, some users complained that it performs quite poorly in puncture-resistance. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that the Youngstown 05-3080-70-L general utility Kevlar gloves are superior in quality and performance, perfect for your heavy-duty metalwork.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • It’s flexible and lightweight
  • Cut-resistant and puncture-resistant
  • Non-slip palm and fingers
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Features a soft terry cloth thumb and Velcro closure
  • Poor puncture-resistance


3. Dex Fit Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Cru553

DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Cru553, 3D Comfort Stretch Fit, Power Grip Foam Nitrile, Smart Touch, Durable Thin & Lightweight, Machine Washable, Grey Large 1 Pair

Are you looking for a pair of high performing, affordable gloves? If yes, then this product is perfect for you; these Level 5 cut-resistant gloves Cru553 from Dex Fit will surely impress you with its capabilities and features.

It has a durable construction that is made with Dyneema, Kevlar, Spandex, and filament yarn. Along with this, the brand used 3D seamless knitting technology to make the gloves more efficient and effective in performing metalwork. 

Its palm and fingertips are coated with nitrile, enabling you to firmly hold objects, tools, and equipment even if they are lightly covered with oil or water.

What truly impressed me is its high resistance against punctures, cuts, abrasion, and tears. It has an ANSI standard cut rating of A4, capable of withstanding 1,500-2,199 grams of cutting load. When it comes to the European standard, CE EN 388, it rates an abrasion and puncture-resistance of 4, and a cut-resistance of 5. 

No more hand fatigues because these cut-resistant gloves have an ergonomic snug fit. It suits your hands like a second-skin allowing you to perform tasks with skill. The colors available are industrial-friendly that can hide stains completely. Also, it is smart-device compatible, allowing you to manipulate your phones with ease. 

There are some issues regarding these gloves. According to some users, its coating wears off quickly. Also, there’s no elasticity in the cuff area, causing the fabric to fold, exposing the wrists. Still, it is a well-made product, perfect for your metalworking needs. 

Make the Dex Fit Level 5 cut-resistant gloves Cru553 your protective partner as it assures the security of your hands without emptying your wallet.


  • Sells at an affordable price
  • Uses 3D knitting technology
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Nitrile-coated palms and fingertips
  • Smart device-compatible
  • No elasticity in the cuff area
  • The coating wears off quickly


4. CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Work Gloves

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves, Shrink Resistant, Improved Dexterity, Tough, Stretchable, Excellent Grip,Original,Large

Get to work without restrictions with CLC custom leathercraft’s 125M handyman flex grip work gloves. This pair will undoubtedly keep your hands safe and protected!

Do not hesitate to move your fingers because this model is made with stretchable Spandex that enhances flexibility. Also, dexterity is not a problem; it has Lycra side panels, enabling you to perform metalwork without any limitations.

Synthetic leather is also part of its construction, providing you with the appropriate level of sturdiness and protection that you desire. Additionally, this material helps prevent hardening or shrinking, making it an excellent pair even for outdoor work, a feature my friends prefer. 

If your previous gloves have issues in snagging on metal or wood, do not worry because this model won’t cause you such problems. Its concealed inner stitching enables you to perform your heavy-duty job without keeping much in mind. 

Manipulate your touchscreen device without taking your gloves off! It has reinforced fingertips and three of which are smart device-compatible. All-day work can make your hands sweat terribly, which can cause your gloves to slip off. Fortunately, this model has wing closing straps that securely fasten it in place. 

CLC also ensured to make it appropriate for use in cold weather, keeping your hands warm at all times. Aside from metalworking, it is also ideal for multiple applications such as automotive, plumbing, carpentry, etc. 

The only setback of this product is the durability, fit, and padding of its newer version declined in quality. But overall, it is an excellent pair of gear, ideal for your heavy-duty work. Choose to rely on CLC custom leathercraft’s 125M handyman flex grip work gloves, a product worthy of your trust. 


  • It is shrink-resistant and snag-proof
  • Features a wing closing strap for wrist closure
  • Flexible construction
  • Touch-screen compatible fingertips
  • Appropriate for use in cold weather
  • The old version of this model was far more superior in quality


5. Miller Metal Working Gloves

Miller Metal Working Gloves - Large

First look you have at these Miller metal working gloves, you can already tell it is of high-quality. It sports an ergonomic design for a better and firmer grip. For the overall material, the gloves are made of premium Kevlar thread. 

This type of thread is heat-resistant, so whenever you are welding, there is no need to worry about getting burnt. With the pre-curved design of the fingers area, it is sure to give you comfort. Also, it has a wing thumb for flexibility and dexterity. 

More amazingly, the lining inside the gloves is made of wool, thereby adding to its optimum comfort. Since the gloves are made of high-grade cowhide and pigskin leather, it can handle heavy-duty tasks.

Miller made sure to put extra protection on the palm area given that it is the most exposed part to heat. Not to mention, it is the area that touches the tools directly. Professionals such as MIG welders who have to work in these dangerous conditions can safely work around high temperatures with these gloves on.

Often, the Miller metal working gloves are excellent for stick and MIG welding. There is a double layer of insulation on the palms and back of the glove. This will keep your hands away from discomfort and sweating while working. The insulation also ensures durability for extended usability.

With all the great features, it sure does come with a price. They are more on the expensive side, but the quality makes up for it. It is more suitable for people who are frequently exposed to welding activities. If you’re a beginner or you would only need them for a one time use, it is better to stick to cheaper options.

It is also not recommended for people with bigger hands. The secure and tight fit is not suitable for them. You won’t have that perfect grip and comfort. It will only be a distraction to your work. 


  • Double insulation
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-grade leather for durability and strength
  • Made from premium Kevlar thread
  • Pre-curved finger design and wing thumb
  • Quite expensive
  • Cannot fit people with bigger hands


6. MAGID TRX743 Impact Gloves

MAGID TRX743 Windstorm Series Impact Gloves | ANSI A6 Cut Resistant Hi-Viz Safety Work Gloves with Cool Mesh Venting, Green/Yellow, Size 9/L (1 Pair)

MAGID has already been a front-runner in America for manufacturing and distributing high-quality personal protective equipment. As the standards of safety in terms of PPE changes and increases, they made sure to reach the new standards established.

They have done intensive tests and research in order to manufacture the best gloves for metalwork. MAGID realizes how often work-related injuries like lacerations, abrasions, and burns happen because of poor or substandard PPEs being used. The gloves are as well thick enough to prevent an impact on your bones and joints.

The TXR743 impact gloves are new and improved PPE for all your welding tasks. It has an impact defense system that uses ultra-flex TPR design. There are also 130 integrated flex points embedded on the gloves for protection and breathability.  

Another great feature is the high-visibility cool mesh venting system. The system makes sure that there is enough ventilation to maintain a normal temperature. This keeps your hands dry and comfortable while working for long hours. You won’t have that stuffy, hot feeling inside anymore.  

The palm is made of goatskin leather and ANSI level A6, cut resistant material for additional protection. These two combined form a thick protective layer capable of rough and heavy work. You must always consider the level of protection, especially when working with sharp and dangerous tools.

Versatility is another notable feature of these gloves. Other than being the best gloves for grinding metal, it is great for metal stamping, automotive maintenance and repairs, construction, appliance manufacturing, and many more.  


  • Equipped with high-visibility cool mesh venting system
  • Made of goatskin leather and ANSI level A6 cut-resistant material
  • Versatility
  • Ultra-flex TPR design
  • Provides optimum protection
  • Quite expensive


7. Youngstown Glove 08-3085-80-XL

Youngstown Glove 08-3085-80-XL Waterproof Winter Lined with Kevlar X-Large

The Youngstown glove is weaved together with top of the line waterproof materials. Same with the Miller metalworking gloves, it uses high-quality Kevlar threads for the lining. The brand takes pride in the waterproof capability these gloves have. 

Well, Kevlar enhances the cut-resistant properties of the gloves as well. This fiber material covers the entire glove; from the back of the hand to the palms, and even on the fingers and its sides. 

Plus, it works well in harsh temperatures, may it be cold or hot, your hands will be dry and warm, making them the best gloves for winter. For the insulation, it uses a micro-fleece liner. 

It is embedded against the hand. After the liner layer is a membrane with waterproof, windproof, and breathability properties. Above that membrane are the Kevlar fiber, and then a durable outer shell.

Youngstown Glove 08-3085-80-XL Waterproof Winter Lined with Kevlar X-Large

Metalworking gloves must have strong grip qualities. In this line of work, you need your hands to do every task. If the gloves you have will prevent you from having dexterity and grip, then it is useless to wear them in the first place. 

Youngstown has reinforced the palm area with Clarino non-slip for that strong grip on tools and equipment. With this, you’re certain that the gloves will last a long time as well. Whether you are working in a dry or wet condition, the grip of the gloves does not change. It will still give you high-quality standards.  

These gloves were tested and approved by PPE safety standards. The ANSI/SEA 105-2005 is an American Standard for Hand Protection. According to them, the palm area of the Youngstown Glove 08-3085-80-XL is of cut performance level 3 and puncture level 4. 

With the accreditation, these are the best puncture resistant gloves that you can ever have.


  • Overall coverage of Kevler waterproof and cut-resistant fibers
  • Works in dry and wet conditions; hot or cold temperatures
  • Cut Performance level 3 and puncture Level 4
  • Clarino non-slip for better grip
  • Wide size range
  • They can work in cold conditions but only until 20 degrees Celsius


Things to Consider When Buying Gloves for Metal Working

With so many options on sale, it can be daunting to find the right pair of gloves. But we want to make things easier for you so we have listed some of the features you have to take note when getting one. Just read on!


Cut-resistant Property

Metalworking and welding are very dangerous jobs. There is a high risk for you to get injured in this line of work. The cut-resistant property is the first factor you must consider in buying your gloves.

Check the materials that make up the property and test how strong and durable it is to handle tasks relating to steel and metalwork. The thickness of the padding also matters. 

Leather is a good material to protect you from splinters and punctures. As highlighted in most items above, Kevlar fibers have a great cut-resistant property. The more coverage these protective pads on your gloves, the better.


Overall Material Used

Quality and safety is the top priority in choosing the best gloves for metalworking. The purpose of the gloves is to protect you from injuries that may happen while you are doing your tasks. If the quality is substandard, then it will not give you the proper protection you need.

Check the materials that have been used on every part of the gloves. Ask questions like what are the layers made of? Are they comfortable to wear? Will they keep my hands dry even if I use them the whole day? Different materials will give varying results.



I’m sure wearing any type of gloves is seen as a hassle because they limit your movement compared to just using your bare hands to do the work. But it is impossible to do metalwork without gloves because it will surely lead to an accident. 

To help you with this problem, look for a pair that has great dexterity. Having enough dexterity will let you do your job easily like you’re not wearing one at all. This property lies in the flexibility of your gloves, especially at the fingers and thumb area.


Adaptable in Hot and Cold Temperatures

Welding and metalwork involve exposure to high temperatures. Your gloves must protect your hands from the extreme heat being emitted. Even the small sparks that fly off when you are welding is enough to harm your skin. The heat-resistant property of the gloves will protect you from all these.

If you have to work during the winter, then consider looking for gloves with cold-resistant and heat-trapping capabilities. The cold-resistance is for the outer layer, so the cold winds can’t reach your hands through your gloves. The insides of the gloves must be lined with heat-trapping fibers to keep your hands warm in winter.



You wouldn’t want to work with gloves that make you feel that your hand is inside an oven. Especially when you are going to be working for long periods of hours, a stuffy glove becomes uncomfortable to wear. You’d want gloves that offer a breathability feature that will keep your hands dry.

This is what gives comfort to your hands as you do your task. Breathability does not mean that there is a lot of space inside your glove for your hand move around. Manufacturers embed special fibers on the inside lining that serves as a cooling system for your hands.



A pair of great quality working gloves do not need to be very expensive. Yes, there is an edge to the more expensive ones, but there are a lot of affordable options for you to choose from as well. This is great advice for those who are looking for gloves that aren’t for everyday professional use. 

For professionals, they opt to purchase the more expensive ones since they need them to last for a long time with everyday use. Before making your purchase, always weigh down the pros and cons of every item and see if the price is worth the quality.


The Right Fit

Some brands have wider size ranges compared to others.  When the gloves are too tight, it will limit your dexterity, thus making it hard for you to grip and handle tools and equipment. Opposite to that, when your gloves are too loose, it can easily slip away from your hands. 

Gloves are like clothes; they have sizes that fit people differently from one another. Take time to choose the perfect size for you so you can avoid all those problems. Never settle for the wrong size because it will be uncomfortable for you to wear no matter how high-quality the gloves are.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different levels of cut-resistant gloves?

When it comes to the level of cut protection, the ANSI standards are the preferred measure in the U.S. Here are the levels that show the amount of grams of cutting load a glove can endure before a sharp tool or object penetrates its construction. 


ANSI Cut RatingGram ScoresHigh or Low
A1200-499Light cut hazards
A2500-999Light/medium cut hazards
A31,000-1,499Light/medium cut hazards
A41,500-2,199Light/medium cut hazards
A52,200-2,999Medium cut hazards
A63,000-3999Medium/heavy cut hazards
A74,000-4,999Heavy cut hazards
A85,000-5,999Heavy cut hazards
A96,000+Heavy cut hazards


What are cut-resistant gloves made of?

Some of the most common materials used for the construction of cut-resistant gloves are Dyneema, Kevlar, synthetic polyester fabric, synthetic nylon fabric, metal mesh, and metal weave. Others also incorporate natural materials such as wool, leather, rubber, or cotton. 

Are cut-resistant gloves puncture resistant?

No, cut-resistant gloves are not necessarily puncture-resistant. Cut-resistance is the required force or energy to cut through the gloves using a blade. While the amount of stress a glove can take before a sharp tool or object can pierce within its material is called puncture-resistance. 



You need the most appropriate pair of gloves to handle a variety of metals, and choosing the most reliable one is definitely not an easy task. 

In this review, we have discussed the individual capabilities and features of the products along with additional information to supplement your knowledge. Hopefully, now that we have reached the end of this article, you can now determine which pair are the best gloves for metalworking.

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