5 Best Gloves for an Oil Change in 2024

5 Best Gloves for Oil Change in 2021

Oil changes are hard, especially when you have to tackle them all by yourself. It can get messy and your skin will be stained with grease for days afterwards. That’s why it is important that before the first step of an oil change one must always put on a pair of gloves! When changing your car’s oil, it is always a good idea to wear gloves. This will protect you from dirt and grime that could make their way on to your hands if they are not protected by the latex of the glove. It will also give you a better grip when handling the car’s oil filter and drain plug, especially if they are rusted or corroded.

While there are many options to choose from, make sure that you select the best glove for oil chage that are actually safe.

In this article, we are going to discuss five of the best gloves for an oil change. They include Lanon Protection, Grease Monkey, MCR Safety, Mechanix Wear, and SAS Safety. which each offer something different with a variety of options available depending on your needs or preferences.

A high-quality glove for working in cars needs to be more than just comfortable. It should have a durable construction that resists the wear and tear of hard work done on vehicles, all without sacrificing comfortability or grip.

Without further delays, let us go right into it!

5 Best Gloves for Oil Change in Detail

In this part of the article, we will go over the best five oil gloves in the market. We hope you can choose a model from this up-to-date list, and may this be a beneficial article for you. So, let us continue. 

1. Lanon Protection Heavy Duty PVC Safety Gloves

If you desire the best pick for work gloves, which are ideal for mechanical manufacturing, the auto industry, construction, painting, forestry, and gardening, then Lanon protection heavy-duty safety glove is the one for you. 

These two-toned PVC protective hand gears are perfect for people with sensitive skin. Even if you have a latex allergy, these gloves will not bother your allergies! The PVC coating on this oil-changing glove provides you with excellent protection against the hazards of chemicals.

In addition, these gloves are constructed with a micro-granular palm finish to improve the dry and wet grip during work, especially if you do tasks with oily parts and greasy equipment. 

Furthermore, its liner is made from seamless cotton, which provides you a breathable and sweat-absorbent gear. Industrial gloves of this kind can even combat the risks of mechanical wear and tear. An extended cuff offers you an extra barrier and security on the hand’s wrist area. This is because it can be difficult to escape from a tight grip, which could result in injury if not careful!

These heavy-duty safety gloves from Lanon have excellent mechanical strength and are ensured to be maintained at 90% under continuous operation. It even passed level four of the abrasion-resistant test, which makes it a reliable kind of gear. it also exceeds CE standards for safety and meets EN388 & EN420 testing requirements.

Finally, these Industrial protective gloves are an excellent way to protect your hands from the cold, while still retaining the flexibility you need for work. Lanon, the perfect choice for a mechanical glove, is backed up with all of its quality control certificates Your hard-earned money won’t be at risk, for it offers you great features and protection.

The great thing about these gloves is that you don’t have to worry too much when it comes time to wash them. These awesome mitts can be machine washed in plain old tap water with a little soap and they’ll still come out looking as good as new! but do not try to put them in the dryer. That action may cause the glove to wear over time

Therefore, these are the perfect gloves for changing hot oil and a wise settle. You should not hesitate and get yourself a hand gear that will bring you the best and most productive results during shop work. Hurry and get yourself Lanon Protection heavy-duty safety glove today!

What We Like:
  • Has a multi-purpose use
  • Provides you with an excellent grip
  • Offers you multiple protections
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Very safe to use and reliable
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Cannot be put on the dryer, air dry only

2. Grease Monkey General Nitrile Coated Work Gloves

In case you want hand gear that is suitable for various tasks around the house or on the job site, turn to Grease Monkey’s general nitrile-coated work gloves. Unlike the previous option, this is the best bulk pack because it gives you fifteen pairs of latex-free gloves. Those with sensitive hands will genuinely be a beneficiary of it.

These general-purpose gloves have nitrile-dipped palms and fingers to offer you an excellent grip during mechanical work. Although some users complained that nitrile peels off after frequent wash, there are more things you will love about it.

It protects your hands and is perfect for changing oil, replacing fluids, changing tires, and spark plugs. Surely, Grease Monkey’s gloves are a great companion for a tiring and greasy job in a shop. 

For added details, this gear has a knit backing that allows the glove to have a breathability factor. It also helps to prevent random debris from entering your wrists. Furthermore, these gloves are very stretchable that will allow multiple sizes of hands to fit. It only comes in one size that fits most of the people.

Additionally, due to the latex-free nature of this protective gear, it can be worn by persons that are allergic to Latex. This feature is very beneficial that allows more users to squeeze right into it and truly the best work gloves. You cannot opt for a glove that will yield minimal results, so you might be keen on choosing the best.

Finally, these Grease Monkey’s general nitrile-coated work gloves are the right choice for auto and diesel mechanics. It offers you lots of advantages and benefits, which makes your purchase a worthy one. By this, you can have maximum efficiency with a minimal amount of money to be used.

Especially if you are a first-time buyer and find it hard to pick one, you can surely have an excellent glove for oil handling when you choose Grease Monkey. Make sure you add this to your shortlist. 

What We Like:
  • Comes in a pack with fifteen pairs of nitrile coated work gloves
  • Coating provides you with an excellent and robust grip at work
  • Has a breathable material that protects you from random debris
  • Latex-free and great for sensitive hands
  • A right choice for auto and diesel mechanics
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Only comes in one size
  • Too much washing can make the nitrile peel off

3. MCR Safety Double-Dipped PVC Gloves

Adding to this fantastic list is a double-dipped PVC glove offered to us by MCR Safety. This gear is capable of taking away the crap out of the oils and solvent during machine shop work. Also, petrochemicals and refining cannot make your day a bad one because this safety glove is one of a kind. 

For the construction, it is made from green PVC over a high-vis orange color that comes with a sandpaper finish. These plastic gloves feature a jersey-lined and plasticized handcuff that is sure to give you a comfortable and nice fit. 

MCR Safety is a great manufacturer that gives us the advantage of a non-slip grip on greasy parts and tools. Even if you do a dry or wet job, you don’t have to worry about losing your grip. Furthermore, there is a maximum chemical resistance to provide you with high security against hazards or harmful liquids and solvents. 

Oils, strong acids, solvents, and treated with actifresh materials won’t be much of a hassle. When we say comfortability, these gloves come with 11 to 12 white cotton poly thread stitches per inch. This double-dipped PVC hand gear is designed with a wing thumb and comes with an oil hauler logo. 

Finally, these gloves are the best budget kind of gear that offers you great features and aesthetics. It provides you maximum protection against chemicals; as the user, you also ensure the comfortability that it gives to you. Satisfaction will always be atop priority whenever you buy something.

When you choose the MCR Safety double-dipped PVC glove, you are sure to have the best of the best, and every penny will truly get what they deserve. Do not hesitate and get one of the fantastic workshop gloves available online now!

What We Like:
  • It is a double-dipped PVC glove
  • Made from green PVC over a high-vis orange and a sandpaper finish
  • A plastic glove with jersey-lined and plasticized handcuff
  • Incorporated with 11 to 12 cotton-poly thread stitches per inch
  • Available in green and orange colors
What We Didn’t Like:
  • It is only available in large sizes

4. Mechanix Wear Mechanic Gloves

This next protective hand gear is a well-recommended glove by professionals and enthusiasts. It is the FastFit work glove offered to us by Mechanix Wear. This mechanic glove is undoubtedly a toolbox must-have because it is equipped with top-notch features. 

First off, it is genuinely one of the market’s oil-resistant gloves. More amazingly, it has a high-impact resistance, thanks to its D30 palm padding. Also, it has a form-fitting stretch panel between the fingers to offer you a snug fit experience. You know how a loose glove will provide you with discomfort.

Much more, it is made with an elastic cuff, specifically from flexible thermal plastic rubber, ensuring it will be easy to wear on and off. Because it is incorporated with a Trek Dry material, your hands will have optimum breathability.

This feature also comes with comfort and relaxation; that is why I personally love having this product. There is also a second layer of the material that reinforces your index finger and thumb during your active workdays.

Most importantly, this gear is anatomically designed with a two-piece palm that can eliminate material bunching. Perhaps, the major drawback of this product is its durability. Other buyers are quite frustrated about it. 

But then, its Armortec palm reinforcement ensures you extra durability. Not to mention, it makes sure of exceptional hand fitting, so it will be ideal for use while working with any greasy parts and hand tools. 

Also, it has an industrial hook and loop mechanism, so it is secured on your hands. Since it is made from synthetic leather, this product is touchscreen-friendly and long-lasting. These best mechanic gloves from Mechanix Wear also provide affordability. Please read here best machanic gloves.

Therefore, if you want to have a great model of budget-friendly gloves, you can always opt for Mechanix Wear Mechanic Gloves. 

What We Like:
  • Has a breathability factor that is ensured by Trek Dry
  • With thermoplastic rubber on the closure and knuckles
  • Has an Armortex palm reinforcement for extra durability
  • It is a budget-friendly model
  • Anatomically designed
What We Didn’t Like:
  • May not be the most durable model

5. SAS Safety Raven Powder-free Nitrile Disposable Gloves

And for last but certainly not least, SAS Safely raven nitrile gloves is here to offer you an excellent service. This protective gear is the best disposable gloves for car mechanics, which comes in a box of 100 pieces. It is free from latex powder which is great for people who are very sensitive to this component. 

This product is exceptionally outstanding when it comes to sturdiness which is why my friends love it. You can wear it nicely because it is flexible and very comfortable. As a plus, these gloves are constructed and textured for excellent chemical resistance. 

The risk of harmful hazards won’t have the chance to cause a hassle in your day-to-day tasks. Speaking of chemicals, this product is composed of such that may be detrimental to your health. Don’t worry though, you just have to be careful in using this. 

In a glove, we always look for its capability to offer us a good grip. Thankfully, this protective hand gear from SAS Safety is a master in an excellent grip feature. These disposable mechanic gloves are very suitable for automotive use because they are abrasion-resistant and extremely durable.

In addition, its 6-millimeter thickness makes it a skinny kind of protective hand gear. When using it, you won’t feel the gloves’ presence, and it is just like you are working using your bare hands. What’s more, these disposable gloves for oil handling repel most liquids and hazardous chemicals. 

For sure, your movement isn’t restrained because it is thin in construction, which makes it very lightweight. And because they are nitrile gloves, they can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun without the possibility of wearing them. 

I recommend you try these smooth-surfaced gloves, for they do not rot in an open atmosphere even if it is disposable in nature. Hurry and get yourself the best disposable gloves for mechanics available in the market now!

What We Like:
  • Box that comes with 100 pieces of disposable gear
  • It is a powder-free nitrile
  • Offers you outstanding strength and functional mobility
  • Has an excellent chemical resistance
  • Gives you a good grip on greasy parts and tools
  • Fits comfortably with the right amount of stretch
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Can be sliced or cut

Buying Guide

There are tons of reasons why mechanics choose to wear gloves during work time in machine shops. But before you start searching for a good pair, you also need to consider several factors. This buying guide will act as your mentor on how to choose the best among the best.


Safety is the first thing we should keep in mind while working on cars and shops. So, we need to have a glove in which we can be assured of the protection it can offer. Before you try to make a purchase, check keenly if you are going for a durable glove.

Make sure that you are using gear that can secure you from cuts and burns. That is only achieved if you have a heavy-duty and high-quality glove at hand. You can have the advantage of long-lasting hand gear that is very sturdy and useful in your day-to-day oil change tasks. 


It would be much discomfort if your hands will be trapped and suffocated in a pair of gloves. Mechanics would surely think that they need to take it off due to sweaty palms. That is one of the reasons why hand injuries are happening during car shop work. 

For maximum output, you must be prepared and buy hand gear that can be used on both hot days and ice-cold conditions. By that, you can have a piece of versatile equipment that can be used on any day of the year.

Size and Comfort

Hands vary in size, so gloves have many size choices to provide you an excellent service. These gears should fit you perfectly to attain useful outputs every time. If you choose a hand gear that is too tight, your hands may feel tired and may incur hand fatigue.

Furthermore, it can create much discomfort caused by folds that get in the way if it is too large. You should read each review carefully if a sizing chart is available to find your best fit. By that, you can avoid the possibility of buying a wrong-sized glove that can cause you to be disappointed. 

If the gloves provide you a proper fitting, you will be assured of the comfortability factor. The better comfort that it gives you, the more guaranteed satisfaction is offered to you. 


Since you are working on wet and oily substances, you have to get the appropriate kind of glove suited for the work. So if you are a mechanic that will change the oil in cars or motorcycles, get the gear with a rough-textured surface. It ensures a good grip that yields better results. please read here why do cyclist wear gloves.

Besides, you should select gloves with equal protection and do not restraint your motion. It would be useless even if your gloves offer you security, but your hands and fingers cannot move freely. It is an essential factor, especially working every day on a workshop. 


There are many types and options for gloves that are available in the market. You will be amazed at how they vary in design and price. A high-quality hand glove may cost you quite an amount. But take note that gloves of proper construction will also bring you good results at the end of the day.

Quality does not always come cheap, but it is still up to you. If your budget cannot reach your desired gloves, try to opt for the best gloves for an oil change in your allotted budget. You have to make sure that your hard-earned money will get what it truly deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are mechanic gloves?

These are gloves that mechanics use to avoid potential risks while working in shops. It is specially made for them so that hazards won’t have the chance to harm the user. This protective gear is a must-have so that you will be spared from injuries in the workplace. 

How do I wash my gloves?

Since you are mostly working on car engines, grease, and oil may dominate your protective hand gear. However, there are a lot of gloves, and they are also coated with various substances for a better finish.

Some of the most common construction of your gloves are synthetic leather, Nitrile, and cotton. These can be washed in the washing machine using cold water and a small amount of detergent. But if in case you do not own a washing machine, you can clean it by using dishwashing soap in the sink. 

How do I find my glove size?

There isn’t any worse scenario than knowing that your newly bought pair of gloves cannot fit your hands. For you to avoid this, you need to plan in advance what size you should get. 

Most of these protective hand gears offer you a size chart for you to choose the best fit. Of course, you need to know beforehand your hand measurements to get the correct size of gloves. 

Are these gloves heat-resistant?

Since you are working on heat engines, these mechanic gloves are made to be heat-resistant. But, it s not up to the point where you can use it on open flames. It will have the possibility of burning the gloves including your hands. 

Final Words

When you choose a hand protection gear as a mechanic, you need to select a model that won’t restrict your motion. In accordance with that thought, you also need to find out whether it is chemical resistant or not. It is because grease and oil are everywhere in workshops. 

We hope that this article has given you enough knowledge and you were able to choose the best gloves for oil change available today.