7 Best Lacrosse Gloves for Field Players and Goalies (updated 2024)

9 Best Lacrosse Gloves for Field Players and Goalies 2021

As a seasoned lacrosse player, I’ve learned that the right gloves can make all the difference on the field. Whether you’re a nimble field player or a steadfast goalie, the best lacrosse gloves are those that blend comfort, protection, and grip seamlessly. Having tried numerous pairs over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the nuances that set apart the great from the good.

In this article, we dive into the top lacrosse gloves that meet the diverse needs of field players and goalies alike.

If you need gloves for kids, then please read here best youth lacrosse gloves.

Fast Look At Best Gloves for Lacrosse for All Positions

Best Fields Gloves
Epoch Integra Select Lacrosse Gloves for Attack, Middie and Defensemen
Premium Field Gloves
Maverik Max Gloves
Best Goalie gloves
STX Cell V Lacrosse Goalie Gloves
Best Women's mesh gloves
Brine Women’s Dynasty Lacrosse Gloves
EPOCH Lacrosse - Integra Select Lacrosse Gloves with Dual-Density Foam and Adjustable Wrist, 10", Small, Black
Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves, (2025), White (Large)
STX Cell V Goalie Gloves White Medium
Brine Women's Dynasty Warm Weather Mesh Glove
Tri-layer foam stack
Thick yet soft PORON XRD foam
Exo-thumb guard to prevent injuries
Dual-density foam reinforcements
Extended cuffs with padding
Soft liner that prevents skin rub
GeoFlex padding at the backhand
Mesh material for breathability
Flexible thumb for excellent movement
Professional quality lacrosse gloves
Durable Clarino palm
Feels like a second skin
Best Fields Gloves
Epoch Integra Select Lacrosse Gloves for Attack, Middie and Defensemen
EPOCH Lacrosse - Integra Select Lacrosse Gloves with Dual-Density Foam and Adjustable Wrist, 10", Small, Black
Tri-layer foam stack
Extended cuffs with padding
Flexible thumb for excellent movement
Premium Field Gloves
Maverik Max Gloves
Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves, (2025), White (Large)
Thick yet soft PORON XRD foam
Soft liner that prevents skin rub
Professional quality lacrosse gloves
Best Goalie gloves
STX Cell V Lacrosse Goalie Gloves
STX Cell V Goalie Gloves White Medium
Exo-thumb guard to prevent injuries
GeoFlex padding at the backhand
Durable Clarino palm
Best Women's mesh gloves
Brine Women’s Dynasty Lacrosse Gloves
Brine Women's Dynasty Warm Weather Mesh Glove
Dual-density foam reinforcements
Mesh material for breathability
Feels like a second skin

7 Best Lacrosse Gloves

1. Epoch Integra Select Lacrosse Gloves for Attack, Middie and Defensemen

Epoch Integra Select Lacrosse Gloves with Dual-Density Foam and Adjustable Wrist, 10", Small, Black

If you’re a field player, I highly recommend the Integra Select Lacrosse Gloves for Attack, Middie, and Defensemen. This is made with top-notch padding and protection to shield your hands against impact and the demands of the game. This is the first lacrosse glove I got a few years ago, and I still swear by its performance up to this day.

However, Epoch has downsides as lacrosse gloves. First, it tends to run small, so I must size up to get the right fit. I also have to break it in for a week or two to make the material pliable and comfortable for actual field games. Other than that, I don’t really have significant complaints because these are the best field gloves I have ever used.

Aside from that, Epoch Lacrosse didn’t skimp on the protection for this gear. It’s made of tri-layer dual-density foam, which is specially engineered with foam stacks. The top layer has a dense and stiff foam layer, while the bottom layer, closer to the skin has softer foam. It also has a PU leather layer for added durability against the most challenging plays. As the best field gloves for lacrosse, this pair remains comfortable and breathable, even if you must wear them for overtime games.

Moreover, it has a one-piece palm made of reinforced Nash fabric. It remains soft and pliable, which allows me to hold the stick with the best grip. I also like the extended cuffs with equally thick padding. Still, it lets the wrist move with an excellent range of motion. Regardless of your playing level, these lacrosse gloves will not disappoint. The thumb of these gloves is also flexible, so your hands remain nimble without compromising the grip. I’ve tried a lot of gloves before, and I can say that this pair is the one that feels like a second skin.

If you’re looking for lacrosse gloves that last for multiple games, you’ll never go wrong with the Epoch iD. These gloves are for the most active field players who want to improve their games. It has excellent quality, durable build, and premium material. All of these make the price worth every cent.

What We Like:
  • Tri-layer foam stack
  • Extended cuffs with padding
  • Flexible thumb for excellent movement
  • Vented and breathable palms
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Added PU leather for durability
  • Ideal for any player level
What We Didn’t Like:
  • The size runs a little small

2. Maverik Max Gloves

Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves, (2025), White (Large)

Regarding lacrosse gloves, I don’t mind spending a little more when it means achieving better performance. This is why I got the Maverik Max Gloves. These are premium field gloves engineered for hardworking athletes. It’s made with top-notch protection as well as an unbeatable range of motion for all field players. If you want to level up your lacrosse game, I suggest that you invest in this pair.

But before I go all-praise for these lacrosse gloves, let me warn you about some minor snags. First, the Maverik Max isn’t a good choice for the youth players. It’s thicker and more rugged than youth gloves, which makes Max difficult to get used to for youngsters. Besides, if your youth player is only joining recreational games, the splurge may not be worth it. Other than buying it for the right player, I don’t see any major problem with these lacrosse gloves. Read more here how to clean lacrosse gloves.

The highlight of Maverik is its PORON XRD foam that’s soft to the touch but hardens upon impact. This foam runs across the index and thumb area to give you ample protection on the field. Another thing that I love about these lacrosse gloves is their 37.5 technology liner that keeps the hands cool and fresh even for extended games. This is also paired with a QUATTRO+PALM Ax suede that prevents skin rub. Such liner gives a soft layer on the skin while improving the grip of the gloves.

In addition, these lacrosse gloves have the FLOWCOOL venting technology at the back of the hands. This allows heat to disperse despite the thick padding that protects you from impact. I also like the thick and extended cuffs that give me an additional shield, especially when doing a crease dive. In one game, I was the only field player from our team to come out without any injuries. I think that experience really says a lot about the performance of these gloves.

Overall, the Maverick Max offers unmatched protection and performance. Although it comes at a higher price range, every dollar is worth the indulgence for every lacrosse player. If you’re a field player, these gloves might be the answer to your recurring injuries. It’s made thick yet soft, protective yet comfortable. For me, that’s what most lacrosse gloves are about.

What We Like:
  • Thick yet soft PORON XRD foam
  • Soft liner that prevents skin rub
  • FLOWCOOL technology to wick sweat
  • Professional quality lacrosse gloves
  • Extended and thick cuffs
  • Soft suede palm
  • Lasts for many years
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Not for youth players

3. STX Cell V Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

STX Cell V Goalie Gloves White Medium

Are you a lacrosse goalkeeper? If so, the best goalie gloves to get are the STX Cell V Lacrosse Goalie Gloves. It’s fitted with a special guard that prevents injuries while giving you the best performance as a goalkeeper. I was once assigned a goalkeeper in our team, and these are the gloves I got. I never regret putting my money on this pair with its superb quality. Please read here Goalkeeper Glove Size Guide: Knowing Your Size.

However, these goalie gloves have some downsides. It takes time to get used to due to the added thumb guard. Also, the cuffs could have been longer, so your hands could grow into them. The padding on the right hand can also use some improvements, probably reinforced stitches, so it doesn’t wear out quickly. The palms are also stiffer than most lacrosse gloves, but I can take this small trade-off, considering that these are made for goalies.

Despite the minor issues I’ve mentioned above, STX Cell V remains a durable pair for lacrosse. These gloves can take the beating of being a goalkeeper. It sports STX’s proprietary exo-thumb guard that acts as a skeleton outside the gloves. It offers more protection for your finger and maximum mobility so you can deflect the strongest impact shots. You will enjoy customizable options with these gloves to suit your team’s setup.

I also like its GeoFlex padding at the back of the hand. It keeps my hands flexible without compromising the level of protection. This is paired with the Clarino palm for the best tackiness, grip, and comfort. The fingers are perforated to keep your hands cool during hot days. There’s also a drawstring on each cuff so you can adjust the fit and keep the gloves snug. Overall, these features keep you fully equipped on the cage so you can deflect shots coming from left and right.

For those looking for an elite pair of goalie gloves for lacrosse, the STX Cell V is an intelligent choice. It’s made with extra protection so all goalie players can guard their cage efficiently. I have some minor reservations about this pair, but I can live with those trade-offs, considering its performance in each game.

What We Like:
  • Exo-thumb guard to prevent injuries
  • GeoFlex padding at the backhand
  • Durable Clarino palm
  • Vented fingers to keep hands cool
  • Offers maximum mobility
  • Elite goalie gloves for lacrosse
  • Drawstring cinch on the wrist area
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Stiffer palm, but not a deal-breaker

4. Brine Women’s Dynasty Lacrosse Gloves

For the ladies who are playing lacrosse, I recommend the Brine Women’s Dynasty Lacrosse Gloves. This is very breathable and pliable so that women players can hold the stick really well. It’s ideal for recreational games and positions that don’t experience too much impact. Based on my wife’s experience, these lacrosse gloves offer the utmost comfort.

However, you should know that these Brine Women’s Lacrosse Gloves are not for goalies. It has very minimal padding and protection as a trade-off for its breathability. This is an understandable feature, but players who have to receive physical impact should consider another option from this roundup. These lacrosse gloves also have minimal wrist protection due to their shorter cuffs. Another thing is that these gloves are way smaller than the typical sizing of lacrosse pairs. I recommend sizing up if you have larger or thicker hands.

On the upside, these lacrosse gloves for women prioritize comfort. It’s lightweight and very flexible, ideal for those still getting started on the game. Even though it’s thinner than most lacrosse gloves, Brine used dual-density foam to reinforce critical areas like the backhand and the knuckles. If you find other lacrosse gloves bulky and challenging to use, this pair from Brine is a good start.

In addition, these gloves are blended with Lycra and stretch mesh to keep the pair snug. I also like that the palm has been re-designed to give users a more natural feel during a lacrosse game. I tried wearing this once, and I like the range of motion when holding a crosse. Moreover, I want to mention that the most significant advantage here is the affordable price. If you’re on a budget and not demanding a high level of hand support, these lacrosse gloves will suffice.

For those looking for budget-friendly lacrosse gloves, I recommend this for field players who will not deal with a lot of impact. Although it has some disadvantages, it’s soft and comfortable, just like any excellent pair of game gloves.

What We Like:
  • Dual-density foam reinforcements
  • Mesh material for breathability
  • Feels like a second skin
  • Offers excellent mobility
  • Affordable pair of lacrosse gloves
  • Re-designed palm for a natural fit
  • Available in different colors
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Not made for goalies

5. Brine Phantom Lacrosse Glove

Brine Phantom Lacrosse Glove, White/Black, 13-Inch

For midfielders, I recommend the Brine Phantom Lacrosse Glove. These are the best lacrosse gloves for midfield players who need extra protection against impact. It’s made rugged and thick to shield the hands on the harshest game conditions. I have this pair on my gear bag, which I consider my go-to pair for most games.

Looking at the downside of these gloves, I noticed that the padding inside had been attached weirdly. I also wish there was additional padding on the fingers; it’s not really a big deal for most midfielders. I also purchased one of these lacrosse gloves, and I suggest you size up if you have a larger hand than usual. Another thing is that I wish that the sides of the hands had protection, which can be a problem on some rare occasions.

Other than the disadvantages mentioned above, I swear by the performance of the Brine King Superlight 2. It’s made with excellent backhand padding to cushion the impact of lacrosse games. Also, it comes with floating cuffs that give the wrist excellent mobility and protection. The cuffs can be tweaked using the drawstring cinch. From scooping balls to faceoffs, these features will guard your hands so you can deliver the best performance on the field.

Moreover, these lacrosse gloves possess the TruVents technology that increases hand ventilation. It keeps the backhand cool so sweat won’t accumulate inside the gloves. This is paired with a textured nash palm with the best stickiness to grip your crosse well. Its palms remain soft, so you wouldn’t have to strain your hand just to have a firm grip. The bonus is that these gloves are available in different colors to suit your team’s color.

In conclusion, the Brine Phantom offers unbeatable protection for every midfielder. As midfielders, we work on both the defensive and offensive side, so we need all the protection we can get in the game. Aside from our endurance and speed, this pair of lacrosse gloves will add an edge to our games. I like its excellent articulation and flexibility that lasts through multiple seasons.

What We Like:
  • TruVents technology to keep hands cool
  • Made specifically for midfielders
  • Textured palm for excellent grip
  • Floating cuffs for topnotch mobility
  • Available in different colors
  • Reinforced backhand
  • Lasts for multiple seasons
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Less padding on the side of the hand and fingers

6. Maverik M5 Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik M5 Lacrosse Player Gloves (Medium (12"), White)

This is made with utmost protection through thicker padding that can take the beating of loaded shots. Despite its rugged build, these lacrosse gloves remain comfortable to wear during the game. Based on my experience, these gloves can last for a season or two, depending on how you maintain it.

Despite that, the Maverik M5 Lacrosse Gloves have some downsides. I wish the Velcro enclosure uses a much stronger material so it doesn’t peel off easily. Aside from that, you should avoid washing these gloves as the grip will become stiffer and difficult to use. It’s a little pricey, too, which is understandable since these gloves are made challenging on the field.

On the upside, the Maverik M5 is a champ in hand protection. It’s constructed with a SHARKGEL thumb that disperses impact while giving the thumb excellent mobility during the game. The backhand and fingers have increased volume as well for top-notch protection. Overall, this is constructed with a classic fit to suit all players on the defense side. I also like that it has 37.5 technology, which keeps the hands cool through faster sweat evaporation. This feature is paired with the FLOWCOOL venting technology at the back of the hand for added ventilation.

Aside from that, these lacrosse gloves have an Ax suede palm for a soft and tacky grip. The palm area is also constructed with inhaler mesh materials to boost the comfort of the gloves. I personally like the reinforced stitching along the thumb area, which prevents the gloves from ripping quickly. The gloves also stretch a bit, giving players a small growing room.

If you’re a defensive player, consider investing in the Maverik M5 Lacrosse Gloves. It’s made tougher, more rugged, and with added padding to keep your hands safe on the game. Although some features can be improved, I’m quite impressed by these gloves’ performance on the field. If you’re on the frontlines for faceoffs, these lacrosse gloves are a must-have.

What We Like:
  • SHARKGEL thumb for added protection
  • 37.5 technology for faster sweat evaporation
  • FLOWCOOL venting technology
  • Pliable ax suede palm
  • Inhaler mesh materials on the palm
  • Reinforced thumb stitching
  • Excellent mobility
What We Didn’t Like:
  • The Velcro enclosure needs improvements

7. Warrior Evo Lite Lacrosse Glove

Warrior Evo Lite Lacrosse Gloves (White, Medium 12")

Regarding the best lacrosse gloves for the money, I won’t hesitate to get the Warrior Evo Lite Lacrosse Glove. Warrior didn’t skimp on padding and materials for this pair, so rest assured that your hands are protected during a game. It offers all-around protection for every player on the defense position. It’s tough, rugged, and made to endure the impact.

But just like any glove, the Warrior Evo has some downsides. The only thing I noticed is its bulky construction, which will take time to get used to for beginner lacrosse players. I also wish that the wrist enclosure is thicker, but it’s not really a big deal. All of these minor issues I found on these gloves are not deal-breakers and are somewhat of a decent trade-off for their quality.

 The Warrior Evo has a dual-density foam construction, with segmented padding at the fingers and the back of the hand. The thumb has a reinforced layer to keep it intact during the game. Despite being rugged and thick, these lacrosse gloves remain lightweight and comfortable to wear. I also like its floating cuffs that protect the wrist when flexing. This ensures that your hands are protected from your fingertips down to the wrist.

Moreover, I like the textured Nash palm that gives a solid feel without being too stiff on the game. It allows me to hold the stick fairly well without straining my hands. Meanwhile, the gloves’ backhand has the TruVents technology that keeps the air flowing in and out of the material. This prevents sweat from getting trapped inside and irritating your skin. If you’re looking for all-around protection against the nasty elements in lacrosse, the Warrior Regulator is a good choice.

Overall, the Warrior Evo provides the best value for money if you’re looking for reliable gloves. It’s made to protect the hands, whatever your position is in lacrosse. This pair is a complete option with the right protection, ventilation, and mobility so you can deliver the best performance on each game. It’s a little pricey, but you’ll definitely get what you paid for.

What We Like:
  • Dual-density foam construction
  • Rugged and solid lacrosse gloves
  • Nash palm for the best grip
  • TruVents technology to wick sweat
  • Reinforced cuffs
  • All-around protection for all positions
What We Didn’t Like:
  • It takes time to get used to

Lacrosse Gloves Buying Guide

Lacrosse can be a tough and heated game. With this, you should look for the best pair of gloves by considering the following points:

Shopping by position

Lacrosse is composed of four positions: the defender, attacker, midfielder, and goalkeeper. The following are the differences when getting a glove for each position:

Defender. This lacrosse position works on the defense, thus the need for protective gloves. They also use a long stick, so their gloves should offer excellent dexterity at the same time.

Attacker. This position works on the offense and is responsible for scoring goals. A lacrosse attacker must be excellent in passing, shooting, and protecting the ball. They are also the ones who make dives. With this, they need a pair of lacrosse gloves with ample padding to cushion the impact. Dexterity and thumb flexibility are a must for this position.

Midfielder. This position works on both the defense and offense. They are tasked to quickly transition the ball from defense to offense so the attackers can bring it to the goal. Also called ‘middies’, this position requires a glove with just the right protection and excellent dexterity.

Goalkeeper. Of all the lacrosse positions, the goalkeeper will receive the most number of high-velocity shots. This is the reason why goalie gloves for lacrosse have reinforced thumbs, sometimes bearing an exoskeleton to prevent hyperextension. Goalie lacrosse gloves have thicker padding and cuffs to protect against a speeding ball.

Getting the right size

Once you’ve figured out the position you’ll need to buy gloves for, the next step is to find the right size for your lacrosse gear.

Remember that lacrosse gloves are available in youth and adult sizes. Most youth gloves range between 8 to 10 inches, with medium size slated at 12 inches. Meanwhile, adult sizes range from 13 to 14 inches or bigger. Usually, a 13-inch lacrosse glove can fit a 15-year-old player and older. Such sizes are typically measured based on the player’s height, weight, and age. read more here best youth baseball gloves.

Each lacrosse glove brand has its own sizing chart. Always check this and follow their sizing instructions for the right fit. The rule of thumb is that the glove should have ample breathing room so your fingers won’t push past the finger padding.

Most of the time, high school, college, and adult players fall within the medium to large size.

I also want to highlight that specific brands tend to have a unique fit. The following are some of my observations based on the gloves I’ve tried before:

STX. Suitable for advanced players who like a snug fit. You can find loose options, but it’s quite rare in the STX line of lacrosse gloves.

Maverik. Based on my experience, Maverik gives its users a tight fit. The goal is to keep the gloves close to the skin so it doesn’t get out of place during a heated game.

Brine. For those looking for looser lacrosse gloves, you can check out the options from Brine. This is a favorite among high school and college players, but I also have a pair that I like.

Warrior. Warrior lacrosse gloves vary in fit so you can find one in the middle fit and a pair with a tighter feel.

Anyway, these are just based on my observations, so it may vary on other people, especially those who have smaller or larger hand sizes.

Checking the level of protection

Lacrosse players wear gloves for added protection. This is also the same reason why such gloves tend to be bulky and thick. It’s aimed to cushion the impact of an incoming ball, slicing and diving.

For the most part, lacrosse gloves will have protection concentrated at the back of the hand. This is usually done with the use of thick foam. Some brands will use foam stacks layered with stiff and soft padding.

Moreover, the fingers will also have segmented foam padding. Such a design is intentional, so you can hold the stick and make a fist without affecting your range of motion. Remember that the protection should extend up to your fingertips.

The palms shouldn’t have any foam padding since it has to offer top-notch dexterity.

Regardless of the position and level of protection a lacrosse player needs, the gloves should remain lightweight.

Extended cuffs

Speaking of protection, I want to highlight the importance of an extended cuff. This portion will protect the wrist against impact and injury. Aside from the extra length, the cuffs should also have thick padding that will cushion the blow.

You can find lacrosse gloves with a floating design, which means that the cuffs don’t necessarily touch the wrist. Still, it works as a shield against direct force.

Some gloves have a drawstring cinch that allows you to tweak the fit based on the protection you want to achieve.

Investing in the right grip

The grip of your lacrosse gloves should let you hold the stick firmly without straining your hands. Ax suede is the most common material for this portion because it offers the right texture to hold things. Also, suede is soft and will not impede the dexterity of the hands.

Unlike other sports gloves, lacrosse only needs mild stickiness. There’s no need to use any grip boost. As much as you need to have a good grip on the stick, you wouldn’t want it to become so sticky that movement is already problematic.

Flexibility and dexterity

The tricky part with lacrosse gloves is you need to get the right level of protection with the best flexibility. When we talk about flexibility, we focus on how well you can move and use your hand while wearing gloves.

However, with the need for better protection in some player positions, some level of dexterity will be traded off. For the most part, dexterity also has something to do with the right fit and the design of the backhand protection.

Get a good feel of the gloves to see if it will work for you.

Comfortable liner

Most lacrosse games will last for at least 60 minutes, so your gloves should be comfortable enough to wear for long hours.

I personally like a lacrosse glove with 37.5 technology. This patented technology keeps your hands within the ideal 37.5-degree temperature. Such a thing is possible through faster sweat evaporation.

A soft liner will also prevent skin rub or chafing. Just make sure that the liner is sewn from the inside so it doesn’t pull out whenever you have to remove it from your hands. A quick-dry liner is also ideal, so you won’t have to wait for days so that you can wear your gloves back.


Lacrosse gloves can be pretty thick due to the addition of foam padding. This will make your hands very sweaty and uncomfortable without proper ventilation.

With this, I recommend looking for lacrosse gloves with ventilated palms and fingers. It usually uses small perforations to let the air in and out of the gloves. This will also prevent the gloves from being too puffy when air gets trapped inside.

Comfort is king

Above all features, the lacrosse gloves must be comfortable to wear. If the gloves feel too tight or too loose even before the start of the game, it’s a sign that you should change to another pair. This may affect your performance as you’ll keep thinking about your gloves.

Each lacrosse player has his or her own concept of comfort. It’s important to try the gloves firsthand to see if it suits your taste and preference.

Price range

Last but not least, consider the price range of the lacrosse gloves. Whether it’s for goalies or field players, I don’t mind splurging a little bit if it means getting an excellent performance.

The problem with cheap lacrosse gloves is it’s only suitable for recreational games. Like how they say, “You’ll get what you pay for”. Although you can find some cheap but golden pairs, most gloves in the lowest price range won’t even survive through a single season.

If you’re serious about playing lacrosse, I recommend investing in your gear. You don’t have to spend a fortune just to find the best pair of gloves. The right balance of performance and price should be enough, like the nine pairs I’ve reviewed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do lacrosse gloves fit?

Lacrosse gloves should feel like a second skin, and it should have enough room so you can make a fist. A small growing room is also ideal for junior players, so they don’t have to replace gloves too often. Always check the sizing chart of each brand to make sure that you’ll get the right fit.

What are lacrosse gloves made of?

Most lacrosse gloves in the market are made of thick foam padding to cushion the high-velocity impact. It’s also paired with suede material on the palm area as well as a blend of canvas, PU leather, mesh, and other synthetic fabrics. The goal here is to protect the hands while keeping the gloves breathable during the game.

Can you use hockey gloves for lacrosse?

While some lacrosse players use hockey gloves, it’s best to get a pair specifically made for the sport. Unlike hockey gloves, those made for lacrosse allow better hand movement as well as better grip. Nevertheless, you can always find an all-around pair in the market, but it may not be on par with your needs.

How do you break in lacrosse gloves?

Like most sports gloves, lacrosse gloves have to be broken in first before using them on the field. Regardless if you’re a goalie or a field player, this step is a must. Lacrosse gloves are stiff straight from the package. You can break it in through practice and actual drills. While there are those that use weird methods like soaking or putting it under the mattress, nothing beats the natural course of using it in practice games. This will ensure that your gloves will break in without the damage. please read here how to break in a new baseball gloves with shaving cream.

Final words

The best lacrosse gloves will ensure you’re fully equipped for every match. Aside from giving you an excellent grip on the stick, this gear is necessary for your hand’s protection. The last thing you want is sustaining hand injuries that will hinder your game. Getting the right gear is paramount whether you’re a goalie or a field player. Epoch, Maverik, STX, Brine, and Warrior will not disappoint.