How To Use The Best Oil For Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves must be maintained to increase its lifespan. Aside from cleaning, you must apply a glove oil to keep the leather material pliable, moisturized, and comfortable to wear. Still, choosing the best oil for baseball gloves is necessary to ensure that your gear will last long. I personally use Wilson Glove Oil and Bickmore Neatsfoot Oil on all my baseball gloves. These products keep my gear in good condition for every game.

Below, I reviewed these two oil products together with a guide on how to use the right oil for your baseball glove.

How to use the best oil for baseball gloves

Oiling a baseball glove isn’t as simple as slathering the oil all over it and then you’re done. You have to ensure that the oil gets deep into the leather material of your gloves. To help you out, here are the simple steps I take in oiling my baseball gloves at home:

Step 1. Get the right baseball glove oil

Make sure that the baseball glove oil you’re going to use matches the material of your gear. Most baseball gloves are made of leather so you must look for an oil that’s formulated for such material. Below, I reviewed two of the best options.  

Step 2. Clean the gloves

Before you even apply the first drop of oil in your baseball glove, make sure that you clean it well. Here’s what you need to do:

  •       Wipe the baseball gloves with a clean towel
  •       If the gloves are too soiled, I recommend washing it with a glove wash and clean water.
  •       Make sure that the baseball gloves are bone-dry before applying the oil in it.
  •       Give the glove one last wipe to remove any dust and dirt that have gone into the surface.
  •       Remember that oiling a dirty glove will lock in the dirt and cause further damages.

Step 3. Start oiling

Once the baseball gloves are clean, it’s time to apply the oil. Here’s what you should do:

  •       Apply a small bit of oil all over the pocket of the baseball glove.
  •       Rub it in until the surface has a light coating of baseball glove oil.
  •       You can use your hands to apply the oil but make sure that you wash it first.
  •       You can also use a clean cloth if you don’t want the oils to get into your skin.
  •       Proceed to apply the baseball glove oil in the other leather parts of the glove.
  •       Avoid applying too much oil; you only need a thin layer.
  •       Make sure that you apply the oil well between and along the fingers.
  •       Massage the oil in a circular motion to ensure that the oil is absorbed into the leather.
  •       Too much will make the baseball glove too wet. It will also attract dust and dirt.

Step 4. Let it dry

  •       Once your baseball gloves have been oiled, let it air-dry overnight.
  •       The next day, wipe the gloves of any excess oil that didn’t dry or seep through the material.
  •       Never place your oiled baseball gloves near direct heat or sunlight.
  •       Do not put your baseball gloves in the microwave.

Step 5. Keep the form

One of the things you have to avoid when oiling a baseball glove is ruining its form. To keep the form of your glove, you must do the following steps:

  •       If your glove hasn’t been broken in yet, you can play catch to form its pocket into your hands.
  •       You can also place a baseball into the pocket then tie the glove tightly.
  •       Leave this overnight so the glove would form naturally into the ball.
  •       After that, your baseball glove is ready to use.
  •       For the next oiling sessions, you can skip this last step if your glove has been broke in.
  •       It’s important to oil your baseball gloves at least once a month if used regularly.
  •       On drier areas, oiling at least once a week might be needed.


Best oil for baseball gloves

If you’re looking for the best baseball glove oil, these two are my recommendations. I use these on my baseball gloves and the results are stellar:


1. Wilson Premium Glove Oil

Wilson Premium Glove Oil

For those who are on a budget, the Wilson Sports Premium Glove Oil is a must-have. It’s made of neatsfoot oil and other beneficial oils that will help condition your baseball glove. This will help moisturize your baseball glove without the frills.

Still, some things are left to be desired on this glove oil. It’s not advisable for breaking in a new glove because it’s more conditioning rather than softening. Also, I have to re-apply it more frequently than other high-end options since the oil dries fast, especially during summer. But considering this price, I really don’t mind this slight inconvenience.

On the upside, the Wilson Premium Glove Oil works well in giving my baseball gear a mild water-repellent effect. It’s also easy to apply since it comes in a spray bottle. You can easily target cracks on your gloves without making such a mess. And since it comes in a small bottle, you can easily stash it on your baseball gear bag.

Wilson Premium Glove Oil

Aside from that, I like the color this baseball glove oil leaves. It restores old gloves with its brownish tinge. It doesn’t stain or leave an uneven color. As long as you massage the oil evenly, your baseball glove will look good.

Overall, the Wilson Glove Oil is a cheap option for those who want to condition their baseball gear. It also comes in a 4-ounce bottle, which allows you to try it first and see if it suits your taste. If not, there’s not much to be wasted.

  • Nice color, no staining
  • Easy to apply
  • Helps restore old baseball gloves
  • A little goes a long way
  • Made of neatsfoot and other beneficial oils
  • More conditioning than softening


2. Bickmore Pure Neatsfoot Oil

Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil 32 oz - Leather Conditioner and Wood Finish - Works Great on Leather Boots, Shoes, Baseball Gloves, Saddles, Harnesses & Other Horse Tack

If you’re looking for a bigger bottle, you should get the Bickmore Pure Neatsfoot Oil. This is made of 100% neatsfoot oil that conditions, softens, and moisturizes leather baseball gloves. It doesn’t have any petroleum distillate so rest assured that your gloves will not have ugly spots or uneven color.

But before I go all-praise with this glove oil, let me list down some minor niggles I noticed. First, I wish that the seal of the bottle will be improved so it doesn’t break easily. Also, some may found the smell a little overpowering, but that’s an issue I can live with considering the efficacy of this baseball glove oil. Just one warning, though: don’t use it on sealed leather like those on car seats. It will not settle.

Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil 32 oz - Leather Conditioner and Wood Finish - Works Great on Leather Boots, Shoes, Baseball Gloves, Saddles, Harnesses & Other Horse Tack

Despite those minor issues, I still count on the Bickmore Glove Oil. It leaves a dark yet aesthetic color on most gloves. Aside from baseball gloves, you can also use this oil on leather boots, saddles, and belts. It leaves a water-repellent effect on the leather, which helps extend the glove lifespan.

This is available on 32-ounce bottles, but you can always start with the 8-ounce version if you don’t want to risk a lot of money at once.

  • Made of 100% neatsfoot oil
  • Repels water
  • No petroleum distillate
  • Leaves a nice, dark color
  • Can be used on other leather products
  • The smell is a little stronger


Can you use coconut oil on baseball gloves?

As a natural oil, coconut oil actually works for your baseball gloves. Some baseball glove oils available in the market are actually infused with some amount of coconut oil. It helps soften up the leather while locking in the moisture to keep your baseball gloves pliable.

When applying coconut oil, you can follow the same steps above. Again, avoid over-using the oil since it will make your glove look very soaked. It’s only a waste of such useful oil.


Can I use Vaseline on my baseball gloves?

Vaseline petroleum jelly works as a glove softener. Some even use it to break in their new baseball gloves. If you don’t have baseball glove oil handy, you can reach for your jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly instead. Still, this should be used sparingly and you still have to get a dedicated glove oil for the job.


What is a glove oil made of?

Each manufacturer of glove oil has its own formulas. The most common is neatsfoot, a yellowish oil extracted from the feet and shin bones of cattle. However, the hooves are not included. Neatsfoot is widely used as a softening, preserving, and conditioning agent for leather products, including baseball gloves.

However, take note that neatsfoot will make the leather dark and even spotty. Still, you shouldn’t fret because this is normal and the color will even out as the oil dries. After 24 hours, the neatsfoot oil will settle and its color will be lighter and more natural. Just make sure that you don’t soak the baseball gloves with too much neatsfoot oil.

Other baseball glove oil products are blended with petroleum jelly, baby oil, and other essential oils that help condition the leather.



The best oil for baseball gloves will condition your gears to increase its lifespan and performance on the field. However, you must know how to apply it properly. Above, I discussed the simple steps you can take as well as two oil options you can purchase right away.

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