Best Waterproof Arm Warmers

Talking about the best waterproof arm warmers, without a doubt it’s either Mcdavid 6500, Castelli Nanoflex arm warmers, or Mavic Cosmic H20. They have excellent moisture wicking properties as well as great insulation. 

But there are also other premium choices that you can go for like the Gore Bike Universal, Pearl Izumi thermal, New Balance, Rock Bros, Craft, Lihouxiu Sports & Fitness arm warmers, and Feeke arm sleeves. 

These are just a few among the many other choices existing in the market today. That is why it is extremely overwhelming to pick the best one. But if you follow the buying guide below, you can narrow down the choices and eventually select the one that suits you best. 


Needless for you to wait any longer. Here are the 10 quality products offered by some of the best brands. We will review their excellent features as well as their drawbacks to make sure that you are aware of what you are about to get. 


1. Mcdavid 6500 Hex Padded Arm Sleeve

To start off, here is our best pick that is highly rated by the buyers due to its excellent functionalities. Mcdavid 6500 hex padded arm sleeve is integrated with moisture management technology to ensure that your arms will be kept dry all day.

It is a guarantee that this model will last long given the fact that it has a high-quality material construction. This one tops the line of Mcdavid’s arm sleeves. That is because they have successfully combined the latex-free material with premium fabric. Much more, the fabric used is flexible and breathable also. 

The manufacturer has equipped this model with an airflow vented and antimicrobial technology so that it can effectively reduce bacteria and odor. Even if you are working out in the toughest terrain or weather, you can still stay fresh and comfortable without dealing with excessive sweating and bad smell. 

Aside from that, it also has a moisture wicking property that can keep you dry throughout the day. No moisture will stay in your skin because it manages to draw them away instantly leaving you with a cooling effect. 

I also prefer wearing this due to its ease of use. All you have to do is to slide it simply onto your arm, then place the pad over your elbow and you will be good to go. It will fit tightly without constricting your arms. However, it is offered as a single sleeve only. So purchase two if you want to protect both arms. 

This is also highly regarded due to its medical benefits. As it compresses your arms, it helps in healing or relieving arthritis, hypertension, minor ligament sprains, meniscus injuries, and lateral instability. It can also boost the therapeutic heat that is why it can promote and improve blood flow. 

Mcdavid hex padded arm sleeves will not only keep you warm on chilly days, but it can also help in preventing scratches and abrasions. All while keeping you dry inside.



  • Made of flexible and breathable fabric
  • Prevents odor and bacteria
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Improves blood flow
  • Resists scratches and abrasion
  • Easy to wear


  • One sleeve only
  • Could’ve been better with wider pad


2. Castelli Nanoflex+ Arm Warmer

To keep the list rolling, here is the product that is best for wet conditions. The Castelli Nanoflex+ arm warmer is the most premium choice that you can opt for in this list. 

The manufacturer specially used Nano Flex fabric in tailoring this model. Such fabric has excellent flexibility that is why it can conform to your body position despite its constant change when you are working out. It can stay in place even if you are sprinting or riding a bike. 

That is also because it is designed with silicone grippers that are double-sided so that the warmers can stay in place without them pinching your skin, unlike other products with grippers that leave imprints to your skin. Or worse cut off the blood flow. 

Aside from that, the fabric also has excellent thermal properties that are resistant to water. It can effectively keep the cold moisture or the rain out of your arms, keeping you dry inside. But not to the expense of breathability. You will not overheat nor sweat excessively if you wear this. 

It can block the wet and cold while they support the body. So now you can ride at high intensities with ease and peace of mind. Much more, its back has a Nano light insert that is specially designed for added stretch. With this, your arm warmer becomes more comfortable to wear as it provides a better fit. 

I also like the fact that this Castelli Nanoflex+ is very light. In fact, the pair of this only weighs 65 grams so it only feels like your second skin. The only issue that you might encounter with this model is its sizing. It sometimes runs small so I recommend that you get a size up. 



  • Water resistance
  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Features a double-sided gripper made of silicone
  • Comfortable fit
  • Nano light insert improves stretch
  • Lightweight 


  • Issues with sizing


3. Mavic Cosmic H2O Arm Warmer

The Mavic Cosmic H2O arm warmer is one of the most outstanding products when it comes to high-quality waterproof arm warmers. It is recommended for road cyclists. 

Wearing this can protect your arms against the elements during the chilly days. With its superior arm coverage, you can ride all you want despite the damp shoulder weather condition. 

The inner membrane of this model is made of brushed fabric that can provide superior insulating warmth while keeping you comfortable. This is further treated with warm technology Teflon so that it can effectively resist water when riding on rainy days. So even if the condition gets chilly or wet, you can still enjoy your ride. 

The manufacturer also designed these arm warmers with flatlock seams. This feature along with elastic cuffs ensures that it will stay in your arms with a firm hold. For better grip, Mavic also tailored this with silicone grippers. Through this, you can benefit from the chafe-free comfort that it can provide.

Furthermore, it is also incorporated with reflective details to add more visibility to low light conditions. Through this, your safety will be improved off-road. 

Other than that, I also liked how it fits well that is following the form and shape of the hands without compromising its breathability. This has to do with the materials used by the manufacturer. They have combined nylon material with elastane. The coating is then treated with DWR or the durable water repellent treatment. 

Although this product is a bit pricier than other models, it is worth it to invest in this one because it can guarantee that you will be kept toasty warm and dry under any weather condition. 



  • Made of nylon and elastane
  • Form-fitting
  • Provides better insulation
  • Treated with warm tech Teflon
  • DWR coating
  • Silicone grippers ensure proper placement


  • A bit pricier than other products in this review


4. Gore Bike Wear Universal Windstopper Soft Shell Arm Warmers

Another premium option that you can go for is this universal Windstopper soft shell arm warmer that is offered by Gore Wear. 

The inner member has excellent wind resistance properties due to its polyester fabric. This is blended with elastane and polyamide for different purposes that we will discuss further for the rest of this review. But one thing is for sure, such quality materials contribute to its ability to keep the wind and wet out. 

With its excellent stretch, it is a guarantee that you will be kept warm and protected all day. That is because the cloth is already preformed following the shape of the arms and elbows. This allows you to move freely that eventually leads to improved performance. Much more, it is lightweight and soft for the skin. 

Despite its ability to resist elements such as the cold wind and water, it also exhibits great breathability. With that being said, you will not overheat and sweat excessively even if you wear this in extremely hot conditions. 

The highly functional fabric is also accentuated with flatlock seams to reduce chafe. It is also a guarantee that it will stay in place despite your intense activities because it has an elastic gripper on the top edge of the warmers. The cuffs are also made of elastic material for the same purpose. 

Another feature that this product boasts of is its reflective logo accent on the side and other reflective prints that are specifically designed for added safety in low light conditions. 

On top of that, the warmth will be kept longer inside the warmers because its inner membrane will serve as a barrier and blocker that prevents the air from passing through. And to maintain this Gore Bike Wear universal arm warmer, you can machine wash them when needed.



  • Water repellant and windproof
  • Elastic cuff with grippers
  • Reflective prints and logos improve safety
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Made of polyester and elastane


  • Its seams are a bit itchy
  • Not enough stretch


5. Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Thermal Arm Warmer

Now let me introduce to you the best thermal arm warmer that is also waterproof. The Pearl Izumi elite thermal arm warmer is specially designed for men athletes. 

This gear is constructed to provide a perfect fit even if the body is in constant motion. It balances the anatomic fit with high performance. All of that is due to its well-chosen materials that provide a personal interface between the gear and the athlete. 

Pearl Izumi incorporated in this model the four core fabric technologies that include soft shell, thermal, barrier, and transfer. All of this is working together to create a system that maintains the perfect temperature no matter the weather condition. You can perform any range of activities outdoors. 

The panels do not only render maximum warmth but it also features excellent strength and flexibility. Other than that, it also aids in faster muscle recovery. It also provides full arm coverage and protection against elements. Much more, it has a contouring pattern that helps in attaining a great fit. 

The manufacturer combines premium quality materials including nylon, polyester, and elastane in tailoring this product. Then its cuff is designed with a silicone gripper that ensures an elastic binding. In other words, it will stay up and will not slip off. 

Furthermore, it is designed with reflective elements that improve safety and visibility on low light conditions. 

However, these arm warmers from Pearl Izumi are a bit tight and it does not stretch well enough. So I recommend that you get a size bigger. Also, this cannot deal with too cold conditions. Aside from that, this model is not that waterproof. Yes, it can resist the moisture but it shouldn’t be soaked with water. 



  • Aids in faster muscle recovery
  • Made of nylon, polyester, and elastane
  • Features an elastic gripper
  • Provides full coverage even in motion
  • Reflective details improve visibility
  • Warm and comfortable to wear


  • Not that waterproof
  • Not for too cold conditions
  • Requires a size up


6. New Balance Unisex Outdoor Sports Compression Arm Warmer

The next product in this review is offered by New Balance. This unisex outdoor sports compression arm warmer is available in different sizes and color options. You can absolutely find the one that will suit you best. 

When it comes to sport, it is a necessity that the arm warmers have moisture management technology. This one can effectively wick away the moisture from your skin. Much more, it quickly dries up the fabric keeping your skin dry all day. 

With its excellent moisture wicking property, it is ultimately ideal to wear on different sports including lacrosse, hockey, tennis, fencing, gymnastics, snowboarding, skiing, football, softball, hiking, volleyball, baseball, cycling, running, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. 

New Balance designed this in such a way that it will fit tightly onto your arms to provide the compression that you need when playing sports. Its fit will feel like your second skin. Much more, this compression sleeve will improve your blood circulation. Furthermore, it will boost your performance. 

Apart from that, it can also increase the rate of recovery from muscle strain and fatigue. It will keep the area warm while it reduces muscle tension that is why you can play better and longer. All while ensuring that you are safe as it also prevents injuries.

With its fabricated stretch, it is a guarantee that these arm warmers will fit perfectly onto your arms. You can choose from different sizes starting from small, medium, large, up to extra-large. But be careful in choosing the size because a lot of buyers encounter issues with this. Make sure to refer to the sizing chart. 

All in all, these New Balance unisex arm warmers can keep you warm and dry throughout the day no matter the weather condition. As such, you can play your favorite sports for a longer period without dealing with sweat. 



  • Improves circulation
  • Moisture wicking and fast drying
  • Boosts performance
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Keeps you warm and comfortable


  • Buyers commonly encounter issues with sizing


7. Rock Bros Thermal Arm Warmer for Men and Women

There’s not much difference when it comes to the prices of arm warmers. But if you ask me about the best budget one, then I recommend this thermal arm warmer manufactured by Rock Bros. 

When winter or autumn comes around, you won’t have to wear the thickest sweater to fight the cold. Instead, you can wear this with your jersey or a thin jacket to add an extra layer of insulation. Now you won’t have to deal with bulky garments when running or biking.

If it suddenly warms up, you can easily remove and stuff it inside your bag or in the pocket of your jersey or jacket. Some experienced cyclists even undress them while riding. 

The fabric used has a soft brushed insert that can wick away moisture while at the same time retaining the heat inside. That is also due to its thermal lining. As such, it is a guarantee that your arms will be kept dry and warm under any circumstances. 

Your sweat as well as the water can easily evaporate because the fabric used is also breathable. Other than that, they are also highly elastic that is why it is a guarantee that it can provide a snug fit. 

This is a great addition to you cycling or running gear given the fact that it can cut the chill in the brisk or damp mornings. Much more, it is also ultra-light so it is good to wear this when playing basketball when going to the gym or even when you are gardening. 

In order to prevent these warmers from falling, Rock Bros also put a non-slip strip on its top edge. It is also designed with reflective strips to add safety and insurance when night comes. Furthermore, the sleeves are made durable and stretchy through its exquisite stitching. 

However, the material is a bit thin so it might not be able to keep you warm in extremely cold conditions. Some buyers also claim that this Rock Bros arm warmers are not that flexible. 



  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Easy to undress and store
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Excellent moisture wicking ability
  • Durable seam stitching
  • Does not slip off


  • Quite thin fabric
  • Somewhat inflexible


8. Craft Arm Warmers for Running, Cycling and Training

The Craft arm warmers are also a premium choice. This one is specially manufactured for training, cycling, and running. 

If you wear this, you will benefit from its stretchy and soft fabric that is lined with brushed fleece to keep you warm. Not only that, but it can also keep you dry because it can wick the moisture away from your skin. 

The materials are also durable so it is guaranteed that your arm warmers can last long and provide the protection that you need in all seasons. It will cut the cold so you can keep moving in the chilly weather. 

When you plan to ride early in the morning or when you stay long until night, do not worry because it has reflective logos and details that enhance visibility. In other words, you can have an extra level of safety and security for gloomy weather. 

My brother loves how this product fits snugly on his arms. That is due to the fact that the manufacturer used stretchy fabric and designed its shape ergonomically. Also, its seams are placed carefully to ensure that it can conform to the constant change of the body position as you move.

Other than that, the upper hem is designed with silicone grippers to secure that they will keep in place. It is safe to say that this Craft arm warmer will let you experience a ride that is free from fuss. 



  • Comfortable stretch 
  • Made of durable material
  • Excellent weather protection
  • Keeps you warm and dry
  • Features reflective details
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Silicone grips keep them in place


  • A bit pricey


9. Lihuoxiu Sports & Fitness 1 Pair Sport Arm Warmers

A pair of arm warmers from Lihouxiu can keep you warm and dry as you keep yourself active and fit. This one is suited for different sports and outdoor activities. 

The material used for this is a lycra fabric that is blended with polyester. Such materials deliver excellent moisture wicking properties that are very essential when you engage in sports. It will keep the wet and cold away from your skin. 

When summer comes or when the condition warms up, you can still use this because it can also provide UV sun protection. This can help in preventing the harmful UV rays from burning your skin. 

In addition to this, it provides a compression fit due to its elastic bands placed on the wrist. With that being said, it is a guarantee that these arm warmers will not slip off your arms annoyingly as you run or ride your bike. It can also give your arms protection as it keeps the warm air inside. 

This can effectively protect your arms in whatever condition and whatever activity that you perform to enhance your fitness. You can wear this when you are playing basketball, baseball, volleyball or any other sports. 

The brand offers this in an array of colors and size options. So you can certainly find the right pair that can go well with your sports attire while of course ensuring that it will fit right. 

Although it can wick away moisture, it is not fully waterproof. It can help the water to evaporate rapidly. But it cannot keep you dry when it rains or when soaked with water.

Nonetheless, this Lihouxiu arm warmer is a great choice that is offered at an affordable price. Unlike other models, it will not cost you much to have your arms protected. 



  • Made of lycra and polyester
  • Suitable for different outdoor activities and sports
  • Has elastic wristbands
  • Keeps you warm and dry
  • Recommended for men


  • Not enough water resistance


10. Feeke Arm Sleeves for Men and Women, UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves 

Now here is the model that will complete our list of recommendations when we talk about the best waterproof arm warmers. This one is manufactured by Feeke to fit both men and women. 

The materials used for this product are all of high-quality. As a matter of fact, they intentionally utilized stretchy materials to ensure a snug fit. Those materials are also durable and can effectively resist the weather. Not only that, but they are also breathable. So it is a guarantee that you will not overheat inside in warm conditions.

And even if you sweat or have been wet by the fog or mild rainfalls, do not worry because this is also fast drying. In cases where it gets dirty but you want to use it, you can hang them and just wait for a few hours and it will be readily used again. 

This also offers a UPF 50+ protection that prevents the harmful effects of UV rays from damaging your skin. With that being said, it is also ideal to wear in summer not just in wet and cold conditions. You will love how this versatile product can keep you protected no matter the weather.

Furthermore, it provides cooling effects onto your skin. The more that you exert effort and the more you sweat, the more that you will feel refreshed inside. As such, it is safe to say that this model can extend your time in keeping yourself active. 

On top of that, Feeke utilized durable and exquisite stitching to ensure that their product will not wear off or rip apart easily. They guarantee that this will last long, providing you protection the entire season. 

Another feature that this brand brags about is the anti-slipping design of this certain model that is preventing your arm warmers from falling off. More specifically, they placed an elastic band on the top edge so that it can securely and firmly stick onto your skin. 

If you wear this Feeke arm warmer, you can enjoy extended time outdoors without hand fatigue and injuries. That is because it can help your muscle to recover faster. 



  • Does not slip off
  • Provides great protection against UV rays
  • Materials used are flexible
  • Durable and high-quality stitches
  • Fits snugly
  • Resistant to water and weather


  • Too tight on the upper arm portion
  • The fabric is not durable enough


What to Look For When Buying

If you wanted to acquire the best waterproof arm warmers that can give maximum warmth and protection against the moisture, there are some factors that you need to consider. Ensure to follow the following advice and you won’t certainly regret your purchase.



Arm warmers are commonly made from a combination of nylon or polyester and elastane that is also known as Lycra or Spandex. This mixture delivers great stretch and comfortability. Some are made of synthetic materials like polyurethane and polyamide. 

Others are made out of natural fibers that include Merino wool. This kind of fabric renders excellent moisture wicking ability as well as microbial and insulation properties.

It is necessary to consider the material because it is the one that will also determine the functionality of your arm warmers. Breathable warmers are usually made of synthetic fibers. This type will not only keep you warm but dry at the same time because it can wick away moisture. 

Watch out for non-breathable materials, they might be able to provide enough insulation but it will cause you to sweat excessively and in turn, you will also smell bad. Fortunately, some materials are smell resistant so try to take that into account as well. 



It is important to pick a pair of warmers that are made of waterproof materials. Or those that have good moisture wicking properties because these types of fabric can prevent you from getting cold and wet. It can kick away both the moisture from the surface of the cloth and from next to your skin. 

Some arm warmers are designed to deliver thermal protection that can trap the air inside so that it can provide you warmth. There are also some that feature a membrane that is intentionally designed to render extra wind and water resistance, but it tends to compromise a little amount of its breathability. 

So for this, you have to reflect on the factor that you wanted to prioritize. If you are concerned mainly on its waterproofing, then it might be fine to opt for those that sacrifice breathability. 


Placement and Grip Type

Placement is very important especially if you don’t have large biceps because your waterproof arm warmers will tend to fall which is very annoying. Luckily, most arm warmers have grippers that prevent them from falling. 

So when choosing a pair of arm warmers, you have to consider this attribute to ensure that it will stay in place. 

When it comes to grippers, the most effective type is the one that is made of silicone. Sometimes, they are placed inside the cuff so that it will stick to your skin. While others are placed outside the cuff to hold onto your clothes. 

Search for silicone gripper bands on the biceps for a secure yet soft hold. Also, ensure that the wrist band can provide a snug fit. It shouldn’t be too tight fitting because it might cut off blood circulation and it might make it hard for you to wear or remove it. 

A lot of arm warmers are also designed with small gripper dots that are also made of silicone. Those are placed around the bicep to prevent the sleeve of the jersey from riding up which results in a gap that exposes your skin. 


Size and Fit

It is also important to choose the right size that can provide a snug fit. Avoid buying those that are too loose because it will annoyingly fall constantly. But do not opt for those that are too tight either. They tend to bring discomfort to you as it restricts your movements. 

In the worst cases, it causes hand numbness because excessive tightness can affect the blood flow. Ideally, you have to pick arm warmers that provide a snug fit. As such, you need to determine your hand measurement and refer to the size chart that is indicated by the manufacturer.

The snug fit also maximizes the thermal and wicking properties of the arm warmers. Aside from that, it also prevents them from slipping off. 

Reading the reviews will also be helpful, so you may also spend time reading them. They will tell you if you have to get a size up or down. But sometimes, the brand itself also indicates this so pay attention to the product details. 


Cut and Length

This factor is similar to the previous one. You need to know the approximate length of the warmers and until where do they usually reach. 

If it is too long, there will be excess materials bulging on your wrists. This will be very uncomfortable. On the other hand, if it is too short it will leave some gaps where the air can pass through.



In any sports gear, comfort is very important. Both polyester and nylon materials are comfortable ones. But you can also seek for those that are made of stretchy materials because it will not restrict your movements. 


Added Protection and Safety

Low priced arm warmers are just a mere extension of your favorite jersey. Basically, they are just a tube of Lycra cloth. But a lot of manufacturers start to integrate technological advancements into their products. However, you might have to spend a bit more on this kind of warmer. 

These additional features can be anything from UV protection to water resistance. Some are even made of reflective fabrics for superior safety. Others are designed with reflective piping that will aid visibility. With that being said, it is worth doing to research about the product before deciding to buy. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are arm warmers?

Arm warmers are a simple tube of cloth that is usually plain black but are also available in a variety of colors. They come in various materials. The lightweight ones are used for racing and in summer. While the thermal Roubaix is created for extra warmth. 

But some models feature a waterproof coating to protect against moisture and to keep you in cases of rain. Some are even made of reflective materials for added safety.

  • When do I need waterproof arm warmers? 

Arm warmers are very useful to wear to get through the changeable conditions. It adds versatility to your cycling, running, or any other sports gear. This will allow you to add sleeves to your favorite jersey when the weather becomes chilly. They can also be taken off easily and stuff in your pocket when it warms up. 

You will need waterproof ones when there are tendencies of rain. Or even if there is none, waterproofing will come very handy as it will wick away moisture from the outside and sometimes your perspiration inside the warmer. Wearing this will ensure that your arms will be kept warm and dry all day. 

  • Should my waterproof arm warmers be loose or tight?

When it comes to arm warmers, the fit is very crucial. Absolutely, nobody wants a gap or bulges between the warmers and the jersey. So to prevent this from happening, your arm warmers should reach your armpit from your wrist. Whether it has elastic or silicone grippers, make sure that they don’t fit too tight. 

Some arm warmers are just simple tubes that fit snugly while others have a special articulation at the elbows to ensure that they will keep their shape. What I am trying to say is that you find a pair of arm warmers that will provide a comfortable fit that is too tight and not too loose either. 

That is to make sure that you will not be restricted in your movement which is often the case when it is too tight. Whereas, if it is too loose, it might cause you the inconvenience of adjusting it frequently as it will slip off annoyingly. 

  • How tight should arm warmers be?

In order to maximize the moisture wicking or even the thermal properties of arm warmers, it should be fitting snugly next to your skin. This will also help in ensuring that it will not fall down. 

  • What do you wear with arm warmers?

Generally, arm warmers are worn with a jersey. But it should extend towards the top of the arms so that it will overlap with the sleeves of the jersey. If you are wearing a base layer underneath with short sleeves, tuck it in the warmers to prevent the cold air from getting through your arms. 


Final Words

Now that you get to know the 10 best waterproof arm warmers existing in the market today, you can absolutely extend your stay outdoors doing your favorite sports or activity. The weather condition cannot stop you.

What are you waiting for? Choose one and buy it now!

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