9 Best Wool Mittens

I know, you could relate that when we talk about the best wool mittens in the market, brands such as Smartwool, Freyja Canada Dachstein Woolwear, Alepo, and Ojbro won’t ever fail us.

The same is true with Celitas Design, Vigrace, and Polarn O. Pyret- these brands are equipped with top-notch features, just perfect for keeping us warm. For sure, you’ll find the perfect pair for your needs if you opt for any of these brands. 

If you’ll ask me, my personal choice is the one from Smartwool, for many reasons. And we’ll talk about not only its features but also those of other products as well. Let’s delve further!


With so many choices out there, it can be daunting to look for the best wool mittens. The good news is that we have compiled excellent products from prime brands. Just read on!


1. Smartwool Unisex Merino Wool Mittens for Men and Women

Smartwool Unisex Merino Wool Mittens - Cozy Mitten for Men and Women BLACK S/M Unisex

If you are looking for versatile wool mittens that can be used during hiking on a cold winter day or a ski trip, then Smartwool is the best merino wool mittens for men and women just for you. 

A compatible pair for a spontaneous detour during trips can make you feel more protected and comfortable at the same time. Give Smartwool unisex merino wool mittens a try. 

Satisfyingly, this has touchscreen compatibility for you to use your phone while still wearing the mittens. It truly keeps you warm and comfy despite the harsh, cold, and freezing seasons. 

These best wool mittens are also very easy to wash as it can be put on machine wash on a gentle cycle. It just has to be laid flat on a surface to dry. But you may also use a cool iron or dry clean as needed.

The unique feature of the touch screen compatibility helps you make calls and text without removing the mittens as it was already a knit-in feature of the wool mitts. Indeed, it’s a very convenient and useful attribute of the product. This item is also used to avoid your hands from freezing.

Considering all the specific qualities this product had, I can say that this is the best pick for wool mittens. Also, it provides a comfortable fit that gives extra cushioning and warmth to you during the cold seasons. It offers a more reassuring quality added to its critical factors in considering wool mitts. 

What I love about this mitt is that it comes with a warm lining that keeps your hands and body at a reasonable temperature—an efficient way to protect yourself from being cold during this season. 

Hence, keeping this all at mind, there’s no doubt why it is recommended by everyone- aunties, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers, who else? Perhaps, its only drawback is its sizing. But then, Smartwool unisex merino wool mittens are sure to keep you warm on those coming seasons. 


  • Touch screen compatible for convenience
  • Very versatile that men and women can wear it
  • Provides warm lining that keeps you from getting cold
  • Extra cushioning and warmth that gives a more comfortable fit
  • Product is indeed durable
  • It only comes in small and medium sizes


2. Freyja Canada Women Knit Wool Fleece Lined Mittens 100% Icelandic

Women Knit Mittens 100% Icelandic Wool Fleece Lined by Freyja Canada

Freyja Canada women knit wool fleece lined mittens are notably cozy and comfy to wear. These patterned fleece wool mittens come with a traditional Icelandic design that is very fashionable and stylish at the same time. 

You would need not to worry about matching it to any clothes you want to wear as it fits in almost all of the possible outfits available. Given that it is made of 100% Icelandic sheep’s wool, the hope of much softer mittens is an edge for this product. Despite its natural materials being used, it is amazingly not itchy nor irritable to the skin. What I love about it is that it’s very suitable for someone who are sensitive for they will avoid the hassle of allergies. 

The distinctive feature of these mitts is that it’s water repellant in nature. It is due to the reason that the wool is used as the outer lining of the mittens. It is constructed from the fattier compound of the sheep’s wool. Additionally, this best wool mittens Canada can be machine washed unlike its competitors. 

A unique, added detail to this product is a matching patterned hat. It is a very homey feeling that is supplemental to the mitten’s Icelandic design. The gear is lightweight, even though it is made of wool. You do not have to worry because it made in two-ply linings that could give you the right amount of warmth.

This gear is breathable. Not to mention, it’s also dubbed the warmest wool mittens and very fashionable at the same time. This product is nice gift for the holidays, especially to your sisters, cousins, and friends because this model depicts a beautiful and classy finish. 

Freyja Canada wool mitt can warm your hands and fingers during the cold and breezy days. For a high advantage, it can be also used by persons who have Raynaud’s syndrome. That detail is very beneficial to those people because this gear is something that can offer them high level of guaranteed satisfaction. 


  • 100% Icelandic Sheep’s Wool
  • It is water repellant
  • Has a traditional Icelandic design
  • Durable and has a warm fabric
  • With matching hat available
  • Only available for women


3. Dachstein Woolwear Extreme Warm 100% Austrian Boiled Wool Alpine Mittens

Dachstein Woolwear Extreme Warm 100% Austrian Boiled Wool Alpine Mittens in Natural Grey (6.0)

This next item is a wondrous wool mitten that have extended cuffs with full wrist coverage, which makes you feel safe and protected. It is a fantastic product that Dachstein Woolwear is offering us. You can have the great benefits for this model because it is foldable and is convertible.  

It is made from the Dachstein mountain area and is considered 100% organic wool with the effort and help of the small families living in that area. And through their combined skills owing to the meticulous details that they provide. 

An added feature to this product is that it is breathable and naturally anti-microbial that keeps your heart at ease for it provides you great security.  It is excellent having strong-quality wool that is used for the construction of the product. This gear is a premium choice for great warm and durable wool mittens.

Dachstein Woolwear Extreme Warm 100% Austrian Boiled Wool Alpine Mittens in Natural Grey (6.0)

This hand protective gear is boiled down for a much more solid fabric so that it can last for a few years more. Besides, these mitts will give you the right amount of heat even if you are in an area with wet conditions. However, these mitts are only available in gray so you won’t have the chance to select your desired color.

What I love about is the distinctive uniqueness of the wool mittens that offers me warmth and security whenever I need it. The extra four-ply attribute to the marvelous mittens gives a complementary characteristic to it. By that, you can have the advantage of high insulation for a high level of satisfaction.

Considering all this in mind, this best wool mittens from Dachstein is a good pick even for first-time buyers. Not only that, it will give you warmth; you can also be sure of the security and safety that it will offer. Anyway, if you want more warmth, then you can also opt for the best wool gloves out there. 


  • 100% organic wool
  • Made in the Dachstein Mountains area
  • Extended cuffs with full wrist coverage
  • Naturally anti-microbial and breathable
  • Boiled down for solid construction
  • Only available in color gray


4. Alepo Winter Wool Mitten Gloves For Women

Winter Wool Mitten Gloves For Women, Warm Knit Touchscreen Thermal Cable Gloves With Thick Fleece Lining (Confetti Gray)

Next up is the Alepo winter wool mittens, which will keep you warm through the cold and freezing seasons. This item is the best-boiled wool that is available in the market. 

These mittens have an anti-slip design that can help you sustain your hold in particular objects. Hold your phone steadily, and help with your grip in terms of keeping the stirring wheel while driving. With this in mind, you don’t have to worry about the incidents involving slipping of the objects through your hold.

The gloves that Alepo distributes is made of premium materials that will certainly not fail your expectations. Its shell is made up of 50% wool and 50% acrylic, which gives you a soft and warm finish. As a plus, it is high in elasticity, which won’t restraint your hand motions during your tasks.

For a great feature, these mitts are different from other models in the market. These gloves have s thick fleece lining and are touch screen compatible on the thumb. So whether you are driving, you can respond to your phone without any difficulty. 

However, you have to note that when wearing these mitts, you need to be sure to wear it on the top of the thumb. It must be filled so that the touch screen feature will be useful.

Additionally, these cable knit gloves come with a wide variety of colors to choose depending on your preference. What I love about it is that it’s a perfect pair for a beanie scarf matching. This item is versatile, for it is suitable for driving, motorcycle, cycling, running, gym, working, camping, and hiking. 

Since Alepo’s priority is your satisfaction, you can be sure of the efficiency that it will offer you. Due to the advanced features that this best wool mittens possess, you are genuinely sure to make a money-wise decision. These Alepo winter wool mittens are definitely worth it!


  • It has an anti-slip design to offer you a good grip
  • Made from premium materials to provide you with the high durability factor
  • Enables a touch screen function
  • Comes with a variety of colors
  • Have a thick layer of fleece lining for a more excellent insulation
  • It is only available for women


5. Ojbro Merino Wool Mittens

Swedish Dangerously Warm Mittens (Medium, Skaftö Sot)

Adding to this list is an imported and best Norwegian wool mittens. This mitt is 100% Merino soft, thick, and hot wool from Ojbro. It comes with a tricot lining that envelopes your hands from the fingers to your wrists while gently caressing your skin. 

These mittens are made with the combined tradition of Scandavanian knitting and folk art by the Swedish designer Ase Ojbro. Furthermore, Ojbro creates patterns that tell the fascinating story about rustic charms of Nordic life and history.  

Since these mitts are superbly knitted, you do not have to sacrifice the design for your desired comfort. You can never face pain because of frozen fingers due to frostbite. Indeed, it does not have a chance against this four-layered gear. 

When there comes a time when it will get icy, flimsy type of gloves are not enough. But because of Ojbros and their small factory in southern Sweden, these gorgeous hand protection gear are entirely constructed to withstand wearing and keep your hands toasty.  

For additional features, these warmest mittens have a generous ribbing at the cuff, which will insulate your wrist area. By that account, the warm air will be trapped in your wrists and won’t allow any cold air to dominate your hands. It is not too tight nor does not cut the blood circulation, so it is adorable to use.

What I love about the Norwegian mittens’ is the cuff that allows you to securely insert thinner base layers into your glove or insert it into your coat sleeve for maximum protection. However, this gear is a bit deceptive because it hardly looks like a bulky one.  

Ojbro Merino Wool Mittens come in several designs and color schemes for a unisex fit, which is perfect for a gift during the holiday season. As a plus, this is an item that is the best wool mittens for Raynaud’s, which is undoubtedly an excellent pick for you.


  • Made from 100% Merino wool
  • Superbly knitted with a beautiful design
  • Comes in four layers for a cozy experience
  • Thick that can withstand wear and tear
  • Not too tight and does not cut the blood circulation
  • Bit deceptive because they hardly look like a bulky one


6. Celitas Design Fingerless Mitten from Peru 


For a change, this next item is a mitten with a fingerless design offered by Celitas Design. This company works only with the best products that is why these mittens are made from 100% high in quality Alpaca wool blend. The softness that you will feel wearing it from the fibers would give a high percentage of satisfaction.

These hand protective gear is made from a luxurious fiber and is very durable. It is a versatile product and a useful garment that is made from Peru; the land where the best quality of Alpaca. By that, you are genuinely confident about the high durability that it will depict.  

What I love about Celitas is that due to the full range of sizes and colors in which you can choose the best one according to your preference. Unlike its competitors, you have the freedom to get the item that you think is the best fingerless mittens for you. 

This garment can be washed through a washing machine, but it is highly recommended that you do it in a delicate manner using cold water. You can have the choice if you want to hand wash it though you must use a soft soap. This detail is an advantage because not all of these mitts can be cleaned in both ways.

Celitas Design’s gloves are wonderfully made for the thumb and are partially covered rather than just putting it through a slip. However, this item may be a bit scratchy and itchy. But if you don’t mind a little scratchiness, then this high-quality mitt is perfect for you.

Celitas mittens are a perfect gift for a birthday or any other occasion. You will surely be satisfied because it is very comfortable, unlike other mitts made from standard fibers. It is a money-wise decision in which you are sure of the high efficiency that it will offer you.


  • Made of Alpaca fresh blend which is considered as a unique fiber
  • Has a wide range of sizes
  • Can guarantee you a high level of satisfaction
  • Very durable item
  • Comes with unique designs
  • Maybe a bit scratchy and itchy


7. ViGrace Winter Knitted Convertible Fingerless Wool Mittens

Winter Knitted Convertible Fingerless Gloves Wool Mittens Warm Mitten Glove for Women and Men

Next on the list is a mitten that is great for outdoor activities during the winter and breezy days. This wool mitten from ViGrace is an excellent pick for it is convertible and is fingerless in design.  

This fantastic hand gear is very thick ad very comfortable to use. It is made from 50% wool and 50% acrylic in which you can be sure of a durable finish. With the 3M Thinsulate insulation, your hands and fingers can have a toasty feeling. However, it only comes in one size that fits most hand sizes. 

Best convertible wool mittens of this kind are very convenient so that you can have the choice to free your fingers for unrestrained movements. All you have to do is to put the flap cover over to keep the warmth through a piece of Velcro located at the back of the mitts. 

More so, there is a wearable hogskin on the palm and thumb for a non-slip grip when you hold your pen or phone. It will provide you added friction for ensured stability when gripping. Additionally, it has a thick flocking lining that will give you a high cosine and pleasant warmth retention.

What I love about this protective gear because it is comfortable to use and very stylish in design. Even if you make this as a gift also to your family, you are sure to give you hot mitts for any occasion.

ViGrace mitt is a unique item that you can use while driving, working, cellphone using, or even writing. It has a hand-knitted look that can give you high warmth and comfort, especially on the winter days of the year. So if you buy these, you can have great convertible mitts that will give you enough warmth and mobility.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Has a humanistic design for both men and women
  • Can be used in any occasions
  • It has a stylish design that is great for holiday gifts
  • Comes with a wearable hogskin on the palm and thumb
  • It only comes with one size that fits all


8. Dachstein Woolwear Austrian Boiled Wool and Leather Trim Black Mittens

Black or Grey Dachstein Woolwear Leather Trim 100% Austrian Wool Mittens (6.5, Black)

If you live in the mountains and the glaciers, warmth is an essential matter for you to consider. These imported mittens have a magnificent leather palm, then Dachstein Woolwear wool mittens is a superior one for any weather conditions. It is an Austrian item that is also made from 100% Austrian wool. 

The fabric is boiled and is constructed by knitting. The structures are forced to shrink together until they are fused. Due to this method, it creates a super dense material that has a perfect balance of insulation and an excellent breathability factor.

Additionally, I love that this wool and leather mittens are extra warms that are three-ply in construction. The weaving is lovely, which makes it almost waterproof. It is not itchy and very lightweight in design, which makes it a right mitten for winter days. However, it comes with a regular model for mitts without any fingers.

These mittens are available in sizes from 7.0 to 9.5-inch hand spans. By this, you can estimate whether your hand can fit in this hand gear. You also have to measure your hand from the wrist to the tip of the most extended finger to get your correct hand size. 

What I love about this mitt is that it is made in the Dachstein Mountains area by small families and is 100% organic wool. It is a material that depicts the right amount of heat and will provide you protection. 

Hand washing these mitts is possible by using cold water and natural soap. You have to air dry flat your Dachstein Woolwear product. If you do this, you are sure that you are doing proper care for it to last a long time. These mitts from Dachstein are the best-boiled wool mittens and will surely be an excellent gift.


  • Has beautiful leather palms that are suitable for any weather
  • Made from 3 ply wool that is boiled and constructed by knitting
  • Available in 7.0 to 9.5-inch hand spans
  • Can be hand washed by the use of cold water and natural soap
  • Has excellent insulation and is breathable
  • No fingers just a regular type of mitten


9. Polarn O. Pyret Soft Merino Wool Mitten 


Last but certainly not least is a soft wool mitten offered by Polarn O. Pyret. This protective hand gear is made from 100% wool. It is a beautiful pair that has zero-waste compostable clothing that is best for your kids.

The soft double layer of merino wool mittens is not itchy when used to have an excellent comfort every time you are using it. Its fabric retains the warmth even if you are in the coldest winter conditions. Unlike its other competitors, you can be sure of a double protection and extra warmth that it gives. 

Additionally, it gives your kids a perfect fit to feel the best comfort in their everyday activities. What I love about these mitts is that it can be worn alone or underneath a shell or rain mitten. By that, you can have a chance to select whichever you like depending on your preference. 

Like other above-mention products, best wool baby mittens are machine washable using cold water in a delicate cycle. You cannot iron it nor cannot use bleach when cleaning it. You surely need to follow the instructions on the care label so that you will be assured of a long-lasting and durable hand gear.

For more security, I like a mitten clip so that your kids won’t have any possibility of losing it. You can even wash it truly easy and dries quickly. I highly recommend this item if you aim at an excellent mitt that will offer you a beautiful and comfortable fit every time.

Polarn O. Pyret are the best wool mittens for kids for it offers a high level of safety. As a parent or the buyer, you have the best advantages and benefits because it has a high level of satisfaction guarantee. Every penny that you use will surely have the appropriate great feature that it deserves. 


  • Made with soft double-layer merino wool
  • It is a non-itchy item
  • It can be worn alone or underneath a shell or rain mitt
  • Can be machine washed
  • Made from 100% wool and is imported
  • You cannot tumble dry nor bleach this gear


Buyer’s Guide

During winter, most locations may have harsh conditions where you need to protect yourself by wearing thick clothes, coats, and of course mittens! Unlike gloves, mittens provide more warmth since your hands have more room to move which helps with your body heat.

Wool is the perfect fabric for people who spend time during cold weather since it gives more warmth and prevents heat from escaping your body.

However, there are things you might need to consider before buying a pair. Choosing the best mittens for winter provides not only warmth and comfort but also allows you to do and enjoy things during cold days.

Here is the list of things you need to know before buying your very own pair of wool mittens that we prepared for you!



Of course, mittens are made to keep you warm but you don’t want your hands to be sweating so much because it’s too thick. It can be a hassle!

If you are living in cold places such as Alaska and Iceland where the temperature is below 0 degrees, you might want to bring with you mittens made from thick wool that has high insulation.

Furthermore, do use mittens with low insulation are enough for locations with a temperature of 20°F to 30°F to give you the warmth that you need. 


Kind of wool

There variety of wools that offers you a different level of softness, warmth, texture, and quality. You’d want your mittens to be just the way you like therefore do consider what kind of wool it is made from.

Commonly used wool is produced by lamb which is soft and very warm. If you want a high-quality and delicate experience, mittens made from Merino sheep’s wool is the pair for you! It provides great comfort and avoids moisture build-up making it anti-bacterial and dries quickly too.

Meanwhile, Cashmere wool mittens give out a high-class and chic look while giving you great insulation. Lastly, Boiled wool mittens are perfect for colder days since it provides more warmth. This wool fiber is also durable and wind-proof! 

There are more options for wool out there so please choose carefully and pick what’s best for you.



We want you to ensure that the mittens you will be purchasing fit you. This will allow your hands to move freely giving you comfort during winter.

Always make sure that the companies provide sizing charts since the size is a major issue when purchasing wool mittens. Measure your hands and do contact the company your size to ensure a perfect fit. 


Windproof construction

Enjoying a warm cup of coffee outside is great not until the creeping air into your mittens ruins the moment. 

Therefore, it is essential to know if your mittens have windproof construction. This feature aids in blocking the entrance of cold air. 

The air entering is moistened, so the water accumulates inside the mittens. If this happens, your hands will not be kept dry and the wetness will take away the warmth defeating the purpose of the mitten. Also, the wetness may affect the materials’ durability and may cause you a distraction and lack of focus on your errand.



If you live in cold regions or if you’re experiencing winter at the moment, Then you will be using your mittens more often. 

For this reason, you need to maintain its condition for a long time. We suggest you choose a product that can resist water and other fluid. This characteristic will help you prevent deterioration of materials and spoilage due to too much moisture.

Also, mittens that are not water-resistant aren’t capable of clearing away wetness, so it will not offer you the warmth that you are expecting and it might cause discomfort as you do a certain task.



Wool mittens are quite expensive, however, it is a great investment especially if you are always experiencing chilly weather. By choosing great quality wool mittens you’d be using it longer and it will keep warm every time! 

In this review, we offer you the best wool mittens with a wide range of prices. However, there are also budget-friendly wool mittens to choose from it still depends on what you’re looking for after all.


Touch-Screen Compatibility 

Some mittens are made out of materials that are not compatible with touch-screen devices. It is indeed a struggle if the mittens prevent you to easily touch buttons

Make sure that the mittens you’d be buying are compatible with your Smartphone or any touch-screen devices without exposing your hand out the cold. We suggest you purchase mittens with copper sheets inside that make it compatible with touch-screens.

Choose a product made with light-weight to mid-weight elements for dexterity while making you feel warm at the same time. For instance, if you are using a camera with touch screen features, don’t forget that you should not purchase a mitten with too hard and rough materials that can damage the screen.


Machine washable          

Most wools mittens are hand washed since it’s made from delicate fibers. If you are a busy person and you’re better off using a washing machine since it’s more convenient and saves you more time, then we suggest you choose a wool mitten made from durable materials that are machine washable.


Kind of activity

Before you buy your well-deserved pair of wool mitten, we want you to consider what activities you will be doing. Wool mittens are usually used to give warmth but are not suitable for heavy outdoor activities such as skiing.

You’d want to make sure that the wool mittens you will be using are adequate before you build that snowman in your backyard. There are Wool mittens that are made for certain activities.

If you will be shoving snow or planning to go snow skiing you most likely need to purchase a wool mitten that has protection in the palm is durable that protects you from the cold and also your wool mittens.

Wool mittens are also perfect if you want to be fashionable since there are pairs made with beautiful designs while making you the warmest.


Frequently Asked Questions

To further elaborate on the characteristics and attributes of wool mittens, we have answered some of the most asked questions. You might as well have these questions in your mind so read further to find the answers. 


What are the warmest mittens?

There are plenty of brands and mitten manufacturers which claim that they offer the warmest mittens. However, not all could really withstand extremely low temperatures. So when your weather app states that the condition will be ultimately cold, you need to put on your wool mittens. 

No matter how low the temperature falls, they can naturally provide the protection which you exactly need. With that being said, all the products in this review can prove that they can be the perfect pair of mitt or the warmest for that matter. 

What is the best yarn to use for mittens?

The best yarn for knitting mittens is wool. Organic and fine wool from sheep is highly breathable and can naturally wick away moisture out of your skin. Likewise, it also provides an inner layer of insulation which is ultimately soft for the skin making it the best material in keeping your hands warm, nice, and comfortable.

Are wool mittens warm?

Absolutely, wool material is used to produce a lot of useful things that can protect you against elements when winter comes. This includes wool mittens along with coats, sweaters, gloves among others. As such, it is a guarantee that wool mittens are warm enough making it suitable for the most frigid days. 

Is it better to wear gloves or mittens on a very cold day?

Mittens can more likely supply better warmth insulation through its unique design which keeps the fingers together than those gloves whose fingers are worn separately. So in order to combat very cold weather conditions, you need to acquire the best wool mittens. 

The right pair of mittens will keep your hands toasty warm as it fits snugly in your hands. But if you drive or perform any other work despite the cold weather, you would need the dexterity and flexibility of the glove. If you are keen on choosing the best model, enough insulation will also be provided. 

How do you boil wool mittens?

This is pretty simple and straightforward to do. I just boiled the hundred-percent wool sweater which I thrift shopped for about 10 minutes. Then I let it dry. After it has been dried off completely, I cut the sweater following the pattern which I drew. While I do this, I also pin the double layers to make sure that they are kept together. 

To finish your boiled wool mitten, you have to sew each pair. Make sure to stitch them well so that it will last long. For my mitt, I used chain stitching. I would also suggest that you use colorful floss instead of finding the same color as your sweater.  This would make a better outcome. But it is still up to how you want your mitten to appear.


Final Words

You have a lot of options to choose from. But the discretion still lies to you. Don’t just dwell on the mediocre, always opt for the best wool mittens out there. Trust us, any of the products listed in the review is definitely worth it!