Can You Use MMA Gloves on a Heavy Bag? Special MMA Gloves

Can You Use MMA Gloves on a Heavy Bag?

Do you wonder the answer to the question: can you use MMA gloves on a heavy bag? As an athlete or MMA fighter who works out to cut down fats and built endurance, it is important to incorporate in your everyday routine heavy bag training. Unfortunately, this is among the most difficult workouts. 

Just imagine having a 3-minute session carrying a 50-kilogram bag in the right stance and posture at the fullest intensity. Having to work out with an MMA bag is an excellent way to build stamina and improve punching power. 

However, others opt to perform this activity while wearing gloves. Those gloves are designed to utilize the different skill sets used by MMA fighters like grappling, chop strikes, and punches. 

For it to be able to facilitate your hands’ versatility, thin padding is used for MMA gloves. In such a case, you will carry out any moves easily. Furthermore, you may also wear a pair of MMA gloves without the need for hand wraps.  please read here indoor gloves for cold hand.

Misconception About MMA Gloves

So, can you use MMA gloves on a heavy bag? One common misconception is that you can use all MMA gloves with heavy gloves. But that is not the case. Using just any gloves with a heavy bag workout poses serious dangers. This could include injuries to the wrists, knuckles, and hands of the fighter. 

Unlike those gloves that are designed for a heavy bag workout, MMA gloves are designed with thin padding. It does not always include extra length towards the wrist that can provide added protection and stabilization for your wrist when you incorrectly executed some strikes. 

On the other hand, a glove designed for training sessions with heavy bags is padded thickly. Furthermore, they also offer an excellent knuckle and hand protection as well as wrist support. 

Special MMA Gloves

Lately, manufacturers introduce specialized MMA gloves for heavy bag training. These gloves are designed with some gel inserts that can provide better support. However, there are still some limitations to this. Other than the gel pads, these gloves are also designed with longer wrist support. 

Much more, the innovative and best gloves specifically designed for heavy bag training can provide better protection during your training as compared to other gloves. please read here best archery gloves.

It’s A Wrap!

Can you use MMA gloves on a heavy bag? Again, a heavy bag drill is an excellent workout routine in building an MMA fighter’s endurance and punching power. 

But take note that this kind of workout has to be done using the appropriate set of gear. For example, using a pair of common MMA gloves is not the most appropriate gear for heavy bag training. please read here what are the benifits of latex disposable gloves.

Instead, the fighter would need to utilize heavy bag gloves that are thickly padded as these are specifically designed to use on heavy bag workouts. In addition, they can provide enough amount of protection to your wrists and hands against the impacts as you are doing different punches. 

In addition, it is also recommended that you use this type of glove with a hand wrap as this will provide added protection to your wrist and knuckles. This is great in preventing bruises and cuts.