10 Exfoliating Gloves Benefits

Our skin is the largest organ that covers our whole body. It sheds naturally to make room for new skin cells every 30 days or so. However, it can’t shed all the dead cells alone, resulting in dry and clogged skin. The good news is that exfoliating will help you with that; and this is when exfoliating gloves benefits come in. 

But here’s what you should know first- removing dead cells from the surface of your skin using chemical, granular products, microbeads, and exfoliating tools are what you call exfoliation. A variety of exfoliating products are all over the market, but having an exfoliating glove is worth considering.

Well, exfoliating gloves are cheap and easy to use, plus it is furnished with lots of benefits for your skin. Want to know more? Just read on and find out!


Washing with a bar of soap is not enough. You may think that showering every day will wash off all the dirt, but do you give yourself a good scrub? Nowadays, most people only prioritize face skincare since it became more popular. But how about your body skincare?

Exfoliating every week will make your skin subtle and clean. There are lots of exfoliating tools available, but in this article, exfoliating gloves is the star of the show.


Here is a list of benefits exfoliating gloves has for you:


1. Easy to use

Wear it, add some body wash, scrub, and voila! Your skin will be smooth and radiant when you go out of the shower. Exfoliating gloves are the ideal tool for exfoliation; you can definitely control the pressure applied to your skin without scrubbing aggressively. 

It’s as if you’re using your own hands but a little rougher. Achieving that radiant glow has never been this easy. 

Also, since you’re dealing with dirt, you also need to know how to clean exfoliating gloves. Don’t worry though- it’s very straightforward. It’s definitely simple to use and clean. 


2. Cheaper alternative

Most people go to scrubs and other exfoliating products available on the market; hoping that it will clean their skin thoroughly. Scrub alone isn’t enough to get rid of all the dead skin cells and toxins. Even if other products can, they are mostly expensive as well.

Therefore, exfoliating gloves are better. Its rough surface gets rid of all the dirt, giving your skin that fresh glow. Exfoliating gloves are cheaper and accessible for all, which makes it an ideal product for exfoliating and especially for those who are practical and on the budget. 


3. Great for all skin types

You can use exfoliating gloves despite what type of skin you have. People with oily skin are prone to clogged pores because of the overproduction of sebum (especially for those living in humid places). That is why exfoliating will surely help.

Exfoliation is also best for people in colder regions and people with older and dry skin, as it infuses more moisture on the skin. Nevertheless, using exfoliating gloves will help your skin to be clean and fresh.


4. Compatible with any methods

Exfoliating gloves are both used for dry brushing and exfoliating (with water). Both procedures exist for one goal, and that is to get rid of dead skin cells. The only difference is that exfoliating needs water during the process, while dry brushing doesn’t (obviously).

These methods are beneficial for your skin. However, dry brushing is ideal for younger and oilier skin; especially to those who are living on humid climates. On the other hand, exfoliation is the best option if you’re living in colder regions as well as if you have older and drier skin, infusing more moisture within.


Now, you’re familiar with the benefits of this tool, but still not convinced of the wonders exfoliating can do to your skin? Well, let us discuss in detail why exfoliating will change your skin.


5. Unclogs pores

Our pores usually catch all the dirt around us- caused by pollution and dust. If you are doing activities that trigger sweat glands, your pores open up and clog due to the accumulated dirt and oil.

Clogged pores occur when dirt and dead cells block your skin’s pores. It could cause keratosis pilaris (also known as “chicken skin”) or ingrown hair. You don’t want that on your skin, do you?

The good thing is that using exfoliating gloves will leave your skin smooth and radiant, as it removes the dirt and dead cells on the top layer of the skin.


6. Anti-aging

For people in their thirties, exfoliating will help them avoid their skin to appear dull and ashy. As we get older, our skin reproduces slower, leaving dead cells longer on our skin.

Dead skin cells also cause wrinkles and unwanted lines, but by exfoliating regularly, your skin’s ability to shred dead cells will quicken. Trying new things won’t hurt. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Additionally, exfoliating promotes collagen as cells turn over continuously, making your skin more plump and youthful. Do you want to look younger? Then, get the best exfoliating gloves in the market. 


7. Removes cellulite

Removing cellulite is possible with the help of exfoliating gloves. Cellulite occurs due to toxins gathering on the fat cells. Our body cannot remove such toxins effectively. That is why exfoliating dry skin will help by stimulating your skin to remove toxins.


8. Allow better moisture absorption

We may sound like a broken record, but again exfoliating unclogs your pores. With all the dirt removed from your skin, the products you’d apply will be absorbed, giving you all the benefits your favorite lotion have.


9. Improves blood circulation

What a biggy! Improve blood circulation? How? Through the motion of exfoliating, your skin stimulates, resulting in toxins to move out the body.


There are more reasons why you should use exfoliating gloves. Dig on further!


10. Other great benefits of exfoliating gloves

The benefits of exfoliating gloves are limitless; exfoliating can also:

  • Helps with lymphatic drainage and stimulates cellular waste disposal
  • Tightens the skin
  • Improves skin color
  • Prevents body acne
  • Minimize pore size


When Can I Use Exfoliating Gloves?

With the benefits exfoliating gloves mentioned earlier and what exfoliation could do to your skin, it is very tempting to do it every day. Isn’t it? Afterall, exfoliating gloves are cheap, and you can buy them from your local drugstores. But mind you that too much is also harmful.

Exfoliating every day could disturb your skin’s natural process and strip off natural oils. Making your skin dry, irritated, and prone to breakouts, which will surely defeat its purpose.

Two to three times a week is recommended to how frequent you exfoliate. Do consider your skin type and your environment. It’s advisable to check on how to use exfoliating gloves. If you’re not sure, seek medical advice.


Do’s and Don’ts

Exfoliating is the key to healthy and youthful skin. As mentioned earlier, exfoliating will ease your skin by unclogging your pores of dead skin cells and toxins. However, there are still some things you’d need to remember when it comes to exfoliating. 

Here are some dos and don’ts when exfoliating:


Do use exfoliating products unto specified body parts. Exfoliating products for the body could contain harsh ingredients not ideal for your face. Therefore, only use an exfoliating product to the right areas of your body.

Don’t worry about exfoliating when you’re in your 20s or younger. Your skin is still young and healthy; it replaces dead skin cells at a healthy rate. Therefore, exfoliating isn’t necessary at all.

Do use a gentler product for exfoliating for you to use more often. Using a harsh product could irritate your skin or damage it. It’s best to use a mild to moderate exfoliating product to ensure safety.

Don’t exfoliate always your skin is dry or sensitive (even if you’re using a gentle product).

Do use moisturizers and sunscreen after exfoliating. Your skin becomes sensitive as it reveals a new layer after you scrub all the dead cells off.

Don’t apply to much pressure when scrubbing (you’re cleaning your skin, not your car!)

Do exfoliate when in your 30’s. Our skin exfoliates on its own, but it slows down when we grow older. Therefore, exfoliating by this time will surely help your skin!

Don’t exfoliate on damaged skin (it will make it worse!).

Do listen to your skin when to exfoliate. You don’t need to do it every single day.

Don’t exfoliate your skin before or after waxing.

Do exfoliate when your skin is oily, as this will unclog your pores effectively.

Don’t have all-out exfoliating procedures (chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc.) more than two times a year. If you want to do so, please seek a medical expert.  

Do be wary when exfoliating on sensitive parts of the body. Areas such as your eyes, the breast area for girls, and your bikini area can be irritated.

Don’t over-exfoliate, for this will make your skin dry and irritated.

Do remember that red, burning, and painful skin is bad after exfoliating (immediately seek professional needed) while pink and tingling skin is alright.



Once again, exfoliating gloves are one of the best tools to get rid of dead cells as it is cheap and easy to use. With all the benefits mentioned above (reduction of cellulite, accessibility, and affordability), you’d want one of your own.

Be cautious of trying out products on your skin. Skincare methods and tips, coming from celebrities and reliable sources, are becoming too overwhelming as more choices are adding to your list. You may ask yourself, “Which is more effective?” or “Will this work on me?”

Certain products or methods may be in trend, but always remember to listen to your body for you know better what is right for you- think of the exfoliating gloves benefits. Be confident, and aim to be healthy, not trendy. 

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