Every time winter comes, most people think that bicycling season is put on hold for the meantime. However, with a little patience, combined with the proper knowledge, enough practice and gears such as gloves for biking in winter, riding in the winter can be a highly exhilarating experience.

You may have started to ride your bicycle years ago or you may have recently picked it up, no matter how you’ve been riding, you’re already familiar with the feeling of battling the elements. With bicycles, unlike cars, there are no walls to protect you from the sun, rain, wind, or snow. However, that may just be one of the exciting parts of your biking experience. If the heat has not beaten you, then you shouldn’t let the cold either.

Why You Should Ride During Winter?

At first glance, riding your bicycle during winter may seem an unnerving activity. You would need to bundle yourself up for your drive through the cold elements filled with ice, rain, and snow. However, no matter how daunting it can be, you should give it a chance. You’ll be glad in the end, trust us.

There are plenty of rewards from riding a bicycling, no matter what the season. If you ride a bike to go to work or school, you will never get stuck in traffic. You will also be free from worries of changing your oil or paying for gas. Aside from these rewards, you’ll also experience the solitude and peace of just paddling to push you and your bike forward.

Regardless of whether it’s hot or cold, you’ll reap many benefits from riding your bicycling more. The exercise that you get from the experience is incomparable. The very act of paddling your bike going from home to your school or work would get your blood flowing and heart pumping.

How To Get Started

Riding in winter is not your all-or-nothing plan. You can start from small steps and slowly ride your way to the ‘big leagues’. If you’re planning to start riding in winter, here are some tips worth remembering.

1. Combine Your Bike Ride With Public Transporation

If you plan to ride somewhere far, try taking a bus or a subway train halfway through your course. With this tactic, your body can slowly adjust to your route and prevent you from overwhelming it.

2. Drive, Park, And Ride

If you’re going to ride your bike to work or school, bring your car with you. Drive up to the area where the city traffic starts, then park your car somewhere safe and start riding your bike. This way, you’ll be able to save time and dodge the hassle of getting stuck in traffic.

3. Have Some Rest

During winter, your body would be working more to keep itself warm. This is why, even though riding in winter is an exciting experience, it’s advisable that you have a rest day. You can ride your bike and drive alternately to allow your body to rest.

Things To Consider

There are three things that you need to take into consideration if you want to ride your bicycle all-year round. These things are necessary whether you live in a rural or urban area, although some of these considerations are more beneficial during the winter season.

  • Take Care Of Yourself

As a rider, you would need to care of yourself to fully enjoy the ride. Make sure you’re wearing the appropriate clothing for bicycle riding. You also need to make sure that you have enough energy to keep paddling. Make sure to have enough sleep and eat a proper meal an hour before your ride. Lastly, never forget to stay hydrated.

  • Take Care Of Your Bicycle

When going for a ride, your bicycle is an extension of your body. This is why, the same way that you need to take care of yourself, you also need to care for your bicycle. Make sure that your bicycle is well-maintained and properly outfitted.

  • Be Aware Of Your Skills And The Obstacles

Accidents may happen if you overestimate your skills and take on a course that may be too difficult for you. This is why you should take the time to understand the obstacles you’ll be facing. The winter season requires for a slightly different set of skills and the course would also be different compared to warmer months.

Gloves For Biking In Winter

How To Wear Your Gloves For Biking In Winter

Wearing your gloves properly can greatly benefit you during your ride in winter. Here are tips that you need to remember how to properly wear your gloves for biking in winter:

1. Make Sure To Have Room

You have to ensure that your hands have enough space inside your gloves. Having enough room can help your fingers freely move and breathe in your gloves for biking in winter. If your winter gloves are too tight, you may end with cold and numb fingers.

2. Have A Thinner Liner Glove

If your gloves for biking in winter have a thinner liner under the thicker biking winter gloves can help your hands stay warm. Having two layers will allow the heat to stay inside the two layers.

3. Have Enough Dexterity

When your hands are inside your gloves, you need to make sure that there’s enough dexterity to help take control of your bike. If you don’t have enough dexterity, you may have difficulties in turning your bike.

Know The Different Types Of Gloves For Biking In Winter

You should take time to understand that gloves come in different sizes, forms, and shapes. There are gloves that are fingerless while some require you to wear mittens. Some gloves need to have covers to give you an extra layer of protection against the elements.

How you choose your winter gloves will greatly depend on you easily your hands get cold and how much dexterity you need.

  • Warmth And Control

If you choose gloves with fingers, you’d have an easier time changing gears and put on brakes when necessary. Gloves with fingers would give you more dexterity. However, your fingers are separate from each other, which means that they easily get cold.

If you choose to wear mittens, you’ll have more warmth since your fingers are close to each other. However, mittens can make controlling your bike difficult.

If you want a compromise between warmth and control, you can opt to wear a lobster style. With lobster style, your finger is close to each other and you can have a pincer movement. You can enjoy the warmth while still having control of your bike.

If you’re living in an area where during winter, you’re experiencing rain, wearing waterproof gloves is your best option. You’d also need gloves with fingers and palms with grip since yourhandlebars may get wet.

There are plenty of companies produce gloves that are meant to be used during winter, this is why you should not get too hung up on its purpose. For example, you can use snowboarding gloves since it will provide you warmth while allowing you to have enough control.

  • Protection From Elements

Aside from snow, during winter, you may experience getting wet or blown by the wind. If you live in an area where winter comes with rain, wearing waterproof gloves is important. However, they can be uncomfortable at times and is bulkier than other gloves.

When choosing your waterproof gloves, choose something that offers breathability so you wouldn’t end up having sweaty hands.

If the wind is your problem, then buying a pair of windproof gloves is your better option. Windproof gloves are softer on your hands and are less bulky. Sweaty hands wouldn’t be your problem with windproof gloves since sweat would easily wick out of your pair.

  • For The Right Discipline

As we have mentioned earlier, different disciplines at times do not matter. You can wear your gloves for snowboarding when you go riding in winter. There are plenty of people who do the same without worrying. The only thing that you have to remember is that you’re comfortable wearing it.

  • Trend

Nowadays, there is plenty of extra features that gloves for biking in winter offer. These innovations allow you to enjoy your ride.

– Touch Screen Compatibility

If you want to use your mobile devices from time to time, having a touch screen compatible gloves can be useful. You can use your mobile phone, tablet, or iPod without removing your winter gloves.

– Deflectivity

Gloves for biking in winter that can deflect will help you stay warm compared to other gloves. If you’re riding during lower temperatures, you’ll be able to enjoy breathability and comfort.

– Packability

If you want to bring an extra pair of gloves, choosing a lightweight pair can be beneficial. This is why you should buy a pair that’s packable, so you could easily fit it into your pockets.

– Heated

Nowadays, there are gloves for biking in winter that are heated. They offer more warmth during colder temperatures. Heated gloves operate with the help of batteries so your hands stay warm.

– Neoprene

Neoprene is a material used in wetsuits. It can help your hands stay warm and dry no matter what the weather is.

Keep Your Hands Warm

Riding your bicycle can be an amazing experience. This is why you shouldn’t let winter prevent you from enjoying the experience of riding your bike. All you need to do is arm yourself with the knowledge of what you need to protect yourself from the cold weather.

Choosing the perfect gloves for biking in winter can let you enjoy riding in winter. Having the right fit allows you to control your gears easily. Choosing a pair that help you stay warm will allow you to focus on your course. Lastly, just remember what we have said above and you can keep your hands warm.


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