How Do Goalie Glove Sizes Work? 4 Easy Steps!

how do goalie glove sizes work

The question is: how do goalie glove sizes work? You need to know that the size of a goalie’s glove is based on the circumference of the goalie’s hand.

Typically, the size of a goalie’s glove is larger than regular glove sizes.

That is because goalie gloves are designed with more padding than regular gloves.

This idea is conceptualized to protect the hands and wrists of the goalie against the impact of the puck.

If you are a goalkeeper, your goalie gloves are among your most essential gear.

Each aspect of the gloves can help protect the goalie’s hand in various ways.

The different variations of the gloves also help the goalies to play in particular playing conditions.

So before you get on the field, you need to ensure that you will get the right size goalie gloves.


Steps On How Do You Measure For A Goalie Glove?

If this is your first time measuring for a pair of goalie gloves, do not be concerned, as we will provide you with the steps and tips to do this properly.

Also, do not be afraid to make a mistake as you can exchange your gloves if you want to side down or up as long as you have not used them.

Just make sure to keep the original packaging as well. Otherwise, the seller might not allow you to exchange your gloves.

Now, going back to hand sizing, follow the procedure below.


Step #1. Measure your hand’s length

For this, you will need a tape measure.

When ready, you can now measure your hands starting from your fingertip, specifically the middle finger, as it is the longest.

Measure all the way down towards the bottom of your hands.


Step #2. Measure your hand circumference

Still using the tape measure, find the measurement of your hand circumference. To do so, you must find the widest part of your hands.

This measurement should not include the fingers. Most people would measure form under the end of the pinky finger and above the thumb.


Step #3. Provide room

After you get the measurements, round up the number if needed.

It is advised that you add about 0.25 up to 0.5 cm to the measurement. This gives a bit more room for your hands inside the gloves.

Typically, a pair of goalie gloves range from 4 to 6 inches. This is often the measurement of the backhand.


Step #4. Compare the measurement with the size chart

The next thing to do is to look for the size chart provided by the brand of the goalie gloves you want to purchase and use it as a guide.

Usually, goalie glove sizes can range from eight to twelve inches. So most often than not, you will have to choose among these sizes.

Of course, every goalkeeper does not have the same preference in terms of the looseness or tightness of the gloves.

I am trying to say that you will only know whether or not it is the perfect size for you until you have already tried putting it on.


Pro Tip: Your goalie gloves must not be too tight. It should not touch your fingertips.

But at the same time, your soccer gloves must not have so much excess in terms of space as you will feel your gloves are floppy while in the game.

When the gloves are too tight, they might rip or tear easily. On the other hand, if it is too spacious, you will not feel confident in your game.

Either way, when the glove size is incorrect, it will hinder your performance during the game.


What Are The Dimensions Of A Goalie Glove?

The average size of goalie gloves is 10.5 inches. But the most popular size is 11 inches.

If you have large hands, the largest goalie glove size is 12 inches, while the smallest is 9 inches.

The average size of goalie gloves for men is 10.5 inches. As for women, the average size is 9.5 inches.

what are the dimensions of a goalie glove

Women’s largest goalkeeper’s glove size is 11 inches, and 8 inches is the smallest dimension available.

But the most popular size among women is 10 inches, and 11 inches is the most popular for men.

A piece of advice I can give you is to follow the goalkeeper glove size guide when are to buy a pair of gloves for the season.


What are the different types of goalie gloves?

As mentioned earlier, the type of gloves would also matter when choosing the right size. That is because those goalkeeper gloves are offered in varying sizes.

There are several goalie gloves for matches, training, and weather. Let us design each of those below.


#1. Match goalkeeper gloves

This type of gloves is designed for those soccer players who are competitive in the sport, whether in an adult or high school league.

Typically, they are constructed out of quality latex to provide the highest gripping technology. It is also designed to protect the fingers.

Due to the high standard of this glove, proper care is required as they tend not to last long compared to other glove types.

You must follow the proper way how to wash and dry goalkeeper gloves.


#2. Weather goalkeeper gloves

This type of gloves is mainly made to be used occasionally. That is because they are made for protection against extreme wind and weather conditions.

So when you have to play during extreme weather conditions, it may be the time to take out your weather gloves.

The palm area of the gloves is made of latex to make it stickier when wet. This is very crucial when it rains during the season.


#3. Training goalkeeper gloves

The last type of goalie gloves is the training goalkeeper gloves, designed for beginners.

These gloves are often used by elite players when practicing for a game.

Although they provide less grip, they are more durable than match gloves.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. How can goalie glove size affect safety during the game?

When the gloves are too small, you might find it difficult to grip the stick. You can also find it hard to make saves leading to more pucks and into the net.

On the other hand, if the gloves are too big for you, they can affect your vision by getting in the way.

You might also find it hard to track the puck and make saves.

So keep in mind that the size of goalie gloves can affect your ability to grip the puck and make saves.


#2. How can goalie glove size affect performance?

Well, it all depends on the soccer player, so I cannot give you a definite answer.

If you know what in particular does look for goalie gloves, then it might matter during the game.

Some players prefer gloves designed with more padding as it can help reduce the impact of the soccer ball on their hands.

Other players, on the other hand, want thinner gloves as they can provide better grip.

Again, it will depend on the player. So you can experience different gloves to find out what works best for you and can help you deliver your best.


#3. How do goalie glove sizes vary?

The sizes of goalkeeper gloves vary according to the goalie position.

For example, players playing the goaltender position will have a different glove size than the player in the forward position.

The goalkeepers’ glove size may also vary depending on the brand. Other brands might be small that you need to size up, but some brands may be larger.

You can try on various sizes and brands until you find a pair of gloves providing the perfect fit.


#4. How can goalie glove sizes affect comfort?

You must choose the right size because it can significantly impact your comfort.

Too large gloves are bulky and can make it hard for you to move your hands, while too small gloves may lead to discomfort as they restrict your movements.

The best way to determine the right glove is to try on different gloves again and find out which one makes you comfortable the most.


#5. Do goalie glove sizes affect the cost?

Yes, the size of your goalkeeper gloves will affect their cost. That is because the larger the glove, the higher the price.

Of course, when the glove is larger, more materials are needed to manufacture them. Plus, it would be hard to manufacture them as compared to smaller ones.

Furthermore, larger gloves are more likely used by professional players. This drives the cost even higher.


It’s A Wrap!

It’s good that you know how goalie glove sizes work to get the right pair of gloves for the game.

You can purchase this type of gloves from sporting goods stores. But you can also order them from an online retail shop.

But other than size, consider other factors, including the type of goalie gloves and the material construction.

Usually, goalie gloves are made of synthetic or leather materials.

It can be customized with different materials on the finger and palm area to suit the player’s preference.