How Do I Install A Battery Into Heated Gloves? 2 Easy Steps!

How Do I Install A Battery Into The Heated Gloves

Have you purchased brand new heated gloves, or are you replacing its batteries and asking yourself, “How do I install a battery into the heated gloves?”

There are two batteries to install in each glove, so to begin, place the first battery into the pocket closest to the gloves’ thumb. Then, insert the second battery just beside the first battery. The batteries have cords on them, so connect the two ends of these cords, and once you have connected it, insert it securely in the pocket and zip it close.

Typically, heated gloves keep the hands of people who feel icy cold warm. Battery heated gloves are the most commonly used gloves, and this works by the electric current passing through the wires that warm up the material. However, when the battery runs out, you might need to recharge it. If you wonder how to install the batteries back to the gloves, read on as we teach you the most manageable steps. Please also read my article about indoor gloves for cold hands.

Installing A Battery Into The Heated Gloves

Before installing the battery in the gloves, always prioritize your safety because you are handling an electric object. With that, here are two simple steps for your “How do I install a battery into the heated gloves” question. Please read here how many glove liners are compatible with heated gloves.

1. Charging the Battery Packs

Before you start installing a battery into the heated gloves, you have to recharge it first. Make sure that what you have is a rechargeable one or a lithium-ion battery. Start by plugging in the charger, with the battery packs inserted, to the AC outlet and wait for the light indicator to turn green, showing that it has been fully charged and ready to use. Once the batteries are full, unplug them and store the charger in a cool, dry place.

2. Installing the Batteries

To start installing the batteries, insert the two batteries into the compartment of your heated gloves. Next, connect the ends of the cords attached to the batteries. Finally, tuck in the cable and batteries entirely inside the pocket and zip it close.

This video provides a nice overview of electric battery heated gloves:


We have shown you the two simple steps for your “How do I install a battery into the heated gloves?” question. When installing batteries into your heated gloves, remember to follow the safety precautions for handling batteries to avoid any accidents. For additional reading, check out what batteries are good for heated gloves.