How Not To Lose Your Gloves: 10 Best Tips To Keep Them Safe And Sound!

how not to lose your gloves

If you are one of those who spend so much time finding their gloves when they are about to go out, you should know how not to lose your gloves.

This type of garment can be easily misplaced. There are certain times we can only find one of its pairs and the other went missing.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to risk going out during cold weather without your gloves to keep us insulated as the snow pours.

You must be mindful of where and how you store gloves. This is often simple to do, so why not put that extra effort into keeping our gloves properly.

That way, you could find them quickly the next time you need them. Also, keep in mind all the tips provided below.


10 Tips To Keep Gloves Safe And Sound

So, how not to lose your gloves? If you only follow the tips below, you will no longer scratch your head to find your lost gloves.

These things would also be helpful if you have kids that constantly lose their gloves.

Children who play at school can easily misplace their gloves and forget about them. You know they can love playing with ice during winter.

So read below and take note of the items you think will fit well with your child.


Tip #1. Store properly

The very first tip not to lose your gloves is prevention. You will not lose your gloves when you ensure to put them in their designated storage.

At home, store it in a particular drawer. You can keep a pouch inside your bag intended for your gloves when going out.

You can also make it a habit to just put it in one spot from your jacket or coat pockets. This way, you can find it easily when the temperature drops.

The ultimate guide to caring for your gloves would be helpful.


Tip #2. Clip them together

Another thing that you can do is to try to sew a loop on one of your gloves. Then, attach a carabiner or key ring to that loop.

This is where you clip the other gloves to keep them together. You can also use this to clip them to your bag or coat.

You can easily reach your gloves when the wind becomes chillier.

Conversely, you can take it off quickly and allow it to hang in your jacket when you suddenly feel hot inside them.

Some people would also use the clip to hand their names on their gloves. This is also a good idea to avoid losing your gloves by putting your name on them.


Tip #3. Buy a set of gloves

Sometimes, when we lose one of the pairs, we are left when no choice but to wear another glove which looks very odd. But that is better than having no gloves at all.

how not to lose your gloves

If you don’t want this to happen to you, consider getting a set of gloves with the same style and design. Other people also apply this idea with their socks.

With this, you can just wear another as a replacement for the lost pair.


Tip #4. Buy unique gloves

When I say unique gloves, I mean those that can be easily tracked when lost. You can consider those gloves with patterns or those with bright colors.

With this, you can easily spot them in case you misplace your gloves anywhere in the work environment.


Tip #5. Use elastic and buttons

You can try stitching an elastic piece inside your coat sleeve if you want a permanent solution. This elastic should have a tiny hole.

Then, put a button on your knit mitten. Ensure that the hole in the elastic is the same size as the button, as this will be used in attaching them together.


Tip #6. Make use of a string

This tip is mainly used for children. You only need a string piece such as yarn, ribbon, or twine that is as long as the wingspan of your child.

Simply tie that string to the wool mittens. You will need to put a tiny hole in the gloves to do that. This is where you will connect the string and form a knot.

You need to run the string with one mitten through the coat sleeves. The mitts will hang down the bottom of the sleeves.


Tip #7. Attach an adhesive Velcro

You can go to the nearest store and grab an adhesive Velcro. Simply cut a piece according to the length of the coat’s or jacket’s cuff.

After that, separate the Velcro in half and remove its adhesive backing. Once done, attack it outside the jacket cuff. Ensure to press it firmly.

Then, the gloves should be turned inside out. This is where the other Velcro pieces should be pressed.

With this, there is a higher chance that your child will return home with both his gloves intact.

Plus, it can help as it will provide another barrier against elements such as ice, wind, and even from covid.


Tip #8. Buy mitten clips

This is among the most straightforward solution that you can resort to. There are handy clips sold that can be used to clip the gloves onto the jacket.

This option is ideal for toddlers and babies. But note that they can be challenging to find when winter is approaching as they are often sold out.


Tip #9. Keep multiple stretchy gloves

Although these gloves cannot provide that much insulation, you can keep many of them as they are not too pricey.

Keep multiple stretchy gloves

You can keep them as your backup when you lose your gloves. The good thing about stretchy gloves is that they can snug fit almost all sizes.

So regardless of who among the family – whether it’s you or your kid who lose the gloves, can wear stretchy gloves.


Tip #10. Keep a spare glove

If you are like me, who often loses your gloves in your car, you can put a spare inside your glove compartment.

Like how you keep a spare at home, you should keep a pair in your car. These gloves should be made of material that allows you to grip well.

Even during summer, make sure to have spare gloves in your compartment. It may seem steamy now, but it can get windy later on.


It’s A Wrap!

With all of the tips above on how not to lose your gloves, you can prevent purchasing a new pair constantly.

This also means less spending on your part and a lower risk of going out without wearing gloves when the climate is cold.

Furthermore, you can send your child without worrying that they get cold hands and fingers. As parents, we want to make sure the safety of our kid’s life.

Hopefully, you find this content helpful. You can let me know in the comments section if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.

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