How Often Should You Replace Exfoliating Gloves? Read These 4 Tips!

How Often Should You Replace Exfoliating Gloves

Last updated on : September 17th, 2021 at 12:55 pm

Do you exfoliate often but don’t know how often should you replace exfoliating gloves? Well, experts say that you should discard your old glove and use a new one every three to four weeks. It’s better to change it frequently not to let dead skin cells stay in the material.

This fact is one of the things you should know about how to take care of your body and your exfoliating gloves. If you want to know more, then you should continue scrolling. You might also gain more information about exfoliating and proper hygiene. please read here how to soften leather work gloves.

Tips on When Replacing Your Exfoliating Gloves

So, to further address your concern about how often should you replace exfoliating gloves, we gathered some practical tips and methods for cleaning, drying, and caring for your exfoliating gloves. Whether you’re new to this or not, we assure you that you’ll gain enough knowledge about exfoliating your skin. And here they are: please read here how to clean smelly and boxing gloves.

Tip #1 : Choose the Appropriate Material

You’ll know that you have the perfect gloves when they can effectively remove dead skin cells without irritating your skin. The material used for the glove depends on your skin type. For more sensitive skin, avoid using textures that are too rough. 

Tip #2: How to Use it

Exfoliate when you’re in the bath and not before or after. After wetting your body, you can put a small amount of body wash to the glove’s palm and start scrubbing in circular motions. Start from your upper body going downwards. But don’t exfoliate your face because they’re too sensitive for these gloves.

Tip #3: Moisturize

Since the gloves pressure your skin, you should exert gentle care by applying some moisturizer or body lotion. Because the dead skin cells have been eliminated, this product will protect your new cells. It will serve as an outer base while your new skin cells are regenerating. 

Tip #4: Clean your Gloves

After taking a bath, you should wash your gloves to get rid of the dead skin cells you removed from your body earlier. Some cells, however, are unable to be separated from particular materials. Therefore, you need to change them every 3-4 weeks. And it also promotes good hygiene. please read here best way to clean boxing gloves.

You can dry your gloves outside if the sun is still up but don’t hang them in your bathroom. The dampness of your glove and the moisture in the bathroom would allow organisms such as molds to grow. And you certainly don’t want to use moldy gloves on your body!

Wrapping Up!

And that answers your question, “How often should you replace exfoliating gloves?” Again, experts would recommend to replace exfoliating gloves after three to four weeks of use. These gloves are responsible for providing you with healthy and glowing skin. But it would be best if you would also take good care of it.

Whatever’s in the gloves will also become in contact with your skin. So, we hope this article helped you. For more interesting information about sanitation, you might want to visit this article how you should clean your mattress. Always practice proper hygiene!