How Should Motorcycle Gloves Fit Perfectly: A Guide!

how should motorcycle gloves fit perfectly

You will have a better motorcycling experience if you know how should motorcycle gloves fit perfectly. The right pair of this type of gloves will give you both comfort and protection. On the other hand, if your mitts do not fit well, your ride will not be as smooth.

That is because the protective elements of the gloves will not be able to do their duties when they do not fit snugly.

When we say a perfect fit glove, we mean those that are not too tight and not too loose simultaneously.

It should also be covering the entirety of your hands. Do not get gloves that will only protect the palm.

I know it can get confusing, but that is why we are here. Use this article as a guide to ensure you get the right details, eventually, fit.

Let us get into the content!


Steps To Measure For Motorcycle Gloves

To get that perfect fit, you must first know your hand circumference and width.

If this is your first time measuring for motorcycle gloves, do not worry.

It’s okay if you do not know what to do. A lot of riders are as confused as you are now. That is why we are here to guide you.

Simply follow all of the steps below, and I can guarantee you that you will be able to get the right size motorcycle gloves in the market.

Without further ado, let us get started.


Step #1. Get a measuring tape

Of course, you will need something to measure your hands with, and a measuring tape is perfect for this.

If you cannot find a tape measure at your place, try to look for a string. Use this to get the measurements and lay it with the ruler to know the number.


Step #2. Look at the size charts

But before you actually measure your hands, look at the size chart provided by the manufacturer of the glove you want to purchase.

Steps To Measure For Motorcycle Gloves

This is to check whether or not they are indeed using circumference and width for sizing.


Step #3. Measure the width

After you confirm that the brand uses width and circumference, you can start getting your size.

To measure the width of the hands, you must lay the measuring device flat on the table.

Then, place your hand on top of the string of measuring tape with your palm facing down.

You have to get the measurement of the widest part of your palm area. Do the same with the other hand.

Once done, you need to compare the figures and use the larger among the two numbers when you order.

Although our hands may look like they have the same size, they can vary a bit.

You are choosing the more significant number because you must ensure that the gloves cover your entire hand.

Also, it is ideal to prefer those gloves that cover the hands and not the palms only.


Step #4. Measure your hand circumference

If you find out that the gloves use hand circumference when sizing, you need to know your size.

To do that, you must wrap your measuring tape around your hands, right in your knuckles.

Steps To Measure For Motorcycle Gloves

In doing this, keep your palms open to get an accurate measurement. Do not form a fist with your hands.

Also, remember not to include your thumb when measuring for hand circumference.


Step #5. Find the right size

Now that you know your measurements, it’s time to compare them with the model’s size chart. Then, get the size that is right for you!

It’s as simple as that!


Tips On How To Choose The Right Size

So, how should motorcycle gloves fit? Sometimes, even when you know your size and measure it accurately, the glove might not fit perfectly.

In that case, you might compromise your comfort and safety as you drive.

But with all the tips below, you can surely get the right size. Just keep in mind all of these tips when choosing a pair of bike gloves.


Tip #1. Get the right length

When we say the right length, it should not be too short or too long. The gloves must be just the right length covering your wrist and fingers.

In other words, it should cover the entire hand and not stop at your palm. But at the same time, it should be too long as it can hinder your movements.

Other than the length, the gloves should also not be too loose. Ensure that the gloves will provide a snug fit.

The fingers of the motorcycle gloves should also be not too short nor too long. Otherwise, you will discomfort when wearing them for your long drives.


Tip #2. The gloves should provide excellent dexterity

Let me give more emphasis on the thumb area. It must not feel constricting. Your thumb should be able to move freely inside the mittens.

The thumb and the entire hand should have a good range of motion.

Furthermore, the bicycle gloves should not hinder the ability of the rider to grip the handlebars and other controls of the motorcycles, scooters, or mountain bikes.

Make sure that the gloves are padded. This is for your comfort. But of course, the padding should not be too thick to affect the grip and flexibility.

Or else, you cannot speed up on your way to the city while riding your Yamaha motorcycle.


Tip #3. Consider the material of the gloves

Among the factors to consider when choosing a glove is the material. The same is valid with its construction and glove styles.

Your motorcycle gloves should be constructed out of breathable material while not compromising insulation. Those that are designed with air filters would be good.

With this idea, your hands will remain calm inside these hand accessories.

The material construction is also responsible for the durability of the gloves. If they are made of high-quality materials or textiles, then they are durable.

In other words, the gloves will be able to withstand wear and tear and last longer.

Not only that, but the gloves should also be able to provide the proper protection you need against elements that you may encounter along the road, such as cold air.

Furthermore, glove material can also affect comfort. It should be made of soft yet firm materials that will not cause discomfort.

Meaning today, you will remain comfortable when wearing the gloves for a longer period.

You can also take into account those that are designed with soft liners for extra comfort.


Tip #4. Check if it is easy to wear

Along with comfort and durability, you also need to check the ease of use of the gloves.

Choose a pair of motorcycle gloves you can easily take off and put on when needed.


Tip #5. The gloves should come at a reasonable price

You have to pick a piece that you can afford. There is a variety of motorcycle gear that is offered at reasonable prices.

I know you want to get the highest quality possible, but it should be too pricey to the point that it can break the bank.


Tip #6. Try on multiple brands

You need to experiment with several models. Some would require you to size down, while others would recommend you to size up.

Do so to ensure that you will get the right fit. When you have already found the particular brand that is working for you, that is the time you stick with that model.

This is particularly true for women because most sizes are designed for men, so you take extra effort to experiment and look for the brand and design that will fit you well.


Tip #7. Read customer reviews

When you buy a pair of gloves online, you should not rely on the size chart provided by the manufacturer alone. Much more, do not base on the photo.

Try reading the customer reviews. Most of the time, they will tell you if you need to size down or up.

You can also ask the opinion of your fellow riders or drivers. Also, try consulting other motorcycle enthusiasts. They can name the most trusted glove models.


Tip #8. Consider the return policy

It would also be ideal to purchase from a company with a good return policy.

You know not no matter how carefully you check the measurements and do your research, you inevitably get the wrong size.

Therefore, it would be best to get from trusted brands where you can return the wrong size gloves hassle-free and provide good customer service when this happens.

This is among the consideration of the people from the United States before they add to cart a product. It has become a norm among Americans.

But when returning the gloves, ensure they are as good as new. Otherwise, they will deny your request when they notice an irregularity or a sign of usage.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To complete this guide, we also include this section. Here, we will talk about the most commonly asked questions about gloves.

Read along as we provide you with the answers. These may be helpful to you, and we will keep it short so that not much of your time will be spent here.


#1. What will happen if the gloves are too loose or too tight?

If the motor gloves are too tight, they can become more and more uncomfortable for you as it warms up and your hands sweat.

If they are made of fabric, they will not stretch, so they won’t accommodate this, leading to quicker hand fatigue.

That is because too-tight gloves will prevent proper blood circulation.

On the other hand, if the gloves are too loose, there will be a greater risk of accidentally coming off your gloves.

When that happens, you will not be protected anymore against elements as you drive at a long distance.

Furthermore, if the material is loose at your fingertips, your ability to control your motorcycle will be affected.


#2. How can the material affect fit?

As mentioned earlier, you need to be particular about the materials of the gloves. Note that gloves made of different materials will not provide the exact fit.

For example, if the gloves are made of leather, they can stretch for up to 5 percent with constant use and through time.

So if you bought a pair of leather gloves that do not fit snugly, it will later on. You just need to break in your leather gloves when it’s new.

Follow the steps on how to break in leather gloves.

Now, if the gloves are made of textiles, they can become softer throughout the lifespan of your motorcycle gloves. But unlike leather, they do not stretch.

So if you are to get a pair of gloves made of fabric, it is recommended that you get one glove size higher.


#3. How can you tell if your gloves need a replacement?

There would be signs that can help you tell whether or not your motorcycle gloves need to be replaced already.

Remember that all the safety gear you use for driving, from your boots, and helmet, to your armor jacket and more, has a limited lifespan.

They can wear out with age, UV light exposure, road debris, and elements. This includes your motorcycle gloves.

Fortunately, you do not need to replace them every year. On average, you need to replace gloves after using them for 12,000 miles.

But this also depends on how you take care of your cycling gloves. It will be shorter without proper care.

You can also replace your motor gloves as soon as you see any sign of damage, such as holes or tears, among others.

Avoid using your gloves when touching gas and oil or when you do something with your engine or any other component of the car or bicycle to prevent accident.

Change into your work gloves when you have to do so.


#4. How to adjust motorcycle gloves for a better fit?

You can use conditioning or softening sprays when you don’t want your motorcycle gloves too loose.

They help prevent the fivers of the gloves from stretching. But you may also benefit from the ability of your motorcycle gloves to stretch.

That is because your gloves will adjust to the shape and size of your hands over time. With this, you will enjoy a comfortable fit.

Also, note that you need to take care of your gloves properly. Failure to maintain them can cause your motorcycle gloves not to fit well anymore.


#5. How do you maintain the fit and shape of motorcycle gloves?

Hygiene is necessary regardless of where you intend to ride.

Like any other mechanical components and parts, you must maintain your riding glove regularly. This is to ensure its durability and longevity.

After each ride, find the time to clean your riding gloves using a rag to remove dust and debris.

You can also clean other equipment from your garage to be ready for the next long-distance drive.

If you sweat inside your gloves as you ride on a humid or hot day, you have to sprinkle a tiny amount of talcum powder and baking soda inside the gloves.

When you own gloves made of textiles, you should also know how to wash motorcycle gloves properly, ensuring that you will not damage them.

After that, air-dry your touring glove.

You can also make use of those specialized sprays that have odor-fighting and sanitizing properties. This is a quicker cleaning option that most riders take.

When you clean the touring gloves, you need to store them inside the room where all other motorcycling clothing you use is stored.

Make sure that they are in their original shape when storing them. Do not fold them.

That is because when the cycling gloves are lying flat, the chances that they will be bent will be low. This is remarkably advisable for leather motorcycle gloves.

You should also prevent keeping the riding gloves inside helmets. Instead, you must keep them somewhere breathable and away from moisture and sunlight.


It’s A Wrap!

After you read the steps and tips on how should motorcycle gloves fit perfectly, you can undoubtedly enjoy your long ride even better.

Always remember all those tips, regardless of whether you shop for your riding gloves online, such as from eBay or vehicle gear stores.

Everything discussed would make a difference in arriving at the final choice. Check all of the aspects, including the pros and cons of your options.

That’s all for today’s article. Hopefully, we have provided you with enough information that you need in this content.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section!
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