How To Add Grip To Gloves? 4 Amazing Methods!

how to add grip to gloves

Gloves with a good grip help the player while playing, but do you know how to add grip to gloves? Not yet? No worries! We are here to help you.

You can add grip to your gloves using sandpaper, baby wipes, grip spray, adhesive material, and many other methods.

Having gloves with the perfect grip for a challenge may increase players’ protection and minimize feelings of tiredness.

But gloves will gradually lose their grip, whether we or not we want to. It must happen. However, if you take good care of your gloves, you may increase their grip (and longevity).

In this article, we’ll look at various methods you can do to make your gloves grip for longer.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin!


How To Increase Grip On Glove?

Here are a few tips that will help you to learn how to add grip to gloves:


#1. Using grip spray

One cheap method to add grip to gloves is by using grip spray. Since it’s very simple, we won’t spend much time on it.

how to add grip to gloves

Your goalkeeper gloves may be kept grippy by putting a spray on them. Sprays keep latex moist and sticky, making the gloves grippy.

If you want to purchase a spray, read the usage lines carefully. You must choose high-quality products and apply them correctly to achieve the greatest results.

You can also use something sticky like a glue gun to enhance the rubber or silicone gloves grip.

This solution may surprise you by giving your gloves an increased grip.


#2. By storing gloves properly

Many team members also sometimes misplace their gloves when storing them. Gloves may be easily damaged and lose grip when stored in a poor environment.

How To Increase Grip On Glove

We advise you to store your gloves in a cool area where the sunlight does not reach directly!

But dampness should be avoided there since it encourages the formation of a lot of germs and mold, which can harm gloves.

So storing your gloves in the proper place helps you to increase your glove grip.


#3. By using wipes

Consider using the wipe method if you want to make your gloves gripper. Before each game, clean your gloves with a baby wipe, including your fingertips!

Because the highest concentration of sweat glands is on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

That is why you should add a grip to the palms and fingers of the gloves to make the gloves more grippy.

To make sure they have become more grippy, rub your gloves stuff gently later.


#4. By using sandpaper

You’ll need some sandpaper or a file to add grip to gloves. Use the file or sandpaper to soften up the gloves’ palms.

How To Increase Grip On Glove

Doing this will make an area for the grip to stick to. Next, add a thin coating of grip to the gloves’ palms.

You can use a brush or your fingertip to apply the grip.

Make careful to distribute the grip equally. Allow the grip to dry for the prescribed amount of time.

Try on your gloves and test them out when the grip has dried. You can add another layer if you don’t think the grip is sticky enough.


How To Make The Gloves More Grippy?

Do you know the average person has about 250,000 sweat glands? The body can produce up to 12 liters of sweat daily while exercising.

It might be harmful to sweat excessively when playing since it can make it difficult for your hands to maintain their grip on the equipment.

But don’t worry, proper gloves cleaning helps you remove the sweat from gloves and maintain grip.

This guide on how to care for leather gloves helps you increase the glove grip if you have leather gloves.

So how do you add grip to gloves quickly?

After choosing the best gloves, how you care for them will determine how long they retain their grippy surface.

In particular, washing and cleaning them might affect whether the grip is maintained or diminished. Proper cleaning makes your gloves more grippy.

A 3-step process for cleaning and washing goalie gloves might aid in keeping the grip for longer.

Before wearing them during a game, pre-wash your brand new ones and let them air dry.

Doing this may increase the latex’s activity and eliminate its preservatives, giving you gloves with more grip.

When playing a game, wetting the palms of your gloves from time to time will also make your gloves grippier.

Wash your gloves right away after a game. Do not use dryers or other appliances to speed up the drying process after washing.

Therefore, keep them from drying out too much, or they will become brittle and lose their gripping properties.

We suggest washing gloves you’ve had for a while once a week. Water that is too hot or cold will harm the latex, so use lukewarm water instead.

In addition, while cleaning the gloves, apply a little soap and gently rub them to get rid of any grime or dirt.

By doing this, you can increase the glove grip.

By knowing how to break in leather gloves, you can increase the grip of your glove.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

We have prepared a few frequently asked questions to know the importance of grip for gloves.

Read below to find their answers:


#1. What kind of gloves do you need a grip for?

Nitrile grip work gloves’ are needed for their grip. Even though different brands make nitrile grip work gloves, they all have some extra nitrile coating on the outside that improves their grip.

These gloves can function effectively in dry, wet, and greasy environments thanks to the grip coating.

Compared to other work glove types, especially leather work gloves, the purpose of these gloves give a significantly more excellent grip.


#2. Will the gloves be used for more than one activity?

Assuming you are referring to football gloves. You can use them many times, but only if they have a better grip.

Otherwise, the gloves must be changed for the next game because the grip of the gloves is lost from time to time. Also, the extra use of gloves allows viruses to increase to harmful levels.

The gloves must be washed if you want to use them for the next activity.


#3. Would you like to purchase gloves that are already grippy or need grip added?

I always prefer to choose gloves that are already grippy because adding grip to the gloves takes time.

The gloves that are already grippy are of good quality and help to get more control of the ball while playing.

However, adding a group to your gloves is very simple to make them sticky.


#4. What is the best way to add grip to gloves?

Assuming you are referring to goalkeeper gloves. There are many ways to make your gloves grippy. However, washing them properly is the cheapest way to add grip.

Proper cleaning and washing of gloves add more grip to your gloves.


#5. Do you have any preferred brand of glove?

My preferred gloves are Energrip gloves, Diamond gloves or Micro flex diamond gloves,  Red steer gloves, Prologo receiver gloves, American football gloves, and Gorilla grip gloves.

These are the most popular brands that provide gloves with a good grip.  You can order your gloves from these brands.

You can search for your favorite gloves on the Printset site to get the idea of which type of gloves is good.


It’s A Wrap!

No matter which type of gloves you purchase or how carefully you care for them,  glove grip loses over time.

The grip of gloves may be increased by choosing the suitable pair and taking proper care of them.

By doing this, you’ll be able to extend the life of your gloves and stop buying new ones after a few games.

That’s all there is to learn how to add grip to gloves. We hope this information is enough for today!