How To Apply Nokona Glove Conditioner For Soft, Supple Gloves!

how to apply Nokona glove conditioner

If you recently bought a pair of new leather gloves, you should know how to apply Nokona glove conditioner.

In case you are unfamiliar with Nokona glove conditioner, it is a water-based conditioner used for gloves.

Commonly, they are applied to new gloves to make them soft.

Most glove users would also recommend that you apply the Nokona glove conditioner first before the first time you use the gloves.

This product will help keep the baseball gloves in good condition. In other words, it is fresh and clean.

But this is not only used with baseball gloves. This can also be used for other leather gloves for softball, boxing, motorcycle, and MMA.

For you to know how to use this glove conditioner, just scroll and follow the steps that will be provided below.

Also, read the FAQs section, as the information, you will find there may be helpful.

So without further ado, let us get started.


Steps To Apply Nokona Glove Conditioner

Nokona glove conditioner is formulated from a mixture of waxes and natural oils. This formulation can help in protecting the leather.

A good rule of thumb is to apply the glove conditioner at least once a month. To do that, simply follow this procedure.

how to apply Nokona glove conditioner

It is very straightforward; you will get it done in no time. Here are the steps on how to apply Nokona glove conditioner:


Step #1. Keep the gloves clean

Before starting this process, ensure that your gloves are free of dirt and debris first.

Otherwise, you need to wipe off the dirt using wipes and air dry the gloves. You can only apply the conditioner once the gloves are complete.


Step #2. Application

After you have ensured that the gloves are clean, you can apply the Nokona glove conditioner.

During the application, just squeeze a tiny amount of the conditioner onto a clean and dry cloth.

After that, you need to rub the conditioner into the leather gloves. Use circular motions.

Make sure that you apply the glove conditioner evenly throughout the entire gloves. Cover even the laces and the webbing of the gloves.

You might as well use your finger during application.

Do the same process described above, but this time you are not using a cloth but applying it directly using your fingers.

Once done with the application using your fingers, you can get a soft cloth and buff the gloves.

By doing this, you will prevent the leather material of the gloves from cracking and drying out.


Step #3. Air dry the gloves

Once you apply the Nokona glove conditioner, note that you cannot use the gloves yet.

Remember to allow them to dry completely first before use. You need to know how to air out boxing gloves.

Generally, you will have to wait for at least 24 hours before you can use your gloves.

Steps To Apply Nokona Glove Conditioner

This will be enough time for the leather gloves to absorb the conditioner.

Once you get to use your gloves, you will see that the leather treatment made a difference in the feel of your gloves. It will become soft and supple.


Step #4. Re-apply

Re-applying the conditioner can be done as often as you think it is needed. This is to ensure that your gloves will remain supple and soft.

If you live in an area with a humid climate, you have to consider applying the product more often.


The Benefits Of Using Nokona Glove Conditioner

The Nokona glove conditioner is a leather treatment used for baseball mitts and softball mittens.

If you want to know why then better read the list of the benefits of the Nokona glove conditioner below.


#1. Condition the gloves

This is the best way to break in a new pair of leather gloves.

Most articles about how to break in leather gloves talk about leather conditioners like this.

Besides that, this Nokona glove conditioner aids in preserving your leather gloves.

Essentially, it will maintain your gloves remain in good condition.


#2. Clean and restores the gloves

Aside from glove conditioning, this product will also clean your hand gear. It can lift off any dirt and grime present from the gloves’ base.

Not only that, but it will restore the base of the gloves.


#3. Added protection

More so, this leather conditioner will protect your gloves against the elements.

It will preserve and protect the gloves against external forces.

The Benefits Of Using Nokona Glove Conditioner

Among the external elements that it can repel is water. Meaning to say applying Nokona glove conditioner can make your gloves water-resistant.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Since you might want to learn more information about Nokona glove conditioner, we also included this section.

As we browsed customer reviews, we often stumbled upon this set of questions.

For that reason, we decided to provide you with the answers as you might ask these questions yourself later on.


#1. How frequently should you apply the Nokona glove conditioner?

As much as you want to maintain your gloves, you also do not want to damage them.

You know that over-care may also lead to damage. That is because the oil in the conditioner can make the gloves heavier.

As a result, the lifespan of your leather gloves will be shorter.

The general rule is to apply the conditioner for three to four seasons. This would be enough to keep the gloves in their best shape throughout the year.


#2. Is it safe to use the Nokona glove conditioner?

Unlike other liquefied oil products, Nokona will not wet the glove padding. It will condition the gloves in the most efficient and safest ways.

The oil formula of this product will maintain and clean the oil. Plus, it is simple to apply. You can use this the same way you apply lotion on your skin.

Just like how safe it is for the gloves, it is also safe for you.


#3. Where can you purchase the Nokona glove conditioner?

You can check out from the sporting goods store near you as they are often available there. But if you have no time to go to the store, you can also order online.

You can shop from Amazon, eBay, or directly from the Nokona website. They are even available on Instagram.

This American manufacturing company is also offering high-quality gloves and other sporting gear. You might want to get a new one from Nokona.

Check the customer reviews for feedback, and you will see a lot of good reviews about the items they are selling.


#4. How does a Nokona glove conditioner work?

The oiling formula of Nokona is tested and proven. It is formulated by the manufacturer to make the break-in period of the glove even faster.

As you apply the glove conditioner, it will let the pores present on the leather material open up.

When you put the gloves with the conditioner in a warm environment, they will become soft.

As a result, the leather gloves will become pliable for the next use.


#5. Are they any consequences to using Nokona glove conditioner?

Although many are satisfied with how effective the Nokona glove conditioner is in breaking in the gloves, some are also talking about its disadvantage.

That is because it will require you several treatments to restore and repair your old leather baseball mittens or leather gloves using this.

But this is quite understandable. That is why we want to emphasize maintaining your gloves regularly.


It’s A Wrap!

Whether you purchase a pair of gloves or want to maintain your old gloves, you must know how to apply Nokona glove conditioner.

This conditioner is an excellent way of breaking in new leather gloves. But they are also suitable for keeping the gloves in good condition.

For that reason, many people are using this item to ensure that their leather gloves will last longer.

Some would also say that it makes their gloves more durable and comfortable. Since they are softer, the gloves won’t feel heavy on the hands.

Plus, baseball players are likely to feel discomfort as their fingers are inside the pocket of the gloves.

Now, if you are convinced that using this leather treatment can help maximize your gloves’ life expectancy, then consider buying them.

You can purchase a Nokona glove conditioner from sporting goods stores. But they are also offered online. You can add to the cart now and check out later.

The price would be around 10 dollars for every bottle containing 4 oz. This bottle can last for multiple applications.