How To Break In Boxing Gloves: The Ultimate Guide!

how to break in boxing gloves

If you recently bought a pair of boxing gloves, you must find out the steps on how to break in boxing gloves. This is important so that you will not hurt yourself while using it. In other words, following the steps below will improve your comfort in the long run.

More importantly, this guide will help you maximize the durability of your brand-new gloves. On average, boxing gloves can last up to six months. But if you fail to use it the right way, you might have to say goodbye soon.

This is just an overview. Read below and learn more things about your boxing gloves. What are you waiting for, people? Scroll down a bit more for more details!


Steps To Break In Your Boxing Gloves Quickly

To complete this guide, you will only need about two hours of your time. That is the average time it would take to break a brand new boxing glove before you can use it for your training session. Regardless of what kind of sport you engage in, may it be Muay Thai, MMA boxing, or mainly sparring.


Step #1. Putting on a pair of your hand wraps

In breaking in your boxing gloves, the first thing that you have to do is, of course, to put them on. I know there are a lot of boxing gloves out there; you can opt for leather gloves, or maybe those filled with foam padding, cotton, or horsehair, whatever will be your preference.

You need to wrap your hands starting from your knuckles all the way down to your wrists. Ensure that it is tight.


Step #2. Wearing the gloves

After wrapping your hands, you can already put on your boxing gloves. Then, start making fists for about 3-5 minutes. It would be hard to make a fist at first, but it would be much easier as you go along.

how to break in boxing gloves

Typically, boxing gloves are composed of about 100 to 200 tiny stitches. But when you wear them, it’s incredible how that stitching feels inexistent. It would feel natural in your hands.


Step #3. Finding something heavy to punch

One of the best ways to break in boxing gloves is by sparring with someone or hitting a heavy punching bag while wearing the gloves. If you have no one at home to spar with, then simply find a punching dummy or heavy bag.

You can start slow. Jab lightly and increase your speed gradually. Do it as you focus on your footwork. When you already find your rhythm, you can force your punches. Continue punching the bag for about 3-5 minutes.


Step #4. Taking off your boxing gloves

After you are done punching, you can take off the boxing gloves, followed by hand wraps. When doing physical activity, an average person can produce sweat ranging from 0.8 to 1.4 liters per hour. So expect that your hands will be too wet. Allow it to dry by air drying.


Step #5. Repeating the process

The gloves will not break in completely after doing all those steps just once. You need to repeat the same process twice or three times per week.

Once your boxing equipment is ready for fight and defense, your body will feel it. You will be much more comfortable blowing your punches.

On average, a boxing glove weighs around 8 to 16 ounces, but later on, you will not feel its weight anymore. You can easily do a job, uppercut, cross, or shadow punches.


Ways To Take Care Of Boxing Gloves

Proper care of your hand gear is as critical as the steps on how to break in boxing gloves. We have done our research and found out that boxing gloves commonly break because they are not cared for or cleaned correctly. With that, you need to know the different ways how to care for your gloves.


#1. Store your gloves properly

When you are done using your gloves, make it a habit to store them somewhere cool and dry. Although some would put their gloves inside their car, this is not recommended. It is ideal for keeping inside a drawer or closet. You also should not keep it somewhere sunlight can reach as it will cause its material to degrade and break down quickly.


#2. Clean your boxing gloves properly

Many would clean their gloves, thinking it would keep them in good condition. However, when it is done wrong. Remember not to dry your gloved using a tumble dryer as it will destroy it.

ways to take care of boxing gloves

The same is true with a washing machine. You should just hand wash it since machine wash can make it wear out quickly. Do not dry them under the sun; your new gloves will peel off. My friends, you have to know the ultimate guide to caring for your gloves!


#3. Keep the gloves free from bacteria

After ensuring that your boxing gloves are dry, you can put them inside a freezer bag. The next thing to do is to put the freezer bag inside the freezer for about 24 hours- more is great too. Doing this will freeze and kill those bacteria which cause your gloves to stink.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will answer the most commonly asked questions regarding boxing gloves. You might have the same question in your mind, so read along and find out more facts about using your boxing equipment properly.


#1. How to choose the right size boxing gloves?

There is no one correct answer to this question since choosing the right size of boxing gloves depends on several factors. This includes hand size, price, the boxing type you do, and your personal preference would also matter.

But the boxing gloves size guide points out to ensure that the glove fits snugly and comfortably with your hands. The top of the gloves should be graving right above the tips of your fingers.


#2. What are some benefits that come with breaking in your boxing gloves?

There are a lot of benefits that come with following the steps on how to break in your boxing gloves. One is that it helps your gloves fit into your hands better. Breaking in a brand new pair of gloves is essentially molding them into your hands’ shape.

This will lead to a more customized and comfortable fit. Other than that, it helps improve your boxing equipment’s overall performance.


#3. How to choose the right type of boxing gloves?

There are different types of boxing gloves available in the market. But how would you know which one fits your boxing needs? Well, it depends on how you intend to use them. For instance, beginners need a pair of gloves particularly designed for training.

Training gloves are created with more foam padding to protect your hands more as you learn the sport. For more experienced boxers, you can get a pair of boxing gloves designed for sparring.


#4. What will happen if you fail to break in your gloves?

You will have to face some consequences if you fail to break in your gloves before using them. Take note that those consequences can get serious.

For one thing, your gloves are uncomfortable and stiff, which means they will not provide the proper protection you need for boxing. What’s worse is that these products can lead to injuries. So, please ensure to break in your brand new gloves before using.


#5. How can you tell if your gloves are too big or too small?

If you feel like your gloves are too big, maybe they are indeed big. A pair of boxing gloves that fit snugly does not feel too tight or loose. If your gloves are too big for your hands, they can slip off as you fight. It can also hinder your movement, making it hard for you to punch accurately.

On the other hand, if your gloves are too tight and small, it will also restrict your movements. Another sign that your gloves are small is the red marks it leaves on your skin.


It’s A Wrap!

You have made it to the end of this ultimate guide on how to break in boxing gloves. Furthermore, we told you the benefits of doing and the consequences if otherwise, so ensure you follow the steps to avoid injuries. Also, take note of the proper ways to take care of your boxing glove to ensure it will last long.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post!