How To Buy Boxing Gloves For Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide!

how to buy boxing gloves for beginners

Have you been wondering how to buy boxing gloves for beginners? Choosing boxing gloves when just starting out with this sport can be overwhelming with the myriad of options available in the market today.

But don’t you worry because we can help you with that. Things will be easier for you if you know the essential things to consider.

This includes the glove material, weight, and size.

Remember that when training, flexibility, and comfort are the most important things. You cannot achieve those when your gloves do not fit you well.

With this, your performance won’t be excellent either. So keep reading to ensure that you can train like a boxing champion.


What Are The Different Types Of Boxing Gloves?

Before anything else, you need to know the correct type of boxing gloves to get that suit with how you want to train.

Boxing gloves are available in various styles. Each of these is designed for specific purposes.

So, how to buy boxing gloves for beginners? Below are the most common ones, usually the ones recommended for beginners.


#1. Bag gloves

This type of glove is designed with so much padding. It also has enough wrist support.

Regardless of the skill level of a boxer, they can use a pair of bag gloves for exercise or training.

If you are looking forwards to training on high-intensity later on, it would be better to be comfortable with this early.

Choosing this will help you prepare for more intensive training.


#2. Training gloves

This type of gloves is for everyday use. Most, if not all, boxers have training gloves inside their locker.

You can use this for various purposes. They are intended for mat work, sparring, mitt training, and bag work.

The main difference between training gloves from bag gloves is the level of pads.

how to buy boxing gloves for beginners

Training gloves are the most commonly used gloves by beginners as they can be used for any exercise you are about to do.

However, they are not perfect for anything in particular as well. So if you plan to stick to specific training, you need to get another pair of gloves later.


#3. Sparring gloves

You might as well consider a pair of sparring gloves as they are also ideal for beginners.

This type of glove is intentionally designed to offer protection to your sparring partner and not just to the one wearing it.

They are very helpful in preventing injury and pain. This is somewhat the same as the ones used for competition.

The only difference is that they have higher padding levels so that you will not cause harm to your partner while training live.

As compared to training and bag gloves, sparring gloves are also lighter, so you can improve with boxing fundamentals and techniques.


What Are The Different Materials Used In Boxing Gloves?

Now that you know the types of boxing gloves, the next consideration would be the material.

When buying boxing gloves for beginners, this one should be based on how much padding you need for your gloves.

Boxing gloves are typically made of leather, vinyl, or synthetic.

If you are just starting out, it is best to pick vinyl for several reasons, including shock absorption, availability, and affordability.

As compared to leather, vinyl gloves are cheaper. They are also offered by most online retailers. But they are also provided in sporting goods stores.

Regarding boxing gloves, some of the most well-known brands include Title, Ringside, and Everlast. They are the ones offering high-quality gloves.

But since you are a beginner, you need to focus on how to get comfortable with the training and the setting. So you may prefer cheap vinyl gloves for now.

Later, you will have plenty of time to worry about the perfect training gear.


What Size Boxing Gloves Should A Beginner Buy?

Keep in mind that size and weight are two different things with boxing. Since you are a beginner, you must be aware of this.

When choosing the right size to get, it will depend on your hand size. Now, in terms of weight, this will have to rely on the boxing type that you will do.

On average, a pair of boxing gloves is around 10 to 12 ounces in weight, 12 to 16 ounces in length, 4 to 6 ounces in width, and 8 to 10 ounces in height.

what size boxing gloves should a beginner buy

The circumference is usually around 16 to 20 ounces. In terms of thickness, it can range from 1 to two inches and about 6 to 8 pounds per square inch in density.

As with the glove material, you do not need to overthink the size.

Since you will be using it for training, you just have to ensure it will fit you comfortably. Your gloves should also have ample support and padding.

Consider getting lightweight gloves ranging from 12 to 14 ounces. This is ideal for anyone weighing around 120 up to 200 pounds.

Your primary focus should be mobility and comfort. You can refer to the boxing gloves size guide below:

  • 12 ounces – lightweight gloves for training
  • 14 ounces – light for sparring but heavier for training
  • 16 ounces – commonly used for sparring
  • 18 ounces – heavyweight gloves for sparring


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To help you know and understand more about boxing gloves, we have also decided to include this section which seeks to answer some questions related to gloves.

Read below!


#1. How different is a pair of boxing gloves from MMA gloves?

When we say boxing gloves, they are designed for the protection of the hands of the boxers against injury during sparring and training.

The same is valid with boxing competitions. Your gloves will cover your entire hand, including the thumb and fingers.

They also have pads on the knuckles that helps in absorbing the impact of punches and blow jobs.

MMA gloves, on the other hand, are thinner as compared to boxing gloves. They can only cover the hands of the fighter up to the base of the fingers.


#2. How to break in boxing gloves?

Since we are talking about boxing gloves that beginners use for training here, breaking in the gloves can be done in several ways.

The simplest way is to wear them home for a few hours while forming a fist with your hands. You can also put them on overnight.

Doing this can help your gloves conform to your hands’ shape. This will also make it more comfortable for you to wear them.

Another method is to use your gloves when working out. Perhaps, you can spar with your partner, perform shadow boxing, or punch the heavy bag.

A more comprehensive guide on how to break in boxing gloves would also be helpful.


#3. How often should you replace your boxing gloves?

This will depend on how frequently you use your gloves and take care of them. The durability of the gloves would also depend on their quality.

In general, if you use your gloves a couple of times a week, you will have to replace them after a few months.

Correspondingly, if you use your gloves often, you must get a replacement in one or two months.

But if you are taking care of your gloves properly and not using them very often, you will not have to replace them until six months or more.

Take note that, on average, a pair of boxing gloves can cost about 50 dollars, so you should take good care of them to last longer.

You can also find boxing gloves with a price of as low as 30 dollars, but other brands can go up to 120 dollars.


#4. What kind of pads is in a pair of boxing gloves?

There is a variety of padding often used for boxing gloves. One of the most common ones is polyurethane foam.

This soft and spongy material is good at absorbing the impact.

Other kinds of padding include fiberfill, latex, and gel padding. Each of those pads has a fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

You need to pick the proper padding that fits your needs.


#5. What is the difference between Velcro and lace-up boxing gloves?

First, lace-up gloves can provide a snug and secure fit, while those Velcro gloves are adjustable, so you can take them off quickly.

Second, lace-up gloves provide more wrist support. Velcro gloves, on the other hand, offer more comfort for some boxers.

Lastly, Velcro gloves are more affordable as compared to lace-up gloves.


It’s A Wrap!

Since you already know how to buy boxing gloves for beginners, you can visit a sporting equipment store or check online and get a pair of gloves for yourself.

Boxing gloves are available in various colors, with red and black as the most common ones. Check them out.

Also, consider that buying hand wraps would be necessary when buying boxing gloves. This is for added protection.

You might as well consider getting a headgear and mouth guard. With all of that boxing equipment, you will be good to go for training.

Best of luck on your fitness journey!