How To Clean A Baseball Batting Glove? 3 Best Ways!

How To Clean A Baseball Batting Glove

Does your glove seem dirty to be used during practice, so you want to know how to clean a baseball batting glove? There are about three ways, and the steps are simple to accomplish. However, these steps might require you some materials and products that you can find in your home.

This glove is not for catching the ball, but batting gloves are worn by those who attempt to hit the ball. So, why do they need clean and well-maintained gloves? These players need high-quality and efficient batting gloves to have a tight grip on the bat. If they’re only going to use their bare hands, the bat might swing together with the ball.

Whenever you have practice or matches, you need to wear this equipment, especially if you’re the one who’s hitting the ball. And your hand will have insufficient room to breathe, so they will eventually sweat, and together with dirt, they will accumulate in your gloves. If not cleaned, the equipment will stink, and this might reduce its life expectancy.

But don’t worry because we’re going to help you out. You may read the instructions immediately if you want to learn more about cleaning your gloves correctly. Enjoy reading!

Methods To Maintain Batting Gloves

So, who wouldn’t want to be always ready for practice and some after-game photoshoots? Well, your dirty batting gloves might be. Why don’t we prepare them by following the various ways we gathered how to clean a baseball batting glove. And here they are:

Handwashing Baseball Batting Gloves

You can use this method if it’s already filthy and other stains are challenging to remove. So, they need some detergent but with leather-safe chemicals. Also, use this method thrice every week and whenever you have enough time to let them dry. please read here best batting gloves for youth.

1. Remove Excess Dirt

After practice, remove your gloves and clap them together to remove any dust and dirt particles. And when you come home, get a brush with soft bristles and scrub through the leather. Don’t press down too hard on the surface. You might damage the material.

2. Apply Cleaning Solution

Pour 2-3 small cups of soft detergent in a container with room temperature water and mix them evenly. Then, saturate a soft cloth in the mixture and use it to wipe the gloves clean. Turn both gloves inside out to clean the interior sides.

3. Rinse

Turn off your faucet and make sure that the running water is colder than usual. Ensure that the water pressure is average to avoid oversoaking the equipment. Then, rinse both sides of your gloves but don’t let the water soak it up. please read here cold weather fishing gloves.

4. Air Dry

Before air drying, use a cloth to soak excess water and speed up this step. Also, we’re not going to use any extraordinary measures such as blow-drying or hanging it under the sun since it could damage the leather. We’re going to be patient and let it air dry for a couple of hours. 

Cleaning Baseball Glove Using a Washing Machine

For some experts, this method is not an option. However, if your gloves do not consist of leather, it’s totally acceptable and somewhat effective. And you also have to check first if you can place your gloves inside an electronic washing machine. please read here how to break in a new baseball glove with shaving cream

1. Check the Manual

As previously said, you should inspect the gloves to see if they are composed of leather or synthetic fabric. If it’s artificial, you can use the washing machine by following your gloves manual. There should be instructions on what to follow, such as the best temperature, setting, and detergent.

2. Wash

Based on what your manual says, input the required settings in your washing machine. But as we’ve known, this material is usually washed using lower temperatures and with an anti-bleach detergent. You can use organic cleaning products if you know some. And don’t overdo the process.

3. Air Dry

We also discussed this step earlier that any extraordinary measures are unnecessary. You can directly ring out excess water in a gentle way. But avoid using blow dryers, drying machines, and flat irons. Hang them in a room that is not full of moisture or sunlight.

Cleaning Gloves with Scrubbing

Since you don’t have to wash the gloves with water every day, you can simply clean them by brushing and applying conditioners. And can use it after cleaning without waiting several hours for it to dry. Also, the steps in this method are entirely different from the previous two ways.

1. Clap off excess dirt

Whether in a practice or an actual game, your glove’s fibers will eventually collect debris and dirt. So, clap the two together to discharge those particles. You won’t want to place the equipment inside your bag if it’s full of filth. So, this step is somewhat necessary and effective to make the next step easier.

2. Scrub

Even though you already clapped off excess dirt, other stains and small particles stick onto the material. So, using a soft and dry scrub, sponge, or brush to ensure that the entire surface is dirt-free. When cleaning, ensure you’re not using too much force or pressure since this might harm the leather or fabric. And you can also flip the glove inside out to remove any dirt from the interior side.

3. Wipe it Clean

You can use soft wipes and apply leather conditioning products or oils to clean and polish the surface. Avoid using damp wipes because they might contain alcohol and this substance is not leather-friendly. So, it’s better to use organic products rather than those with harsh and strong chemicals that might damage your equipment.

It’s A Wrap

And that is how to clean a baseball batting glove. Following the methods and steps will ensure you that your equipment is always in good shape. So, you should clean it regularly, and for the processes that require water, you should make time for it to dry because it might emit some unpleasant odors if you used it without completely drying it.

So, we hope you learned a lot from this post and that you can share it with your teammates. You should read this article titled “how to clean boxing Gloves?” if you want to learn more about cleaning or removing a stain from leather equipment or products. Enjoy reading, and we wish you all the luck for your upcoming baseball matches!