How To Clean Custom Football Gloves – 2 Awesome Ways!

How To Clean Custom Football Gloves

How to clean custom football gloves? Unlike regular working gloves, football gloves should be washed separately, either by hand or using a washing machine.

Oops! Did you toss them right away? I hope you don’t get excited to wash them right away; there is a way to wash the gloves right. Before we begin cleaning it, may I remind you of some things about football gloves. Read more here best football gloves.

How To Clean Custom Football Gloves

So, how to clean custom football gloves? Well, there are two viable methods on this matter which are through handwashing and by the use of a washing machine. So, let’s take a look at how to do these step by step. please read her how to clean leather garden gloves.

Hand washing

Hand washing football gloves are highly recommended for most custom football gloves. It will prevent them from having tears and unwanted wrinkles all over the glove’s surface.

1. Prepare the water

If you prefer to do it traditionally –which means by hand, you will have to prepare a washbasin or a sink to wash the gloves in. Lukewarm water from the faucet is fine to use.

Fill it up and add a tablespoon of detergent. Use a mild liquid detergent to avoid surface irritation. Stir the water until the detergent and water mix well. Avoid using warm or hot water since it may damage the materials used in manufacturing the gloves. please read here best youth lacross gloves.

2. Scrubbing

Place the glove on the water at letting it soak the water up. Make sure that the gloves are wet all over, especially in tight areas where dirt may hide. You could use your fingertips to scrub the dirt off or wear gloves and scrub them as you do with your hands.

Prevent your nails from cutting the surface of the glove if you think your fingernails are long. Nevertheless, using your fingertips is better than using a brush. However, you can still use a soft brush and pay attention to areas that are heavily soiled.

3. Rinse

After clearing the dirt off, pour the laundry water out and put a basin of cold water in to rinse your gloves. The second bath will get rid of the detergent and soap present on the gloves.

4. Drying

After ensuring that the soap is all clean, it is time to dry them off. Squeeze the glove and get rid of the excess water. You could either dry them up on a clothesline or air dry them on a dry towel on a flat surface.

Never hang your gloves under direct rays of sunlight as it could harm the material. Please don’t throw them either on the dryer, but you could use a hairdryer instead. Too much heat can damage your gloves, so be careful.

Using A Washing Machine

Our next method is by the use of a washing machine. While most manufacturers prefer their product to be washed by hand, some manufacturers still make gloves washable by washing machine. Here are things you should do while washing it with a washing machine.

1. Read per instruction

A football glove varies in materials per construction. There are recommendations by the manufacturers written in print on their packages. Make sure to read up before you throw the package away. read more here how to make football gloves sticky.

2. Setting the Washing Machine

Before throwing the glove in, make sure to turn it inside out and place it inside a pillowcase or a laundry bag. Next, add cold water and set the machine into a mild rinse cycle so that the glove won’t get damaged. As to the drying method, you could follow the instructions written above with the handwashing.


Knowing how to clean custom football gloves will give you the advantage of prolonging their usage. So you did not only had fun washing them, but you also saved yourself from buying a new pair.