How To Clean Golf Gloves? In 3 Easy Steps!

How To Clean Golf Gloves

With continuous usage, your golf gloves may become dirty, so how to clean golf gloves? There are three easy steps for you to try, and these you will know as you read further. Well, you might not know it, but some gloves are made specifically for golfers who are really into the game. The players can have a better swing at the golf club with more power and minor shaking with its grip.

There are so many types of gloves nowadays that are suited for different kinds of jobs. Some of them are leather work gloves, ski gloves, etc. There’s a lot more to mention, but that isn’t our focus for the topic today.

With constant golfing, your gloves may get dirty, so, of course, they will lose their grip over time the more you use them. Also, another reason for this is it may get dirtied while being used on the field, which makes it a hassle to clean up while playing. Here, we are going to tackle how to clean that. Would you please keep on reading? please read here can heated gloves be used heated grips.

How To Clean Golf Gloves – 3 Steps Process

So, how to clean golf gloves? When your golf gloves get dirtied, they may tilt you and give you a bad result in a game that you would never want to happen at all. So, you think of a way to eliminate it away so that you can go back and focus on your game.

Of course, no one wants to get dirt on their gloves. Whether it is for working, playing, or any other kind of job, you don’t want it to get stained as it can cause hassle when you are in a hurry and need a clean glove for the task. please read here how to clean leather work gloves.

So, we researched the internet for methods that can be effective when it comes to these types of jobs. They aren’t that simple to do, but they are doable for anybody who is a first-timer at dealing with this. It isn’t that hard; we can assure you after seeing the process’s results once it is done.

But before that, a common reason why your gloves get stained is because of your clubs being put in the dirty part of the surface or your other mates touching it with a filthy and uncleaned hand. But don’t you worry anymore, we can fix that.

Once you’ve finished using these as a basis for cleaning, we promise you that your game is back to top-notch and can give you a better experience while playing golf. So, keep on reading to know more about the topic so we can thoroughly explain it. read more here how to clean baseball batting gloves.

1. Pouring Water to the Golf Glove

There are several ways of doing this, but if you are in the field and are in a hurry, these steps will work for you. Ready your gear as we continue going through the topic. We’ll start by getting your dirty glove and wearing it. When worn, tightly fit it onto your fingers so that it fits snuggly and is sure not to fall.

In addition to the information earlier, most gloves are water and wind-resistant. Using one of the finest materials available is sure to give you a good grip while focusing on hitting your shots into those goals in one hit.

Now, once the glove is worn, what you’ll want to do is pour any water directly into both golf gloves. Please use the water and use a lot as much as possible to maximize its cleaning properties. Thus, it would not be a hassle to be used right away since you’re in a golf field readying.

2. Use a Towel to Getting Rid of the Dirt

Grab a towel right away and clean off all the dirt that can be seen on the glove. If it is heavily dirtied and white, then it may be a challenging job for you to do since it is prone to stains and can be easily stained once used on playing again.

Try rubbing all the parts to get rid of the dirt, it will not completely clean all of the lands that are seen, but it can be able to minimize so that if you tend it, there would be no more hard scrubbing later on that’ll happen. If it works for you, then good; if not, then let us continue seeking the answer for you.

Other than just water and a towel, if you have extra alcohol available at that moment, try putting some into the glove and rub it with the towel again. Make sure to rub it against the surface slowly as it may cause some friction to your skin.

3. Applying Soap to the Glove

If the water, towel, and alcohol step doesn’t work for you, then this might be the answer to your problems. Go to a nearby comfort room and check around the area if there is soap available. Once you’ve located one then, let’s start this step.

Take your dirty glove out and also your soap. Place both gloves on a flat surface, ensuring that you can eliminate all the stains in one wash. Once it is in position, rub a generous amount of soap onto the gloves, ensuring that it is wet. please read here how to wash goalie gloves.

You’ll want to soap both sides as it may contain dirt that cannot quickly wear off because of the time that it has stayed on the glove. Once you’re done soaping it, submerge in water and start rubbing both gloves to each other to create friction that will make the dirt wear off in a matter of minutes.

Once you see results, try to rub it off again and put more soap onto the gloves, ensuring no dirty spots are left on the areas. When done, dry your gloves in the sun, or you can also air dry it so that it doesn’t get stretched when being used for later games. And voila, there you go!


And these are the simplest of the steps on how to clean golf gloves. It isn’t that hard of a task which means it can be done by anybody facing this situation. Again, the gloves are waterproof but cleanable; they are the perfect fit for someone who is really into the sport of golf.