How To Clean Lacrosse Gloves After a Game

After a heated game or extended practice, your lacrosse gloves would be all sweaty and smelly. Instead of letting the moisture dry out, you must wash your gear so it won’t harbor odor and bacteria. On how to clean lacrosse gloves, I recommend hand-washing to retain the shape and prevent damage to the padding. Below, I discuss the steps in washing your sports gloves properly.

Cleaning less dirty lacrosse gloves

  • If your lacrosse gloves are not very dirty, you can use a sports gear spray to combat the smell.
  • Spray the disinfectant inside and out, ensuring that you’re covering every inch.
  • Let the lacrosse gloves air-dry. You should ensure that the gloves are fully dried before stashing it back to your gear bag.
  • If your lacrosse gloves have leather parts, you must use a saddle cleaner instead.
  • You need a clean piece of cloth to wipe the leather lacrosse gloves with the cleaner.

Take note that this method is suitable only for lacrosse gloves that have been used for short practice or drills only.

Washing lacrosse gloves

If your lacrosse gloves have taken the beating of a whole game, you should wash it. Your sweat will form bad odor and bacterial buildup on your gloves if you don’t launder it.

The following are the simple steps in washing a pair of lacrosse gloves:

Step 1. Rinse it first

Before applying any cleaner or detergent, you must rinse the lacrosse gloves in running water. This will remove superficial dirt like dust, turf material, and so on.

Step 2. Soak it in

The next step is to fill a bucket with clean water. Mix a mild soap or detergent into it before soaking the lacrosse gloves. Let the gloves soak in the soapy water for about 10 minutes so the dirt will be sucked out, and the stains will soften up.

Step 3. Scrub a little

For dirt and stains dislodged on the material, you can use an old toothbrush as a scrub. Avoid boar bristle brushes, especially if your gloves have prints. Scrub the gloves along the fingers, palms, and the back of the hand. After a few minutes of scrubbing, soak the gloves back to the soapy water then repeat.

Step 4. Rinsing

Once you’re done with the cleaning, the next step is to rinse the lacrosse gloves. Refill the bucket with clean water then soak your gloves into it. Squeeze the gloves gently to draw out the suds. Never wring or twist the gloves as it will damage the padding and impact the form of the gear.

Step 5. Drying

  •       After rinsing, sit the gloves on a flat surface with the wrist strap at the bottom.
  •       Please don’t hang your lacrosse gloves to prevent affecting its form and shape.
  •       To drain the extra moisture, you can press the gloves with a clean towel.
  •       Never dry your gloves in the dryer because intense heat will melt or degrade its materials.
  •       Also, avoid direct sunlight because the UV rays will cause irreversible damages.
  •       The best option is to air-dry your gloves in the shade.

Since lacrosse gloves could be thick due to the padding, it may take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours to dry it thoroughly. But what if I have a game the next day? This is the reason why you should have spare gloves in your gear bag.

You should never wear half-dried lacrosse gloves. The remaining moisture will let bacteria and odor to build up on your hands during the game.


Additional tips in cleaning lacrosse gloves

  •       Air it out. If your lacrosse gloves are not too dirty, make sure that you air it out after each game. This will prevent odor buildup on your gear bag. This applies to other lacrosse gears as well.
  •       Deep clean periodically. For the most part, deep cleaning isn’t necessary after every game, unless the lacrosse gloves are heavily soiled. If you’re only using a disinfectant spray for practice gloves, deep cleaning once in a while will help remove accumulated dirt.
  •       No bleach, please. Whatever position you’re playing in lacrosse, you should never use bleach to clean your gloves. It will damage the material, making your gear unusable.
  •       It takes time. Lacrosse gloves, especially those for goalies, will take time to dry. You must wait for at least 24 hours before wearing it back.

Handle stains gently. If your lacrosse gloves have stains, look for gentler solutions like a paste made of vinegar and baking soda. You can also try a mixture of ammonia, water, and dish soap.


Cleaning your lacrosse gloves ensure that your gear is always on top shape. It will also increase the lifespan of your gloves. Ditch the washing machine and do some hand-washing to prevent damages. Above all, make sure that you are using a gentle soap that will not ruin the form and material of your gloves.

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