How To Clean Smelly And Boxing Gloves? 5 Easy Steps!

How To Clean Smelly And Boxing Gloves

Do you want to know how to clean smelly and boxing gloves? If you’re currently training for boxing, you might want to apply the five steps below. Or maybe you want to check how to do it properly if you could not remove the smell.

As we can recall, boxing gloves are thick, and they usually consist of paddings. This material helps decrease the intensity and impact of punches. So, it hurts less than using your bare hands to punch. Plus, the foam can protect the puncher’s hand from swelling and getting injuries. Please read here Why Are Grant Boxing Gloves So Expensive.

With the amount of foam in the gloves, your hand will feel warm once you insert it in the equipment, considering that both of your hands get to wear them. And whenever you’re training, you’ll eventually sweat. So, try to imagine a build-up of sweat inside the gloves together with the warmth and insufficient airflow. The interior side will smell and worsen when you don’t know how to maintain and take care of it.

But don’t worry, since this article will assist you. It will provide you with helpful steps and tips for preparing your boxing gloves for every training and fight. So, read on! read more here best boxing gloves.

How To Clean Smelly And Boxing Gloves | 5 Steps Process

So, when you clean your boxing gloves regularly, you’ll be able to increase their lifespan and prevent it from smelling bad. The interior side of your gloves can also be a perfect habitat for bacteria and molds if you only clean it rarely. When that happens, you don’t want to stick your hands inside. Yuck!

Now, we will share the steps we gathered on how to clean smelly and boxing gloves. Make sure to understand the importance of every step, and you’ll know how to clean it without looking back at this article. And here they are: please read here how to clean leather work gloves.

1. Wipe your Gloves Dry

Before you wipe the gloves, note that you should take them out as soon as you got home, or it would be best you wouldn’t put them in your gym bag. Like the inside of your gloves, there’s also not enough space for the gloves to release the moisture. And with the environment inside your bag, there’s a high chance that bacteria will grow there with the equipment.

So, get a clean cloth and start wiping the inside of your gloves. Make sure that you get all excess moisture from the sides and corners. Repeat the same to the exterior side and the other glove.

2. Spray the Gloves with your Cleaning Solution

We must promote a less toxic environment, so we’ll use organic cleaning agents such as vinegar and baking soda. Plus, your skin might be sensitive to chemicals. In a spraying bottle, mix vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio. 

Then, diffuse the mixture to the inside of your gloves and let it settle for a while. Also, spray the exterior side. If you suspect some bacteria are growing inside or want to prevent them from growing, you can add about 3-4 drops of tea tree oil to the solution. 

After letting the solution settle to your gloves, use a clean fabric to wipe away excess vinegar solution and other moisture. You can use dryer sheets to remove dampness thoroughly. Cover your fingers with the sheet and insert it inside the glove to wipe it dry. please read here how to clean baseball batting gloves.

3. Polish the Leather 

The glove’s outer layer composes mainly of leather. This material age and you want to keep it shiny and ready to fight. You can use organic products to condition the leather, such as oils and conditioners. 

Only scoop a small amount from your conditioner or use a few drops of oil. Avoid over conditioning the leather because it will become highly saturated. Apply the product to the surface of your gloves with a soft cloth and rub it in. Perform this step in a circular motion for both gloves.

Also, don’t apply this to the inner side of your gloves since it’s not leather. After polishing, you can use a new cloth to wipe away excess moisture from the products used. Now, we’re ready to dry it.

4. Dry

There are plenty of approaches in this step, and they usually depend on when you’re going to use it again. If you just finished training and don’t have to use your gloves soon, you can hang them and let them air dry. It will take a few hours for the equipment to completely dry.

However, if you want to use it soon, you can try alternative methods. Dryer sheets are effective as your wiping cloth, and you can use them after cleaning. Or, if you don’t own some dryer sheets, you might have a blow dryer. But be careful with the temperature settings.

If none of these ways work, you might look into other options, such as stuffing it with newspaper. But avoid hanging it directly under the sun. The UV rays can damage the leather-like how it affects our skin. 

5. Prevent Odors

Despite the steps for cleaning, we still need to prevent and remove excess odors, especially on the interior side. So, we mentioned earlier using baking soda, and this step is where it will become helpful. After drying, we’re going to use it to deodorize your gloves, so you should take enough amount of it and sprinkle it to both gloves.  please read here best carpal brace for sleeping.

Or you can also use some essential oils if you prefer them to be more fragrant. You can use only a few drops of it and spread it evenly to all sides. Then, after some time passed, it will be ready to use.

It’s A Wrap

And that is how to clean smelly and boxing gloves. This cleaning guide will provide you with clean and long-lasting equipment and prevent your skin from having reactions and allergies from bacteria and dirt. Plus, you’ll be more confident throwing those punches because the thought of having clean gloves will put your mind at ease.

We hope this article helps you out and that we successfully addressed your concern. For more cleaning tips and ideas, you can check this article about how to clean a baseball Gloves if you have some troubles cleaning your home equipment. We wish you all the luck in your next matches. All the best!