How To Dry A Golf Glove: The Ultimate Guide!

how to dry a golf glove

To make your golf equipment last longer, you must know how to dry a golf glove. Most people often neglect the importance of drying out their gloves properly.

It is not a good habit to crumple your gloves and stuff them inside your gym bag along with your golf tees, putter, cap, and balls after the game.

Instead, you need to allow your gloves to dry before keeping them. Otherwise, it will lead to wearing out of your golf gloves faster than expected.

Although your golf gloves are not as expensive as other items in the golfing arsenal, it does not mean you buy another pair often.

In this post, you will learn some tips about drying your gloves.


Tips To Dry A Golf Glove Quickly

Typically, golf gloves are made of Cabretta leather. This thin, soft leather is responsible for providing a good grip on the balls and golf clubs.

The most important thing to remember in preserving gloves made of this material is to use two pairs.

how to dry a golf glove

This way, you can give ample time for each pair to dry off completely. Use the other one while you wait for the other one to dry.

When you are not using your gloves, you need to lay them flat so that they will evenly dry off.

Read below to learn more about drying your golf gloves.


Tip #1. Wipe with a towel

Using a towel or cloth can help absorb the sweat from your golfing gloves.

When you are done with your golfing session for the day, you can get a towel and wipe your gloves using it.

It is essential to keep some towels in your golf bag when going out to golf. You might as well use it to wipe off your sweat or the dirt on your hand.

Tips To Dry A Golf Glove Quickly

To further speed up the drying process, you can open your golfing glove up and then it flatly onto the towel.

Now that the glove is inside the towel, you can roll the towel and gently squeeze it so that the moisture will be absorbed.

You can then unroll the towel. Repeat this with another dry towel until the glove is not as wet.

You can lay your golf gloves somewhere sunny when the towel absorbs as much water as possible. You might as well place it near a fan.


Tip #2. Using a Ziploc bag with a dryer sheet

If your golf less often, you will have enough time to wait for your gloves to dry before the next golf course.

But if you are among those golfers who often go out for some rounds of golf, then it is ideal that you have extra gloves to use when the other one is still wet.

Otherwise, you can use some drying tools to speed up the drying-out process.

One thing that can help dry your golf glove is the Ziploc bag, designed with a dryer sheet.

You can place your gloves inside this bag to dry.


Tip #3. Put them in the freezer

Most golfers use multiple gloves on one golf course. Well, it is recommended that you change gloves every three to four holes.

This ensures that your fingers will have a good grip on the golf club, which results in better performance.


If you want to dry them all together, you can put your gloves inside the freezer for a couple of minutes.

This will be enough time to dry them off.


Tip #4. Using a hairdryer

If you don’t have a spare glove for the golf session the next morning, you can quickly fry the gloves you used earlier in the day with your hairdryer.

But make sure to put the dryer on the low setting to avoid damaging the gloves.


Tip #5: Do not put it under direct sunlight

Although you wanted your gloves to dry quickly so you can use them for the next session, remember not to put them under direct sunlight.

As mentioned earlier, golf gloves are made of leather material, and if this is exposed to extreme heat, it can lead to shrinking or cracking.

Tips To Dry A Golf Glove Quickly

So the next question would be: how to dry a golf glove without shrinking it. The quick answer is to air dry. More on this in the next session.


Ways To Dry A Golf Glove Without Shrinking It

Based on Golf Digest, a golfer can sweat about a pint each round. But that is only an average. It can go up to 2 pints during a hot day.

With that being said, your gloves will absorb this moisture. About 80% of a stand golf glove weight will contain this moisture.

For that reason, you must air-dry your gloves after each use. Do not keep them inside your bag right away. Hang them somewhere to dry first.

After you remove the gloves from your hands, you can first tap them lightly against a hard surface. This will help in removing the excess moisture.

You can hang your gloves on your golf bag as you leave the golf arena. Sometimes, this would be enough time to dry off the moisture.

But if you think it is not a hundred percent dry, you can leave them outside when you get home.

Be cautious when doing this, as an arid and warm climate can dry out the leather material of the gloves.

Also, remember not to put the golf gloves inside the washing machine and dryer. Probably, it’s a good idea to understand how to wash and dry goalkeeper gloves for you to get some idea on how to do it with other kinds of gloves.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the questions you usually ask:

#1. Which method is best used in drying a golf glove?

Perhaps, you own a leather golf glove, and the best way is to air dry it. You can follow this guide.

First, remove the excess moisture by wringing out the gloves gently.

Next, look for a shady spot outside and hang your gloves. Alternatively, you can hang your golf gloves inside a well-ventilated room.

Avoid direct heat or sunlight if possible, as it can cause the leather material to crack. The wind would be enough to dry your gloves; heat is unnecessary.

Another way to dry your golf glove is by stuffing them with some newspaper before placing them in a warm and dry place.


#2. How long will it take to dry a golf glove?

If you own a golfing glove in a regular size, then it will only take about 24 hours to completely dry off.

A larger golf glove would mean that it will take longer to dry, especially when it is so wet after you golf in the rain.

Usually, it would take 48 hours at maximum.


#3. How to store a golf glove?

You need to keep your golf gloves in a cool and dry place when they are not used. It is recommended that you keep them inside a drawer and closet.

You can also place the glove inside a breathable container or bag to prevent moisture buildup.

Do not put it inside a plastic bag, as it can lead to mildew buildup on the leather.

If the gloves become wet again, ensure to dry them before you place them. Don’t you forget to clean it first before storing; know how to clean golf gloves in 3 easy ways!


It’s A Wrap!

The things you learned on how to dry a golf glove can help extend your glove’s life expectancy.

This will also prevent mold and mildew buildup that often takes place due to moisture.

So ensure always keep your leather gloves dry before using or storing them.

Always remember that golf glove drying is one of the fundamentals of caring for your golf gloves and preserving their good condition.

With a clean and dry glove, you can swing and drive smoothly towards the hole, and so the green flag will be raised by the caddy.