How To Maintain Boxing Gloves: A Comprehensive Guide!

how to maintain boxing gloves

If you recently bought a pair of boxing gloves, you should know how to maintain boxing gloves. A boxing glove can last 50 to 60 rounds of heavy bag work or sparring.

However, you may have to bid goodbye to your boxing equipment sooner without proper maintenance.

To maintain a pair of boxing gloves and keep them in good shape, you must clean them after each use.

You also need to air dry your gloves to keep them fresh and clean and store them properly.

This may seem like a lot of maintaining your gloves need not be daunting.

Only a bit of your time will have to be spent on this, and you can ensure your gloves last longer.

Read below as we will give you the tips you need to follow on excellent glove maintenance practice.


Ways To Keep Boxing Gloves Smelling Fresh

No matter how much you care for your gloves, they can still become smelly and dirty. The main reason why your gloves can deteriorate is sweat.

Your body will adopt a better orthodox and southpaw stance when you train hard.

how to maintain boxing gloves

Sometimes, your coach even included a double-end bag and jump rope in your training.

This will improve your speed and defense. But this heavy training means more sweat will be produced, leaving your gloves wet.

Since there is moisture, bacteria and viruses proliferate.

As such, it is recommended that you clean your gloves thoroughly every now and then. It is also essential that you deodorize your gloves to make them fresh.

It may also be a good idea to read about, how to clean smelly boxing gloves.

Below are some cleaning methods you can use how to maintain boxing gloves:


#1. Soak in saltwater

Using salt water is the best way to clean boxing gloves as it stops the bacteria buildup, which causes the foul odor of your gloves.

But before you use this method, you first need to ensure that your boxing gloves can withstand saltwater.

That is because some materials can be damaged by the saline solution. So, check the glove materials first.

If you made sure it is safe to use the saline solution, you can soak your boxing gloves in and leave them overnight to kill off bacteria.


#2. Using anti-bacterial sprays

Anti-bacterial sprays are among the most effective methods to prevent bacteria, viruses, and germ buildup in your professional boxing gloves.

If you have gloves that are already too dirty, even those with a thick stench, you can spray this solution, and those micro-organisms will be removed.

ways to keep boxing gloves smelling fresh

After spraying this product, you need to dry your gloves under the sun. You can also put it somewhere with good ventilation.

By doing this, you will enjoy a fresh pair of gloves for the next boxing match or training session.

With that being said, you can better work on your footwork and the speed of your uppercut punch, job, and cross punches.

Use this method regularly to ensure having clean boxing gloves.


#3. Using apple cider vinegar

Apple cider is another product that is proven to be effective at cleaning boxing gloves.

This is even used for punching bags, gym bags, speedbag, and shoes.

In cleaning your gloves using this method, you must put one tablespoon of vinegar in your hands.

Then, rub the vinegar on the insides of your gloves. Leave the boxing gloves to dry overnight.

The following day you will see that the stink is gone. But for instances when your gloves are too smelly and dirty, you will need to apply the vinegar again.


#4. Stuffing method

For another solution, you can stuff your boxing gloves with cotton bags filled with cedar chips.

These are called glove dogs. They are designed to remove bacteria from your boxing glove and restore its freshness.

ways to keep boxing gloves smelling fresh

As a result, your gloves will become clean and fresh. That is because the glove dogs will absorb the moisture from your gloves, making them dry.

When the gloves are dry, no bacteria can grow and develop. This, in turn, can increase the life expectancy of your gloves.


#5. Using baking soda

You sure have baking soda in your kitchen, as you often use it for cooking. Now, you can use it for another purpose.

Trainers, MMA fighters, and boxers use baking soda for cleaning and deodorizing their gloves.

You need paper towels, baking soda, and old socks for this method. Use a paper towel to wipe the inside and outside of your boxing gloves.

Then, put the baking soda inside the gloves and tie the top so they will not fall out. Afterward, put your socks filled with baking soda inside the boxing gloves.

Leave your gloves overnight, so the socks have enough time to absorb any smell and moisture inside your gloves. This will leave them clean and fresh.


How To Clean Boxing Gloves?

Cleaning your gloves is a necessary routine. Ensure you find the time to wash and dry your gloves after each use.

This ensures that no bacteria will live and reproduce in your gloves. Below are the easy steps that you can follow to keep your gloves clean.


Step #1. Wipe your gloves

Remember to wipe your gloves after each training or workout session.

You need to wipe down your professional boxing gloves using a damp cloth. Some fighters and boxers use baby wipes to clean their gloves and headgear.


Step #2. Air drying

After you wipe down your boxing gloves, you need to air dry them until it is completely dry.

Also, remember not to leave your gloves with sweat inside your gym bag after shadowboxing. If the gloves are wet, you cannot put them inside your bag.

Instead, you need to take them outside for air drying. Do the same with your hand wraps.

You must allow your boxing equipment to properly dry between boxing matches or training sessions.

This is vital in reducing foul odors. You will have enough time to dry your gloves when you only train twice or thrice a week.

But if you train more often, you will need to shorten the drying time. In such a case, avoid putting your gloves under direct sunlight.

That is because too much heat can cause the gloves to crack and can even lead to damage to the outer layer.


Step #3. Applying leather conditioner

When you ensure that the gloves are completely dry, you can apply any leather conditioner available on the market.

Ensure not to apply the conditioner on the inside of your gloves. It should not reach its padding. Otherwise, it will damage the glove material.

Remember to treat your leather boxing gloves with any leather conditioning product every few months.

This will help in keeping your gloves supple and soft.


Step #4. Deodorize

If the gloves develop a bad smell, you can get some baking soda and sprinkle them inside your gloves.

Allow the baking soda to sit overnight. The following day, you can shake the baking soda out of your boxing gloves, and your gloves will be as fresh as new.

Another way of deodorizing is with the use of vinegar and water solution. You need to deep clean your boxing gloves with this solution at least once a month.


Step #5. Fluff them

When you notice that the padding inside the gloves begins to compress, do not worry, as you can fluff it up.

You just need to put the gloves inside the dryer and set it on the low heat setting for 10 minutes.

To maintain the excellent condition of your boxing gloves, most people would stuff them with newspaper when they are not in use.


How To Store Boxing Gloves?

Another important tip for maintaining your boxing gloves is to store them properly. Make sure that your gloves are completely dry before you keep them.

You need to store them in a cool and dry place so that mildew and mold cannot develop in your gloves.

Also, ensure that your gloves will not come in contact with sharp objects.

Furthermore, you can try to put your boxing gloves inside a breathable container or bag if possible. This is to further keep them dry and fresh for subsequent use.

Before storing your boxing gloves, it may be helpful to read about how to clean smelly boxing gloves.

With proper storage, you can extend the lifespan of your gloves.

However, when the padding of your boxing gloves begins to compress or when the gloves themselves misshape, you need to replace them already.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s answer your questions:


#1. What causes boxing gloves to wear out, and how to prevent it?

The most common cause is natural wear and tear from using gloves. Eventually, your gloves will show signs of wear and begin to break down.

Inspect your gloves for any signs of wear and tear regularly. You need to replace your gloves as needed.

Another common reason is improper storage and care. If you fail to store your gloves properly, they can wear out and become damaged.

You need to store them in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Lastly, poor-quality gloves will have to wear out quickly. Glove treats would help in extending the lifespan of your gloves.


#2. How do you patch up holes in boxing gloves?

You can repair the tears of holes in your boxing equipment using a couple of ways. One way to do it is by using thread and a needle to sew the tear or hole.

Another thing that you can do is by using a patch. This is to cover the hole. You might as well use a piece of tape as coverage.


#3. How often do you need to replace your boxing gloves?

If you own a pair of sparring or training gloves, then how often you should replace boxing gloves will depend on a few things.

This would include the glove quality, intensity, and frequency of your training.

If you train daily, you need to replace your gloves more often than those who train a couple of times per week.


#4. How often should you clean your boxing gloves?

You must clean your boxing hand gear after each use. You need a clean and dry cloth for this.

Simply wipe off the outside and inside of your gloves to get rid of the dirt and sweat.

Using water and solution, you must clean the gloves more thoroughly, at least once a week.

Ensure to rinse the gloves and allow them to dry completely before use.


#5. Can you extend the lifespan of your boxing gloves with proper maintenance?

Yes, that is the whole point of this article on maintaining boxing gloves. That is because, with proper care, you will be able to use your gloves longer.

If not, you can maximize its expected lifespan. To be able to do that, remember the tips below:

  • Store your boxing gloves properly when not in use, following the information provided in the previous section.
  • Avoid putting on your gloves when excessive heat or direct sunlight can reach them, as it will break down the material of the gloves prematurely.
  • Water and soap should be used, not harsh cleaners or chemicals, to avoid damage.


It’s A Wrap!

Since you know how to maintain boxing gloves, you will not have to find a replacement for your boxing equipment anytime soon.

That is because a pair of well-maintained boxing gloves can last several years. So ensure to keep in mind all the information that is discussed here.

If you have further questions, you can let us know.