How To Make Football Gloves Sticky Again: 6 Best Ways

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Learning how to make football gloves sticky again is a life hack every player should know. Football gloves that lost its stickiness can be restored through the use of a grip boost. It’s a sticky spray that makes the palm of the gloves more tacky and suitable for play. You don’t need to throw away your old gloves because you can still spruce it up with some grip boost and the right technique.

Factors that affect football glove stickiness

A lot of things will affect the grip of your glove. It’s normal for any game glove to lose its tackiness over time due to the following factors:

1. Weather conditions

Unless you’re playing indoor soccer, your gloves will be subjected to the harsh outdoor conditions. Intense sunlight, heat, and moisture will all take its toll on your gear. Aside from that, the turf will also reduce the stickiness of your football glove. please read here how to clean custom football gloves.

After several games, you will notice a decline in your glove’s tackiness. On the most adverse conditions, a premium football glove can lose its stickiness mid-season. Don’t fret because there are workarounds you can try to continue using your gloves.

2. Wear and tear

The manner of using your gloves on each game will slowly take its grippiness away. This is a normal process since football is a rough sport. The natural tackiness on the palm and finger areas will be stripped away. Just like weather conditions, there’s a way to restore the grip of your gloves.

If you have played multiple games, expect that your football gloves will have less grip than the first time you wore it. please read here best football gloves.

3. Improper storage

One thing that will make your football gloves lose its stickiness is poor storage. If you don’t wash your gloves, the dirt will seep in and damage its grip. Also, if you bury your gloves under other gears without checking it for weeks, the palm area will become crusty.

Aside from that, failure to use the gloves over a long period of time will also make the exterior layer to crack. This will not just affect the stickiness but also the wearability of your gear.

How to restore grip on football gloves

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Each player has his or her own way of making their gloves sticky again. The following are some of the common options and how it works:

1. Spit

If you have watched a football game or two, you probably noticed some players spitting on their gloves. It’s not a ritual; it’s actually their way of making their gloves sticky. This is considered as the last resort if you need the extra tackiness in the middle of a game.

Spitting is an old-fashioned way of restoring the stickiness of a football glove instantly. It’s often used by goalies who need the extra grip to deal with a speeding ball. As modern solutions are made, spitting is no longer a common method since it’s also unsanitary.

However, this method will only work if your gloves are dry and if it’s not raining. Also, you have to wash your gloves thoroughly to remove all the gross spit on it.

2. Baby wipes

Before each game, some football players use baby wipes instead to make their gloves grippier. They rub the baby wipe along the palm and fingers then rub both palms together. This is a more sanitary option, and it will not ruin the material of your gloves

Aside from baby wipes, you can also use a Clorox wipe. Concentrate on the palms then your fingers for the best coverage.

3. Hand sanitizer

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Does hand sanitizer make football gloves sticky? Yes, to some extent. Hand sanitizers, especially gel ones, will help in making football gloves sticky again.

Hand sanitizers also help remove the layer of dirt stuck on your gloves. This alone helps make your gloves sticky again. However, it will only make a small difference to old and worn-out gloves.

4. Sunlight

If your gloves are sweaty or wet, you can simply let it dry under the sun so it will be sticky enough for the next game. However, you won’t have the luxury of time if you’re in the middle of a football game.

Football gloves are difficult to keep sticky if it’s wet. This is very true for quarterbacks, linemen, and wide receivers. By sun-drying the gloves first, you can make the grip boost or other methods more effective.

However, the only downside with frequent sun-drying is it can make the glove material brittle. Use this method sparingly, especially if you’re dealing with an old glove.

5. Grip boost

A grip boost is a football glove sticky spray that restores the grip of your gear. This is a commercially formulated product that you can purchase from gear stores. It’s widely used in the football world, even by professional players. This is designed to make your gloves ready even on the exact game day.

Most leagues permit the use of grip boost products, but it’s worth checking with the specific rules of your league. Grip boost gloves are usually allowed so you can keep a bottle of this spray handy.

The good thing about grip boosts is it can restore an old glove’s stickiness. It’s the best way on how to make a football sticky across leagues, skill level, and glove type. This football glove juice is the Holy Grail when it comes to restoring the gear’s tackiness.

6. Glove wash

Regardless if you’re playing lacrosse, football, or indoor soccer, you need to wash your gear after each game. This will remove all the grimes and dirt stuck on the glove material, which makes it less grippy. please read here best goalie gloves for indoor soccer.

One reason why your gloves lose its tackiness is due to the layer of dirt that masks the palm. This is why washing your gloves will make it sticky again.

Remember that you should not use just any wash for your gloves. There are specially formulated glove washes that will not damage your gloves. Such wash formulas produce less suds so it will leave any residue or slimy feel to your gear.

You should also wash your football gloves after each game. This will make the grip boost more effective as well as other methods that you wish to use. Most of all, it’s mandatory to wash your gloves if you keep spitting on it during the game.

What to avoid

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When it comes to what material makes football gloves sticky, one thing you should avoid is adhesives. The likes of pine tar are not allowed on many leagues. Also, it may damage your gloves if you are not careful.

It’s best to check the rules and regulations of your league when it comes to the use of adhesives to increase the tackiness of a glove.

Also, avoid experimenting with various chemicals as it will do more harm than good. Grip boost is the most effective and safest solution for most gloves, so it’s best to stick to it on most games.

Are sticky gloves allowed in the NFL?

Yes, sticky gloves are allowed in the National Football League (NFL). However, it must adhere to the rules of the league in terms of tacky substance used on the glove. The league is on its way to tighten restrictions about which gloves to prohibit during a game. But so far, the likes of grip boosts are legal to use in all levels of competition.

One thing that NFL banned in the ‘70s is the use of Stickum for glove stickiness. Up to this date, many football leagues don’t allow the use of this substance.

Does rain remove the stickiness of football gloves?

Wet gloves are slippery gloves. Playing on a rainy day will impact the tackiness of your football gloves. Also, it would be difficult to get the grip boost stick to your palm as it can be washed away by rain.

This is the same reason why glove manufacturers came up with dedicated football gloves for rain. It maintains its stickiness during wet conditions. Still, just like any game gloves, this one will lose its grip over time.

Does machine washing remove the stickiness of football gloves?

Remember that only cutter gloves can be machine-washed. Other football gloves, especially goalies, must be washed manually. Putting football gloves to the washing machine will not just wash away its stickiness. It will also damage the padding and material, deeming the gloves unusable for future games.

To be safe, it’s best to wash your gloves by hand. This will let you scrub away any stubborn dirt without damaging the material.

What football glove material is the stickiest?

Latex is the most common option among football gloves since it remains tacky for a long period. It also reacts well to grip boost, which allows players to restore the grip of their gloves easily.


Knowing how to make football gloves sticky again will give you an edge on every game. Whether you’re a goalie, quarterback, receiver, and so on, a sticky glove will ensure that you’ll deliver the best performance. There are many ways to do it, but washing and using a grip boost are the most effective.