How To Put On MMA Gloves: A Comprehensive Guide!

how to put on MMA gloves

Are you wondering how to put on MMA gloves? If so, we got you covered. This post will provide the easiest way of putting on your gloves. Regardless of whether you are already a professional or a beginner, it would help if you read the entire article.

We will supplement your knowledge about MMA gloves. Before we proceed to the steps on how to wear MMA gloves properly, let us know more about MMA gloves first.

Typically, MMA gloves are made out of leather. They also contain pads that are helpful in protecting the hands of the fighters.

MMA gloves are also designed with Velcro closures. This material is used to secure the gloves onto the hands of the fighter. Let us delve into this further below. Scroll down until the end of this guide!


3 Easy Steps To Put On MMA Gloves

More and more people are drawn to these sports. If you are among those people, then it is vital for you to know the proper way of wearing your gloves.

Take note that this kind of mixed martial arts utilizes hands. As such, it is essential that you have enough protection.

Below are steps to be taken when putting on your MMA gloves before the Ufc match or mixed martial arts training.


Step #1. Wear hand wraps

Before you put on your MMA hand gear, you should consider wearing a pair of hand wraps first.

This is for added protection and to keep your hands dry, as this fabric can absorb sweat.

Just like how you need hand wraps for boxing gloves, they can also be worn underneath your MMA gloves.

In wearing them, find their loop first. Then, place the circle on your thumb. Wrap it on your wrist about three times, ensuring it is tight.

Afterward, go around the palm, followed by the knuckles area, before returning to the writer for another round.

Continue towards the pinky finger, the fourth finger, and back to the wrist again.

Repeat the same process for every finger. Alternate between your wrist and fingers.

Ensure to keep the fingers extended and separated. They shouldn’t be loose.

Keep in mind that keeping them loose around the fingers when wrapping will make the entire hand wrap loose. As a result, it can hinder blood circulation.

Once you are done with the fingers, wrap your knuckles a few times. At this time, the remaining wrap would be short already.

This will be used in wrapping around the wrist and closing the Velcro straps.


Step #2. Put on the MMA gloves

Now that you are done wrapping your hands, you can already grab your MMA gloves and actually wear them.

You can begin with the thumb by putting it onto the loop, followed by your four fingers.

how to put on MMA gloves
young fit man putting his gloves, preparing for training

Make sure that the gloves cover the entire palm and wrist area when you put them on the gloves. In other words, it should cover up the wrapping.


Step #3. Secure the MMA gloves on your hands

The last step would be pulling your gloves tightly and securing their Velcro closure.

If you are to take off your MMA hand gloves, you can just undo the Velcro straps and pull off the gloves from your hands.

Ensure to store your MMA training equipment in a cool and dry place after every use.


Ways To Put On MMA Gloves For Kids

It would be great to integrate exercises and workouts into the routine of your kids. One of the most popular sports is mixed martial arts or MMA.

This is often recommended for kids because it is a workout for the whole body.

Although this sport can be intense, it can help kids to protect themselves when needed.

With this training, your kids would also benefit from its positive impact on their fitness and health.

Since MMA is getting increasingly popular, you need to get your kids a pair of MMA gloves now to get started with this sport.

Any sport will not be completed without the appropriate tools. Mixed martial arts is not an exception.

Other than the gloves, you also need headgear and a heavy bag. All of that equipment has a variant that is mainly designed for kids.

But gloves are the most essential among that MMA equipment as they will protect your hands.

This can also help in maximizing their potential when training for the sport. So make sure to invest in the right resources. Find the time to choose suitable gloves.

If you already get one, you should ask how to put on MMA gloves for your kids.

You can simply follow the same procedure stated above. The same rules apply. Just ensure that it won’t be too tight for your child, as it may lead to hand fatigue.

Not only that, but it might also hinder their movements.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, if you want to know more about mixed martial arts hand gear. You can read it below.

We will answer some questions regarding the price, benefits, and proper way of choosing gloves.

Knowing all of this information will be helpful to you, especially when this is your first time buying a pair of MMA gloves.


#1. How different are MMA gloves from other types of gloves?

The mixed martial arts gloves are designed to protect the fighters during training and competition.

Unlike other glove types like boxing gloves or kickboxing gloves, MMA gloves are designed with open fingers.

This will also allow the MMA fighter to grip on their opponent not, like with gloves used for Muay Thai, which has tougher clinching.

How different are MMA gloves from other types of gloves

Other than that, this also helps them to deliver their strikes in maximum force.

This type of training equipment also comes with padding on the knuckles for added protection of the fighters against hand injury.

Without this padding, you will face the risk of cuts, calluses, and broken bones.


#2. What factors to consider when buying MMA gloves?

If you buy a pair of gloves, you should keep some things in mind.

First, you must ensure that the gloves provide a comfortable and snug fit. Of course, you don’t want your fighting gloves to be too tight or loose.

Second, you should find a pair of gloves with good padding. This is crucial for protecting your hands during training or sparring.

Lastly, ensure to choose MMA gloves that are made of durable materials. Well, who would want their gloves to wear out after a few uses?

They are available in a variety of options, including vinyl, synthetic leather, and leather.

They come in various colors, like blue, red, and black. They are the most common ones.


#3. How can you choose the right size MMA gloves?

This question has no definite answer. That is because it will have to depend on several factors, such as the MMA type and hand size.

Your personal preference would also matter. But the general rule to ensure that you get the right size is to opt for one size smaller.

This can help if you want to grip better and enjoy more dexterity when striking or using the grappling technique.

Typically, you can find MMA gloves in small, medium, and large sizes. You can also get extra small and extra large if you want.

On average, MMA gloves weigh around four to six ounces. Anyway, try to check this boxing gloves size guide; this might help too!


#4. What is the average price of MMA gloves?

You can find MMA gloves somewhere between 20 to 200 dollars. But the average price would be around 30 to 60 dollars.

If you are looking for a pair of fighting gloves for training, you need to prepare a budget of about 40 to 60 dollars.

Now, if you want to buy gloves that you will use for mixed martial art competitions, you should be willing to pay the price ranging from 100 to 200 dollars.

If you want gloves that can fit you well while at the same time providing the right amount of protection and wrist support, then you should expect a higher cost.


#5. Are there some benefits of putting on MMA gloves?

It would be beneficial to use MMA gloves for several reasons.

For one thing, it will protect your hands against strikes. You also need this protection when grappling.

Another thing is that you can grip better with MMA gloves. As such, you will keep your control during the UFC fight.

Furthermore, wearing MMA gloves will prevent your opponent from gripping you. This means that you can avoid being submitted or taken down.

Lastly, MMA gloves can have more striking power as they provide you with more surface area for hitting.

In other words, they are helpful increasing your punching and striking speed.

For those reasons, MMA gloves are used both for grappling and striking, may it be during sparring or training.

If you ask whether you can use MMA gloves on a heavy bag, the answer is yes. Perhaps, it’s another benefit. You can use it for various uses.


It’s A Wrap!

If you know how to put on MMA gloves properly, your MMA experiences will be more enjoyable and positive.

As such, take note of the steps we provided you above.

It can help protect your hands, making you safe even when participating in extreme combat sports like MMA.

That’s it for today’s content. Thank you for reading until the end of this post. Have a great day ahead.