How To Stop Sweaty Hands In Gloves? 10 Tips To Keep Your Hands Dry While Wearing Gloves!

how to stop sweaty hands in gloves

The tips on how to stop sweaty hands in gloves will be helpful to you if you are one of those who have hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Your hand is an important asset that you need to keep dry to move comfortably.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke states that about two to three percent of the population suffers from excessive sweating. Out of those numbers, about 64 percent reported having it on their hands. This condition can be socially demoralizing.

Based on the reports, those who suffer from this have a higher risk of developing anxiety and depression. This can also result in a reduced quality of life. One study claimed that about 50 percent of the respondents avoid handshakes because of their sweaty hands. But some ways can be done to control this condition.

There are more things and information to know about your sweaty hands, so let’s dig into this further.


10 Tips To Stop Sweaty Hands In Gloves

A group of 1,000 people with this condition was studied, and it was found that it usually began in adolescence or childhood. In that study, it was also found that it can occur both to men and women. It might not be a big deal for others in this situation.

However, it can lead to irritation and infection of the skin since bacteria can come with your sweat. Although it has no cure, there are some tips that you can follow to control this condition. Read the tips on how to stop sweaty hands in gloves:


Tip #1. Remove your gloves

If your hands begin to sweat while wearing your gloves, what you can do is remove them and allow them to dry for a couple of minutes before wearing the gloves again. Ensure to have a glove-free time every now and then.


Tip #2. Choose the suitable glove material

Choosing the suitable glove material is a crucial factor that prevents serious issues, including sweat, dermatitis, and allergic reactions. If possible, opt for powder-free and non-latex gloves.

Also include those gloves that are made with the breathable material of your choice. If you’re in doubt, you may also know what are the benefits of latex disposable gloves.


Tip #3. Use topical medications

You can try some topical medication in trying to counter sweating. These medications can also help if frequent glove use leads to skin irritation.

You can apply aluminum chlorohydrate or Formaldehyde lotions as they can help in blocking the sweat pore, which means reduced sweating of your hands.


Tip #4. Consider using glove liners

Another tip for those with sweaty hands is to wear a pair of thinner fabric gloves underneath.

Glove liners can help with sweat, and you can find them in various types, such as full-hand liners and fingerless gloves.

There are many more to know, but you can check on the benefits of heated glove liners too.


Tip #5. Use hand coolers or 70 % ethanol

Besides being a disinfectant, 70 % ethanol can also help cool down gloved hands, preventing excessive sweating. Applying it to your hands will feel a cooling sensation after a while.

But take note that you should not use them on your hands without gloves as they can make your skin dry. You can also wear a hand cooler. This is a device designed to help those with sweaty hands. However, you cannot use them while wearing your gloves. So use it when you remove your gloves to cool your hands off.


Tip #6. Use the blotting technique

If your hands get a bit sweaty, get a cotton cloth or paper towel and blot the areas with sweat.


Tip #7. Use some powder

It is also recommended that you use talcum powder for your sweaty hands as it is proven effective at absorbing sweat. However, a few safety hazards come with the prolonged use of baby powder on account of its chemical content.

Some alternatives, other than chemicals, to consider are corn starch or baking soda. Simply dust them onto your hands.


Tip #8. Using antiperspirant

Another helpful piece of advice for those who notice their hands getting sweaty when wearing gloves is to apply a tiny amount of antiperspirant onto your hand before you wear your glove.


Tip #9. Hydrate

This way is counter-intuitive. You should drink plenty of water to sweat less since water can keep your body cool. Thereby, it reduces the temperature inside the body. The more hydrated you are, the less moisture will be released. Even if you can feel the heat at work, this solution can help prevent too much sweat.


Tip #10. Take the importance of size

Other than the solutions mentioned above, you can try another thing.

Try wearing a glove that is a bit larger in size. This will give extra space to the pores so they will not sweat too much.

how to stop sweaty hands in gloves

Another benefit of having a pair of bigger gloves is that changing gloves will be easier.

But the problem with this is when you use too big gloves, which can affect your comfort as you perform your job.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to your questions:


#1. What causes sweaty hands in gloves?

Various factors can cause your hands to become sweaty inside the gloves. Commonly, it is because you are wearing too tight gloves, which constrict proper blood circulation towards your hands.

Another factor is the warm environment. Sweating is the natural response of the body to cool down when it is warm.


#2. What are the risks associated with sweating inside the gloves?

Some potential risk includes discomfort and infection. If your gloves are not breathable enough, you will not be comfortable while working as it is wet inside. There is also a tendency for your gloves will slip off your hands.

More so, having open wounds or cuts on your hand can lead to infection if your hands get sweaty.


It’s A Wrap!

This is the end of the post on how to stop sweaty hands in gloves. Hopefully, this article has provided enough data on controlling your sweaty hands. Ensure to consider the tips above to prevent serious issues that come with sweaty hands. You can try watching YouTube videos too!