How To Stretch Leather Gloves For A Comfortable Fit!

how to stretch leather gloves

If you recently got a pair of new gloves, then it would be good for you to know how to stretch leather gloves. There are a few simple techniques that you can use to do this.

Gloves come in three main types: driving, job, and dress gloves. Regardless of your kind of gloves, purchasing a pair of gloves that already fit snugly into your hands is ideal.

In other words, those that you do not need to stretch anymore. If this is the case, you can simply apply the steps to soften leather work gloves. But if you find stretching necessary with your leather gloves as they do not fit into your hands comfortably, then do not worry. So, read below as this article will guide and point out some tips and methods for the best results!


5 Steps To Stretch Leather Gloves

The shrinkage of your leather gloves links to the exposure of these things to heat and water. For example, gardening gloves with moisture left under the sunlight would need some stretching before subsequent use.

If you find yourself in a similar problem, follow the steps below for a snug fit, and store them in a cool and dry place next time. Do not leave it anywhere it can be exposed to water or heat.


Step #1. Applying moisture

You can look for a shelf agent that is particularly formulated for stretching leather. A leather spray for shoes is one product to consider; try Amazon, friends! It contains chemicals that can help in making the leather soft.

This will allow you to stretch the gloves easily. If your pairs have no lining, turn them hot inside. Then, spray from a 10 to 15-centimeter distance.

After spraying, get a cloth and use it to distribute the spray evenly. But this step won’t be necessary if your leather gloves have a lining. After that, turn it again with its right side out. Apply the stretching solution the same technique you did with the interior. Do not soak these products with the spray. Just apply the right amount.

For someone without stretching sprays and who does not want to buy one, lukewarm water can be used to soak the gloves. But note that you might shrink your leather gloves further, so ensure you take the following steps correctly.

Submerge the gloves into a bowl of water for about three minutes. After that period, remove the excess by squeezing the gloves gently. Be cautious when doing this as you might wring them.


Step #2. Wearing the leather gloves

An average person’s hand is about 7.08 inches in circumference, 6.69 inches in length, and 7.5 in width. The best option to stretch your gloves is by wearing them. But you can put on cotton gloves first before wearing your gloves. You can also dampen your leather gloves with vinegar and water solution if you find it difficult to wear your leather gloves.

Once you wear the leather gloves, utilize your hands to stretch them. Do that for a couple of minutes, then remove the gloves and allow them to dry. This process should be repeated several times until you achieve your desired fit.

how to stretch leather gloves

But if you use water and not a stretching solution, you need to stretch them with your hands while you wait for them to dry. Do not leave the gloves to dry alone as they might shrink further rather than stretch.

It would be better to continue wearing gloves throughout the drying process. If you feel uncomfortable with the moist, you can wear plastic or latex gloves first, as they can help insulate your hands.

If you want to speed up the process, you can ride your bike with your gloves. In case you do not want to wear the gloves, you can also stuff the interior with materials like a newspaper to keep it expanded. This is the best thing to do if you want to stretch your wrist.


Step #3. Using a hair dryer

After completing the previous step and you still find your fingers tight, I advice you to get a hair dryer as it can help stretch the leather out. In this step, wear gloves and allow the hair dryer to blow onto the tight areas. Do this for a couple of minutes. After that, remove your gloves and will enable them to cool before use.


Step #4. Conditioning your leather gloves

You can use a cloth to apply the leather condition evenly. Do it gently and use circular motions.

Make sure to coat the entirety of the gloves. This would be essential if you used water in step #1. This is to ensure that the gloves retain their natural moisture and oil, preventing the leather gloves from turning hard and brittle.

Using a leather conditioner will lessen the effects of excessive water exposure. This will also help maintain the gloves’ shelf life and comfort. If you used a leather stretching solution in step #1, ensure that you wipe off the remaining solution before you condition the gloves.

Knowing how to use the best leather conditioner for baseball gloves will help.


Step #5. Store the gloves properly

You have to remember that your leather gloves might shrink back if they get exposed to moisture. So you have to make sure that the box storage is dry.

If you seldom use your leather gloves, you still have to check your collection every three to five days to ensure that they are in the right size, form, and shape. Remember that leather gloves will last longer if you care for them properly.


Other Methods On How To Stretch Out Tighter Gloves

Other than the procedure provided above, there are many ways to stretch leather gloves for a comfortable fit. Follow this post:


Alternative Method #1. Stretching using alcohol

One great style to stretch a pair of leather gloves is with the use of alcohol, something used for clinical purposes. Simply get rubbing alcohol and apply it using cotton wool or a spray bottle.

other methods on how to stretch out tighter gloves

Make a mixture of water and alcohol; shake well. Then, spray the solution onto the surface you need to stretch. Simply moisten it enough to soften the material and not dampen it.

After that, put on your items and stretch them. If you want to use cotton wool, simply soak it in alcohol. Then, rub it gently onto your desired areas. After that, wear your gloves and stretch them.


Alternative Method #2. Using wet newspaper

Those old newspapers you ignore can be used as they can help stretch the leather gloves. To do that, dampen your gloves a bit.

You do not need to soak the gloves in the water entirely as you will utilize wet newspapers. Once the gloves are damp, take some newspapers and submerge them into the water.

Take out the newspaper from the water and wring them a bit to eliminate the excess water. Then, shape the newspaper to fit the holes in the palm and fingers. When the gloves are filled with newspapers, dry them for 24 hours or more.


Alternative method #3. Ice stretching

The properties of ice include freezing and melting. With this in mind, some people use this method to stretch leather. For this method, you will need a plastic or zip-lock bag that can be sealed completely.

All you have to do is to fill the gloves with sufficient water and seal it using a tie or band. Once sealed, place the leather gloves inside the plastic or zip-lock bag.

You have to seal the bag completely so the water will not spill. After that, you must place the leather gloves in another plastic to protect your gloves.

Then, place the plastic bag inside the freezer and let it freeze completely. Take out the gloves from the freezer once you ensure they are frozen completely, and remove the plastic bag. Once the gloves melt, you can already take them out of the zip lock.

The logic behind this method is simple: the gloves will expand as the water inside the gloves expands during the freezing process. When the ice melts, the leather will also contract. So with the repeated process, the leather gloves will stretch and provide a snug fit.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will answer some of the common questions we have encountered about stretching leather gloves. You may or may not find them helpful, but it is always good to equip yourself with more information.


#1. Can you stretch any type of gloves?

There are several types of gloves that are good for stretching. But stretching is more effective than gloves making stretchy materials such as spandex and Lycra. These gloves hug your hands tightly, keeping them in the correct position as you stretch.


#2. How long does it take to stretch a leather glove?

This will depend on how much stretching your gloves need. A pair of gloves made of materials like leather or cotton can be stretched easily. So it will not take so much time to stretch your leather gloves. But if your piece is made of polyester or nylon, it would take longer to stretch them.

I guess it’s helpful if you know how to break in leather gloves.


#3. Are there some risks associated with stretching your gloves?

Yes, stretching your leather gloves come with a few risks. The most serious risk is the possibility of tearing. This is particularly true if your gloves are tight as they would tear easily, particularly on their seams.

In addition, the fabric might also lose its shape with stretching. This will make it uncomfortable for you to wear them. Lastly, stretching the gloves might also affect their ability to provide sufficient warmth.


#4. What are the benefits of stretching leather gloves?

There are several benefits associated with stretching your gloves. For one thing, it can help in making the material lose. This can also make the gloves more pliable, making it easy to put them on and off.

Another benefit is extending the lifespan, preventing your gloves from losing shape or becoming too tight. Lastly, stretching can improve the fit of the gloves so that it would be easier for you to wear them.


#5. How much do you need to stretch your leather gloves?

You must stretch the gloves to fit comfortably and snugly on your hands. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Ensure that it is just suitable for your hands. Of course, you would want to move your fingers freely. It should not restrict your movements.


It’s A Wrap!

The methods how to stretch leather gloves are all straightforward. Simply choose whichever way you seem best. In conclusion, regardless of your chosen method, ensure not to go overboard. Just stretch them until they fit comfortably – not too tight or loose from your skin. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to leave your comment below!