How To Wash And Dry Goalkeeper Gloves? In 4 Easy Steps!

How To Wash And Dry Goalkeeper Gloves

How to wash and dry goalkeeper gloves? In four easy steps, I’m sure you can keep your gloves dry and clean; these steps can be done with a breeze, so don’t fret, my friends. You just need a few things that are readily available at home.

In soccer, the only one who uses their hands is the goalkeeper. Although they don’t run around like other players, they still play a huge role because they have to stay focused and quickly catch the ball. And the goalkeepers should protect their hands. Thus they wear thick gloves.

Now, you can’t prevent dirt and water from staining your gloves, so goalkeepers must learn to clean and dry their gloves to maintain their quality for a long time. Regardless, read on to learn more about goalkeeper gloves maintenance. Please read here Goalkeeper Glove Size Guide: Knowing Your Size

Cleaning and Drying Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves are made of material that is prone to wear, mainly when it’s often used. That is why good maintenance is the key to keep your gloves at their best quality. On the other hand, goalkeepers could use up to 3 or more pairs of their gloves, on average, which is per season already. please read here how to wash motocycle gloves.

However, it would depend on how often the player uses their goalkeeper gloves since the often you do, the quicker it wears off. But if you do train with them often, your technique, how you play, and how you maintain the pair of gloves could increase the life span of the material. So, here’s how to wash and dry goalkeeper gloves!

Steps To Wash And Dry Goalkeeper Gloves

Here is a list of steps to wash your goalkeeper gloves properly:

1. Wash the gloves in warm water

Soak the gloves in warm water with a temperature of 30º C at most. It would be best to use your hands, specifically with your thump, to take off the dirt from the gloves as the material can be pretty delicate to place in a washing machine.

And do not use any scrubber or brush, or you will damage the latex. Instead, we recommend you wash your gloves right after your game so that the dirt will be easier to clean off. please read here how to wash goalie gloves.

2. Use Glove Cleaner (optional)

Dirt is not the only thing that sticks on your gloves but also sweats that promotes bacteria growth that usually causes a bad odor. Now, if you don’t clean your gloves regularly, the smell could also transfer to your skin. please read here how to clean golf gloves.

To effectively get rid of all the dirt and bacteria, it would be best to use glove cleaner. But before you purchase one, make sure that it is suitable for the type of material your goalkeeper glove is made of, follow the instructions written on it.

3. Rinse

After washing the gloves with soap, rinse and soak the gloves until all the dirt and the excess glove cleaner is off. Please do not leave the cleaning solution on your goalkeeper gloves as it could damage the material in the long run. Regardless, you better dry the gloves naturally. Keep on reading to learn how to dry goalkeeper gloves. please read here how to wash motocross gloves.

4. Dry

Now that you finish rinsing the gloves place a towel on them and apply pressure to remove the excess water. Let the towel absorb the water and never wipe it on the gloves to prevent damage. The best way to dry gloves is to take them out but not leave them directly under the sun or in a humid area. 

If it’s raining, you can place it in your room, in front of a fan to dry. But, avoid wringing or ironing the gloves or place them on a radiator, a tumble dryer, or in front of a fire, or it will take out the natural moisture of the latex, causing it to become brittle and dry. So, make sure to keep that in mind.


That is all for “How to wash and dry goalkeeper gloves?” We hope that you’d take care of your goalkeeper gloves properly so you can use them as long as you could. They can be pretty expensive, so maintaining the quality is one way to save money. Regardless, thanks for stopping by!