How To Wash Your Goalie Gloves Properly. Best Methods

Your goalie gloves will become soiled and dirty after every game. This is why it’s necessary to wash it properly and with the right formula. Instead of using soap or detergent, I’ll teach you how to wash goalie gloves properly so it will retain its tackiness and form. We will use a glove wash made specifically for this type of gear.

Why you need to wash your goalie gloves

Are you wondering why you have to wash your goalie gloves? The following are some of the reasons:

Dirt is sticking on it. Grass, soil, sweat, and other things will be sticking on your gloves after a game. You must remove all of it to ensure that your goalie gear is prepared for the next game.

It will retain the stickiness. Excessive dirt will make the palm of your gloves less tacky. Also, the dirt will make it impossible for grip boost to stick.

You’re spitting on it. Goalies will spit on their gloves mid-game to make it stickier. Remember, though, that our saliva is packed with bacteria. Failure to wash your spit-laden gloves will let nasty things form and harbor on your gear.

It smells bad. After a hot game, your goalie gloves will all be sweaty and smelly. You must wash it thoroughly to remove the bad smell, which is a sign that bacteria are starting to build up on it.

It will make the gloves last longer. Above all, washing your gloves regularly will make it last longer. As part of proper care, washing removes dirt and other abrasive substances that will damage the exterior of the gloves.

How to wash your goalie gloves

After a game, your goalie gloves will be extremely dirty. Regardless if you want to know how to wash renegade goalie gloves or how to clean Reusch goalie gloves, the following methods will work:

Washing method #1. Water and glove wash

Fill a bucket with clean water and make sure that it’s at room temperature. Soak the dirty goalie gloves to the water for a few minutes. This is a way on how to pre wash goalkeeper gloves to remove the superficial dirt.

Once some of the dirt has been removed, spray a glove wash into the palm of the goalie gloves. This works like soap, so you have to rub it into the glove material. However, you should never twist the glove, just use your hands to spread the wash formula. Rub it in all over the palm and fingers where most of the dirt is found.

After you have applied the glove wash thoroughly, soak the goalie gloves back to the water then squeeze it gently. Let the gloves soak on the water for up to five minutes then put it out of the bucket. You should squeeze the gloves to remove the dripping water.

The next step is to put the gloves to another bucket of clean water to rinse off the remaining soap and dirt.

Once done, cover your goalie gloves with a clean towel then press it to remove the moisture. After that, let the gloves dry in the air. Most goalie gloves take time to dry, so make sure that you give it about two days before the next game.

For this method, the goalkeeper glove wash ingredients are much gentler than regular soap. It’s engineered for glove materials and in retaining the grip of the gear. Never use detergent and soaps other than the dedicated wash made for football gloves.

Washing method #2. Water only

If you don’t have a glove wash handy, one method you can try is using a bucket of water. Unlike the first method, you should wear gloves.

Once you’re wearing the gloves, dip it into the water and squeeze your hands repeatedly. This will remove the dirt stuck in the palm and finger area. You should also rub other areas of the gloves as if you’re washing your bare hands.

Do this repeatedly until you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of your goalie gloves. This will take time, though, but it’s the easiest and most straightforward way of cleaning a pair of game gloves.

Again, squeeze and don’t twist your gloves. You may need to perform the process 3 to 4 times by refilling the bucket with clean water.

After cleaning, wrap your goalie gloves on a towel and squeeze the excess moisture out of it. You can air-dry the pair after this step.

However, remember that this method may not be suitable for smelly gloves. You’ll need a glove wash formula to neutralize malodors.

Remember that washing is the only way on how to keep goalie gloves from smelling. You have to remove the dirt so it will not harbor bacteria and other germs that will smell bad later on.

Additional washing tips

Always be gentle. Although there might be deep-seated dirt, you should avoid scrubbing too hard. The excess force may rip the material or leave scratches on your goalie gloves. Just squeeze the gloves gently to puff out any dirt left.

Use clean water. You should always replace the water you’re using with a clean batch about 2 to 3 times. You should replace the water after pre-washing, applying the soap, and after the first rinse. This will prevent the dirt from sticking back to the gloves.

Dry it horizontally. When drying your gloves, it’s best to place it on top of two bars. This horizontal position will retain the form and fit of the gloves as compared to hanging it on the clothesline. Gravity will pull the gloves down, which will make it feel awkward to wear once dry.

Never use a scrub brush. As much as you want to speed up the cleaning process, scrubbing your gloves with a brush is a no-no. The stiff bristles will scratch the material and even strip its stickiness away. Just use your hands to remove any dirt on the gloves.

Wash the gloves as soon as you can. After each game, it’s best to wash the goalie gloves right after you finish the game. Don’t let the dirty gloves sitting overnight because the dirt will just bury further, making it more difficult to remove.

How to dry goalkeeper gloves fast

After you wash your goalie gloves, the next step is drying. However, the common struggle here is that goalkeeper gloves take time to dry. Some players may not have the luxury of time for a long drying period.

You should never dry your goalie gloves on the dryer, radiator, bonfire, iron, hairdryer, or direct sunlight. Direct heat will melt your glove’s latex palm, which will deem it unusable for any game. You should avoid wringing it out as well because it will damage the material.

To dry the gloves fast, wrap it flatly with a clean towel and squeeze. This will remove most of the moisture so your goalie gloves will dry faster in the air. You should also choose a breezy spot so it will dry quickly. An electric fan will also work wonders.

The fastest you can dry goalie gloves is 24 hours. Unlike other football gloves, goalies have thicker and bulkier gloves with padding that will absorb more water.

Can I use Vaseline on goalkeeper gloves

If you’re thinking of applying Vaseline petroleum jelly to your goalie gloves, you should think twice. This substance will make your gloves dry and stiff. It will damage the latex material of the palm, causing it to lose its natural moisture and stickiness.

At a molecular level, latex is a polymer while petroleum jelly is an oligomer. The polymer will absorb the latter, which will alter its molecular composition. The result is a dry and crumbly mess.

If you want to know how to make your goalie gloves have more grip, you might as well purchase a grip boost instead.

How to store your goalie gloves

Remember that your job doesn’t end after you wash your goalie gloves. You should also mind how you store your gear to prevent potential damages.

Before storing, make sure that your gloves are bone-dry. Otherwise, molds may grow on it and damage your gloves.

You should always keep your gloves in a cool and dry place. Also, avoid burying your gloves on your gear bag for weeks as it will make the palms crumbly and stiff. Most of all, never store dirty gloves. New goalie gloves should also be washed before wearing it for the first time.

Avoid storing your gloves with the palms pressing together. The latex material may fuse and get stuck, which can be problematic to remove. It will also rip if you try to remove it.


Knowing how to wash goalie gloves properly will ensure that your gear will last longer. It will also keep you prepared for the next game. Remember that a dirty glove will smell bad, and it will not give you the best performance. The good thing is that cleaning it only takes simple steps that you can easily do at home. You only need a glove wash, clean water, and some patience.

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