How To Wash Motocross Gloves Properly

Motocross gloves can get really muddy and dirty after each ride. Due to the nature of this sport, you have to wash your riding gear after every match to remove deep-seated dirt that will damage the material. In this post, I will share with you my personal method in ensuring that my motocross gloves will be fresh and clean for the next ride.

How to wash motocross gloves

If your motocross gloves are covered in mud, smelly, and wet, you can choose from these two methods:


Step 1. Reach for the hose

The first thing you have to do after taking off your motocross gloves is to spray it with water. Don’t put the gloves back to your gear bag since the mud will just mess the other things inside.

Spray the gloves until most of the mud has been removed. Use a low-pressure setting so you will not damage your gloves in the process. Also, you must do this on your yard and not inside the house as the mud streaks can get really messy.

Step 2. Wash it

Motocross gloves can be made of different materials so you should check the label for washing instructions. Most are safe to machine-wash, depending on the material.

A large portion of motocross gloves in the market is made of Kevlar. For this material, you need to use hot water of about 170F. Mix a non-oxygenated detergent into it to remove deep-seated dirt.

Never, ever, use bleach to remove stains on Kevlar. Some use a solution of one cup of ammonia, one cup of dish soap, and one cup of water. This solutions also works on a very muddy jersey and other motocross gears. If you are to use this solution, make sure that you wash the motocross gloves immediately after the application.

Step 3. Drying

Again, for Kevlar motocross gloves, you can tumble it dry in low heat. If your gloves are blended with other materials, the safest method is air-drying, but you must avoid direct sunlight. The UV rays will degrade any fabric, which will make your motocross gloves prone to damages.

Give the motocross gloves at least 24 hours to dry properly. If you have a ride scheduled the following day, it’s ideal if you have a reserved pair of gloves just in case the first one doesn’t dry right away.


If you have leather motocross gloves, you need to hand-wash it to prevent damages.

Step 1. Put the gloves on

The first step is to put the gloves on and wash your hands with it. You should run some cool water on it to remove the mud and other superficial dirt. After that, you should add mild soap or saddle cleaner for deep cleaning.

Rub and squeeze the gloves by making a fist repeatedly. This will juice out the dirt without damaging your motocross gloves.

Step 2. Rinsing

 Once you’re satisfied with the dirt you removed, rinse the motocross gloves on running water. You must keep the gloves on and rinse it three to four times. Like what you did with the soap, squeeze the gloves multiple times to remove the remaining suds.

Never wring leather motocross gloves as it will deform the material and lose its proper fit.

Step 3. Drying

After washing, take the gloves off and give it one final rinse. Squeeze the gloves gently then place on top of a clean towel. Fold the other side of the towel to cover the gloves. After that, press the gloves to remove the excess moisture.

Step 4. Conditioning

Once your motocross gloves are no longer dripping wet, the next step is to condition it. Put the gloves back on and make a fist. Flex your hands repeatedly to bring back the mold of the gloves.

After that, remove the gloves and lay it on a flat and clean surface. If you can, apply a small amount of leather conditioner to keep the material pliable. Remember that you should only apply the leather conditioner to the leather parts of the gloves.

Additional tips when washing motocross gloves

Storage is also important. After washing and drying your motocross gloves, you must store it in a cool and dry place. For leather motocross gloves, avoid squeezing or folding it since it will lose its form.

Never use bleach. Bleach is the enemy of any sport gloves. It can easily damage fabrics and leather. The damages will be irreversible.

Never store dirty gloves. One of the mortal sins of riders is storing dirty gear. You should always wash everything after every ride.

Never use pressure washers. As much as you want to remove the mud on your motocross gloves, you should avoid pressure washers. The impact of the water may peel off a layer of leather and damage other materials.


Washing your motocross gloves are mandatory after each ride. Since it will get muddy and dirty, you simply can’t toss it back to the gear bag. Depending on the material of the glove, you can either machine-wash or hand-wash it.

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