How To Wash Weight Lifting Gloves?

how to wash weight lifting gloves

The question is: how to wash weight lifting gloves? Maybe you are thinking of the steps and ways to wash weight lifting gloves.

As a dedicated weightlifter, maintaining my gear, especially the gloves that safeguard my grip, has been paramount in my fitness journey. The essence of washing weightlifting gloves isn’t merely about cleanliness but prolonging their durability and ensuring optimal performance.

Let me guide you through the proficient methods of caring for your weightlifting gloves, ensuring they remain your sturdy companions in every lift and pull.

Being able to know the things that are related to cleaning your things helps you to be aware of proper hygiene and perpetuate fitness.

There is dirt on your gloves after you finish the exercise, lifting a heavy object at the gym, and even dust on your surroundings.

These things would probably stick in with the gloves you aren’t aware of, and you must be open about how to eliminate those.

As you read this article, you will learn some facts, ways, and steps on how you will be able to wash your weight lifting gloves.

So without further ado, let’s start!


Why Wash Weight Lifting Gloves?

Good health plays a big part in our life to do things efficiently and comfortably. Being able to clean your gloves is your responsibility to ensure.

A good and healthy way of living is cleaning and eliminating dirt on your used equipment, things, and other essential kinds of stuff. They play a significant role in your daily basis.

Washing weight lifting gloves is one way of taking good care of your body, health, peace, and mind. Due to subsequent use of your weight lifting gloves, it may produce and generate odor and would probably give you an uncomfortable feeling.

You wouldn’t want to smell foul when dealing with other people while inside the gym doing an exercise.

After all, weight lifting gloves are vital in building your biceps, moving your triceps, and making you fit as a whole and free from sickness.

Anyway, if you’re doing boxing, you may also want to know how to clean smelly and boxing gloves.


Steps To Wash Weight Lifting Gloves

During the workout, your body will move and react and increase your body temperature causing it to sweat. When your hands sweat, the weightlifting gloves you are using will absorb your sweat and may cause your barbell to slip.

While your fingers grip the gym equipment during the workout, your grips give off energy that would make you sweat.

Weightlifting gloves are made of leather and other artificial materials and are prone to heat. Here are the following steps on how to wash weight lifting gloves:


Step #1. Use soap and warm water

An essential part of cleaning and washing a gym glove is using detergent soap and water to properly remove the dirt and foul odor.

You may use a standard powder that you usually use when doing your laundry.

As long as it will help to get rid of the dirt, any powder will do. Keep the water warm when washing.

It will help kill the bacteria or germs in your gym gloves. Try to find out the best way to clean boxing gloves too!


Step #2. Immerse the gloves in the water

Prepare warm water and your soap, and be able to immerse or submerge your gloves in the water.In your prepared warm water, put your gloves there.

how to wash weight lifting gloves

Let your gloves absorb first the powder or soap in the warm water.Minutes later, it would be accessible for you to wash and eliminate the debris or dirt in your gloves.


Step #3. Turn the gloves one at a time

It is also vital that you tend to turn your gloves. Turn each glove inside to determine which part of your glove is still dirty.

Turning the gloves from time to time and seeing its other parts when washing and cleaning is the proper process you could repeat.

As the sum of this, when doing an exercise, being able to turn the gloves side by side is one way of being meticulous and clean.


Step #4. Rinse properly with clean water

After you wash your glove and can turn your glove inside out, maybe you have already cleaned it and left no dirt.

It is now time to prepare clean water for rinsing. Cleanse your washed gym glove properly with the clean water you prepared.

Bathe it well and change the water when needed. If you see that there is still a bubble present in your glove, still change the water.

You’re off to go from doing this repeatedly, and from the moment it is free from bubbles.


Step #5. Press out any water

When both sides are already clean and free from dirt, you may squeeze out any water from each glove.

Make sure that when you squeeze your glove, do not stretch it. Just squeeze or press it slowly.

It will help you not to enlarge your glove and stay just as it is. Ensure that when you press the water in your glove, leave no water.

It will help dry your gym gloves faster and give you less hassle.


Step #6. Dry the gloves

Living in a practical world, you could use the sunlight when drying your gloves.But always remember that you shouldn’t use a tumble drier because it will damage the fabric of your gym glove.

steps to wash weight lifting gloves

Drying the gloves the wrong way would lose their shape because of the heat it gives off, which is incompatible with your gloves.You can dry your gloves by just having a low to moderate temperature, and again direct sunlight is fine.


Step #7. Don’t use a washing machine or dryer

One reason your gloves don’t last long is because of being unaware of how they will be only taken care of and be a wash-off.

Don’t use a washing machine when cleaning it since the device has intense pressure; it will damage your gloves if you try.

Also, please don’t use a dryer because it will lose shape. Direct sunlight would be enough and acceptable.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know the answer to how to wash weightlifting gloves. There are seven steps that you should know when cleaning your gym glove.

Reading some instructions related to washing gym gloves is very helpful and essential to acquire.

Gym or weight lifting gloves plays a big part in having a healthy way of living, being fit, and being free from sickness.

It is just vital that you know how to clean and wash them since you are still the one that will be going to benefit from them.

I hope you gain something such as helpful information on how to wash weight lifting gloves from this article. Have a great day!