9 Best LED Gloves (updated 2024)

best led gloves

EmazingLights, Lafefo, Aywewii, Msdada, The Noodley, GloFX, Tritechnox, and Bollepo are the best LED gloves in the market today. Some of these products are ideal for gloving, a form of artistic expression that uses light-up gloves to perform light shows at music events. While others are more fit as toys or costumes. 

Out of all the models these brands have released, my best pick would be the EmazingLights LED Elite Flow gloves. It has 20 different colors and 3 light modes that can create brilliant light trails for the eyes to enjoy. 

Our goal is for you to find the perfect pair to suit your or your loved one’s needs. So, without further ado, let us proceed to the reviews. 

In this section, we are going to discuss the individual features of the nine pre-selected products to help you in your future decision-making.

1. EmazingLights Elite Flow Glove – Best Pick

EmazingLights Elite Flow Glove Set Light Up Finger LED Rave Glow Gloves

Are you a gloving beginner? If yes, then this is the perfect pair for you. Make EmazingLights LED Elite Flow gloves your partner as you hone your skills in this form of art.

What I really love about this product is that you are given endless possibilities when it comes to combinations of patterns and color. How? It has twenty brilliant hues and three pre-programmed LED light modes, allowing you to create stunning trails of light. 

Thanks to its ClickSwitch technology, you can conveniently customize the light patterns as hyper strobe, strobe, or strobie. With this, you can match your aesthetic hand movements. It enables you to select a single mode to turn on or off, instead of letting you cycle through the three different default options. 

Do not be overwhelmed because it is easy to use. The brand purposely designed these light-up gloves to be user-friendly, making it a suitable option for first-timers. It is also very comfortable to wear as it is made of cotton. 

EmazingLights Elite Flow Glove Set Light Up Finger LED Rave Glow Gloves

Each finger light has an eLock feature. This helps save the batteries as it prevents them from turning on while on transit. You can easily remove it by holding the lights down until they are red in color. After this, just click the button to turn it either on or off. 

These features make it ideal for a variety of events such as parties, music festivals, raves, and gloving dance performances. You can also utilize it for costumes or send them as a holiday gift to your loved ones. 

Everything you need is in this package, as it is a complete set of the necessities for throwing on your own light show. Aside from the gloves, it includes pre-installed 20x 1620 batteries, a PVC carrying case, 10x standard LED diffusers, and as well as an instruction manual.  please read here Why Do Tattoo Artists Wear Black Gloves? 4 Best Reasons Why

Additionally, EmazingLights has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for every glove set it produces. As for the downside, according to some users, it takes quite some time to program the lights to a new color set. 

But aside from this, there’s nothing more to complain about. Make sure to choose EmazingLights LED Elite Flow gloves to be part of your gloving journey! You will surely not be disappointed. 

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Lights are consistent and of high quality
  • Excellent color variety
  • Ideal for a beginner’s use
  • Fits well and works properly
  • It has an eLock feature and a ClickSwitch technology
  • Takes time to program or set up

2. TOPTOY Flashing LED Gloves Best Budget Choice

Gifts for Teen Girls, TOPTOY Flashing LED Gloves Gift Ideas for Teen Boys Girls Autism Cool Toys for 3-12 Years Old Boys Girls Best Birthday Gifts Toys Presents for 3-12 Boys Girls Light Gloves TTG001

For those of you who are on a tight budget but still want a decent product, TOPTOY LED Flashing gloves will definitely suit your need. 

Its construction is made with knitted fabric that is both breathable and lightweight. The material is also very soft, making it comfortable to wear. With this, any event becomes more memorable without being bothered by sweat or bulkiness. 

It flashes three different colored lights in each finger, which are red, blue, and green that can last up to 6 hours of continuous use. Along with this, it comes with six function light effects that can surely bring the mood to the next level. 

Here’s what impressed me the most. It sells at such an affordable price, but you’ll definitely get more than what you pay for. TOPTOY is also very generous and added four extra batteries in the package, aside from the four pre-installed ones in each of the gloves. please read here best gloves for truck driver.

Gifts for Teen Girls, TOPTOY Flashing LED Gloves Gift Ideas for Teen Boys Girls Autism Cool Toys for 3-12 Years Old Boys Girls Best Birthday Gifts Toys Presents for 3-12 Boys Girls Light Gloves TTG001

Additionally, it is 100% safe to use. It doesn’t contain any harmful materials or chemicals, which makes it ideal even for children who are at the age of 6. Anyone can easily use it. By just pressing the button, you can turn it on, off, or change the effects to your preference.

This model has a variety of applications. It is suitable for holidays like Halloween and Christmas, and others such as parties, dancing, rave, concert, and cosplay. The brand purposely made the packaging pleasing and attractive for a much better gifting experience. 

To activate the batteries, simply remove the insulating paper that is attached to the product. If you want to extend its battery life, just re-insert it back to its place. 

One thing that most users didn’t like about this model is that when you remove your fingers, the wires tend to move, causing some of the LED to push further back, blocking its light. Also, others said that it is not that durable. But still, overall, it is an excellent product worth trying.

Having fun comes with no age limit. Whether you’re a kid, a teen, or an adult, TOPTOY’s LED Flashing gloves will surely make the most out of any occasion.   

  • Lightweight and breathable construction
  • Sells at an affordable price
  • Very comfortable
  • Completely safe to use
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Includes extra batteries
  • Ideal for various occasions
  • Removal of fingers causes wires to move
  • Not that durable

3. EmazingLights Spectra Evo Light Up LED Gloves Premium Choice

EmazingLights Spectra Evo Light Up LED Gloves (White Glove Set)

The next product on this list is not your ordinary pair of LED gloves. You will simply be amazed by the unlimited color and pattern combinations offered by the Spectra Evo light-up LED gloves from EmazingLights. Let’s dive in and found out more about its features and capabilities.

While other models are limited to a certain number of hues, this brilliant pair is basically boundless. With this, you can come up with multiple color and pattern combinations that can certainly level up your light show in any event. These gloves are just perfect for use in clubs, raves, parties, and music festivals. please read here best luxury driving gloves.

But how is this possible? This model is Bluetooth-compatible, allowing you to customize your lights through its easy-to-use EmazingLights app, a feature that I definitely love. 

EmazingLights Spectra Evo Light Up LED Gloves (White Glove Set)

You have a whole spectrum of colors to choose from. Once you are satisfied with a particular combination, you can sync it immediately to your gloves in just a matter of seconds. It also has a live preview mode, enabling you to take a glimpse of your work in real-time.

Also, with this application, you’ll never lose your previous creations. Backup copies are automatically saved to the cloud, which you can readily access at any time. It may take quite a few tries to come up with the perfect combination, so this feature is quite helpful for indecisive glovers.

Aside from this, you can also share your work in the community. And of course, download those made by others.

Its durable eLite casings are specially designed to provide you with maximum comfort, so be assured that you will enjoy using these light-up gloves without keeping much in mind. Additionally, battery changing has become faster than ever; you can just simply remove them and slide in new ones. 

EmazingLights Spectra Evo Light Up LED Gloves (White Glove Set)

To set up the product, simply push each microlight located at the fingertips and press the eZ-click button to turn it on or off. 

Now, let’s talk about its setbacks. According to some users, it has a short battery life and is also quite costly. It may be quite expensive for others, but with all these features, it is absolutely a great steal. If you’re a competitive glover, this model is definitely made for you. 

Get to experience hypnotic fun with EmazingLights Spectra Evo light-up LED gloves. You will surely enjoy every moment!

  • Enables rapid battery changes
  • Bluetooth-compatible
  • Provides unlimited pattern and color combinations
  • Comes with an easy-to-use app
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Fast color syncing
  • Short battery life
  • Very costly

4. Aywewii Led Finger Gloves and LED Shoelaces – Best Set

Aywewii Led Finger Gloves, Led Gloves LED Shoelaces Set Light Up Toys for Boys Girls, Flashing Gloves (Black)

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your 8 to 16-year-old child, niece, or nephew? For sure, they will adore the Aywewii LED finger gloves and LED shoelaces. 

Both of these products are made with premium-quality cotton fabric and electric devices, making them comfortable to wear. The flashing LED gloves are highly breathable; they are light enough for summer seasons and quite warm during winter. 

Its material is soft and stretchable, which can fit a variety of hand sizes in the previously mentioned age range. 

When it comes to operation, there’s no need to undergo complicated steps because it is easy to use. By just pressing the button situated at the wrist area, and the shoelace, bright lights will instantly bring any event to the next level. It offers various patterns and color settings that the kids would surely enjoy. 

My friends really prefer the fact that this is a LED glove and shoelace set. They will surely be the center of attention during school events, carnival parades, dance performances, parties, and a lot more. 

Aywewii Led Finger Gloves, Led Gloves LED Shoelaces Set Light Up Toys for Boys Girls, Flashing Gloves (Black)

The shoelaces are made with 100% nylon, suitable for any type of lace-up shoes like roller blades, roller skates, ice skates, etc. Aywewii ensured that they are waterproof so that they can still be used even when it’s raining. 

As a bonus, aside from the four pre-installed glove batteries, there are four more provided in the packaging. Be assured that every dollar you’ll spend on this set will not be wasted. It is, without a doubt, the best LED gloves and shoelaces set you’ll ever find in the market. 

The only complaint about this product is that the gloves are quite big in size. Overall, it is a well-made pair, perfect for making any event more fun and memorable.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose to give Aywewii LED finger gloves and LED shoelaces to your young loved ones because, at such a budget-friendly price, satisfaction is guaranteed. 

  • Stretchable and breathable
  • Easy to operate
  • Lights shine bright
  • Comes with four additional batteries
  • Ideal for 8 to 16-year-old kids
  • Products are made with premium-quality cotton fabric and electric devices
  • Great value for money
  • Gloves are quite big in size

5. MSDADA Scary Mask with LED GlovesBest Mask and Gloves Kit

Halloween Scary Mask with LED Gloves Kit, LED Costume Mask EL Wire Light Up Mask for Halloween Costume Festival Cosplay(Red)

Together with the LED gloves, the kit comes with a scary Halloween mask. The mask has four different modes- slow flash, fast flash, steady light, and off. The gloves, on the other hand, has six modes- red-yellow flashing, green flashing, blue-white flashing, all colors slow circling, all colors flashing, and all colors steady.

When you want to stand-out around a crowd of people, then this MSDADA Halloween scary mask with LED gloves kit is perfect for you. With the multiple modes to choose from, you will be the talk of the party on how cool and amazing your LED mask and gloves look. 

It looks fun and scary at the same time, just great for Halloween or any LED-themed parties for all ages. The kit looks like it is marketed towards kids, but it can be worn by adults too. 

Take note though that, the gloves and mask only have one size. If you’re an adult with very big hands, it will be difficult for you to fit into the gloves. The mask is more flexible because of the elastic strap wrapped around the back.

Halloween Scary Mask with LED Gloves Kit, LED Costume Mask EL Wire Light Up Mask for Halloween Costume Festival Cosplay(Red)

This guide is about the best LED gloves, but since this is a kit, we have to talk about the LED mask as well. We have to make sure that both items are of great value and quality. The inside of the mask is of soft sponge material. It will be comfortable to wear for hours. It has full-face coverage meaning the sides aren’t exposed.

If you’re worried about the type of light they are using for the face mask, then let MSDADA assure you that their product is safe. It does not have UV harm, and what they use will not leave toxic or adverse side effects to your body. They wove glowing EL Wire made of strong PVC into the mask instead.

The light in the gloves is safe too. It uses electroluminescent film, which is a cold light source. It has a working temperature lower compared to that of a fluorescent lamp. 

Same as the mask, it will not leave any side effects when you wear them even for a long time. There’s no doubt why this is dubbed the best LED gloves with a mask kit.

For both the mask and gloves, the light in them does not flicker very fast. The lights are soft rather than distracting. Yes, there is a fast flash mode on the mask, but it is not that fast that it can be hurtful to the eyes. You and the people around you won’t get eye fatigue or tension when looking at the mask and gloves.

  • It comes in a kit
  • Uses glowing EL wire and electroluminescent film which leaves no side effects
  • Uses soft lights that won’t give you eye fatigue or tension
  • Can be worn by kids and adults
  • Prevents eye fatigue and tension
  • Those with bigger hands will find it difficult to fit in them.
  • The mask has an elastic band but it is not adjustable
  • Batteries are not included


6. The Noodley LED GlovesBest for Kids

The Noodley LED Gloves for Kids Cool Toys for Boys with Extra Batteries Indoor Play Outdoor Game Ideas Camping Ages 4 5 6 7 (Small, Black)

Kids love colorful lights, especially when they are moving. Whether they’re a boy or girl, aged 4 or 15, they will surely have fun with these colorful LED gloves by The Noodley. 

If your kid will be attending a party or even just a simple family gathering, they can show off their fantastic light-up gloves to their friends and relatives. The way to turn the lights on and off is by pressing the button on the cuff area. 

Different modes make the lights move at different styles and colors. It will never be boring. The Noodley makes sure that the lights are soft enough to soothe children with autism and other sensory disorders. With these features, you won’t doubt why they are the best LED gloves for kids.

Much more, there is a secure liner on the fingers area that keeps the lights in place. No matter how active your child may be, the lights will still stay in their positions. Embedded on the cuffs is anti-collision technology that helps in avoiding accidental turning off of the gloves.  

It is constructed with polyester materials and stretchable cotton fibers, making them breathable and lightweight. Another worth mentioning is that they can be perfect for chilly or cold weather. 

The Noodley LED Gloves for Kids Cool Toys for Boys with Extra Batteries Indoor Play Outdoor Game Ideas Camping Ages 4 5 6 7 (Small, Black)

If you’re planning on using them during Halloween, the gloves can keep your children’s hands warm throughout their trick-or-treating. As much as the product is fun and easy to use, it is not as durable as it seems. 

It wears out faster than more expensive LED gloves, but with the proper care and handling, they can last long. The wiring may also cause a problem as they are prone to coming off if the gloves are exposed to too tension and pressure exerted.

Another issue is that the seams are not strong enough. You may experience tears and rips on the gloves along the way. These gloves are designed for kids, so the sizes that come with it are also small. They have an age range of 4 years old and above, but it still depends on how big the hands of your kids are.

Compared to other brands, the Noodley LED gloves have extra batteries included with the package. There are two CR2016 batteries installed on each glove, and then an extra set to replace them, if ever the batteries installed don’t work anymore. These gloves are not waterproof, so be careful not to submerge them in water. please read here how do i install battery into heated gloves.


  • Lights stay in place
  • Can be used in winter
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lights are soft for people with autism and other sensory disorders
  • The seams are not well-secured
  • Wiring of the gloves tend to come off
  • Small sizes


7. GloFX Gel Glove Set

GloFX Gel Glove Set - Light Up Rave EDM 9 Mode LED Gloves

Most LED gloves have a problem with the light casings moving out of place. What GloFX has pioneered is using gel casings instead. These will ensure that no matter what movement or how much sweating you do, they will never slide off. You can party and dance all night long with these gloves.

Take this time to imagine 100 color combinations. It sounds impossible, right? Well, GloFX gel glove set offers a lot more than that. This gel glove set has over 1 million color combinations with nine display modes. They use professional level LED extremely bright lights.

These blinding lights are of ultra-bright Lux bulbs encased in a non-slip clear gel. This transparency is what adds brightness to the bulbs. When you put the gloves on, your fingers will immediately grip the gel. It’s also very comfortable to wear, so no worries with intense movements.

In terms of battery life, GloFX gel LED gloves can outlast most LED gloves sold in the market. You need to use it for 20 hours straight before you can get the battery drained. When that time does come, replacing the batteries is easy since it has the X-clip battery harness.

GloFX Gel Glove Set - Light Up Rave EDM 9 Mode LED Gloves

For every party, you would always want to be the unique person everyone remembers. You can achieve that with these gloves as they allow you to customize your light patterns. It comes with a chip designed with built-in memory and a pro-click function. Programming light patters have become a breeze with these.

In the end, all these high-tech features still come with a price. As said above, the gloves have professional-level lights, therefore it is more expensive. Also, be cautious with the bulbs because the replacement is expensive as well. 

GloFX gel gloves are quite pricey, but the quality lives up to it. Mostly professionals are the ones who purchase these types of gloves. But, if you don’t mind purchasing replacement bulbs once the one installed gets broken, then please consider buying these.


  • Non-slip transparent gel casings
  • The battery can last up to 20 hours straight
  • Ultra-bright Lux bulbs
  • Comes with programming chip with built-in memory and pro-click function
  • Over one million color combinations and nine display modes
  • Replacement bulbs are expensive


8. Tritechnox LED Light Gloves

Commonly, LED light gloves have solid colored digits. For Tritechnox, they have engineered theirs to be multicolored. There are six modes to play with, but apart from the six, the red, green, and blue lights also have a strobing, morphing, and trailing function. 

Overall, the gloves are from comfortable knitting yarn, and a stretchable wrist is of polyester. These work well for people who tend to move a lot. For example, if you’re part of a dance group and would like to use LED gloves for your routine. 

The stretchable wrist will securely hug your hands, avoiding any slipping to happen. These materials make the gloves breathable. You won’t feel stuffy and hot inside, no matter how long you put it on. 

There are no more worries about having sweaty hands. The controls for the lights are easily located on the wrist area for quick mode changes. The LED Tritechnox used is of high-quality. They can shine brightly around a crowd of people. 

Whether you are using it for a light show or you want to have the best colorful-lighting costume at your party, these are certainly perfect for you. The high-quality LED lights are set to last for very long hours.

It is safe and suitable for all ages. Kids and adults alike can wear them. But, same with the MSDADA in number five, they only have one size. It will be a problem for people with bigger hands or kids with tiny hands. 

Also, people have complained about the unprotected wires and questions about the durability of the gloves. On the positive note, another thing that sets this pair apart is, it sports multi-colored lights on the entire fingers area. 

Instead of just having bulbs or a small segment of the gloves having lights, these offer you full-light coverage with multiple colors. Tritechnox is an affordable brand. If your purpose is wearing these gloves to a couple of parties in a year or two, then they can stay with you for all those events as well. 

  • Multi-colored digits
  • Six modes
  • Made from breathable and comfortable knitting yarn
  • Cuffs are made of stretchable polyester
  • Affordable
  • Not very durable
  • Small sizes
  • Unprotected wires


9. Bollepo LED gloves

Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, then we have the perfect, eye-catching LED gloves just for you. It’s unique among the rest because this one sports a skeleton design. If you decided to be a multi-colored, light-up skeleton for Halloween, then you should pick up a pair of these.

Looking at our list of choices, most of the LED gloves only have lights on the fingers area. Bollepo has taken that even a step further and engineered for these gloves to light up your entire hand. The skeleton form on them gives that additional Halloween spooky yet fun vibe.

This one has five colors that light up and six different modes you can choose from, whichever suits your mood. The mode control button is in the wrist area. Same as other LED gloves, the wrist is the easiest place for you to change up the patterns as you continue to party the night away.

If you think LED gloves with the fingers area lighting up can catch a kid’s attention, then what more if the entire hand lights up? Any child will enjoy wearing and playing with these. Every family gathering or party they attend will surely bring a crowd towards them.

The number one problem with wearing any gloves is its breathability and comfortability properties. When you are planning to go out all night and have a pair of gloves on, you don’t want to have sweaty hands that make you uncomfortable.

Good thing Bollepo has designed theirs to be lightweight and breathable. You can move around all night without the thought of having sweaty hands after. They also work well in cold temperatures. Especially during Halloween, where the atmosphere becomes chilly at night, these can provide you protection and warmth.

All-in-all the Bollepo LED gloves are a decent pair of gloves, but they aren’t as high quality as the rest. It is not very durable. They aren’t meant for lifetime use. 

But then, Bollepo’s customer service is approachable and friendly. Besides the replacement battery, the package comes with, when you find out the lights in the gloves don’t work, they won’t hesitate to give you a replacement or refund.

  • Light diffusion running on the entire hand
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Well-insulated 
  • Unique skeleton design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with replacement batteries
  • Excellent customer service on the side of the manufacturer
  • Not very durable

What to Look for When Buying

LED gloves are successively earning their popularity in festivals and dance clubs. And I think you are here, probably because you wanted to be part of the latest trend and craze.

But as much as you want to be part of the fun, you have to make sure that the LED gloves that you will be investing in are worthwhile. As such, it is essential that you take into account the several features, attributes, and factors in selecting the best light up gloves. 


It is necessary for you to identify how you plan to use your gloves. You should also know whether you want to light up just the fingers alone or the entire hands. Others also prefer a skeleton hand.

Usually, the purpose of the glove will determine which type of gloves to buy. You might want a novice LED glove or a professional one. Again, depending on your intended utilization. 

The novelty grade gloves are fairly inexpensive yet they deliver good light quality. However, they have limited battery life and functionality. Also, they are not as premium as the professional light gloves which are relatively expensive. 

As the name suggests, professional gloves are manufactured especially for professional users such as choreographers, DJs, dancers, etc. They are more advanced in terms of construction. As a matter of fact, some of them are even computer-programmable. 

Battery Life

When it comes to the battery life of the glove, there are several elements that you need to consider. This will include the time that the battery can last, cost, and ease of finding the battery replacement. Through these factors, you can determine the right light up gloves that will certainly fit your needs. 

Most premium chips have eight up to fifteen hours of battery life. But this is dependent on the patterns and colors that you select. Also, its longevity will also vary depending on how you use your light gloves. 

Easy to Click

This factor seems to be a minimal issue only but it also matters. You have to check whether or not the certain light up gloves can be easily clicked. Most glove models can be operated by a single button only that is built in the glove. 

But there are premium models that are programmable through a combination of holding and clicking the button.


Although most of the glove lights feature similar circular design, they greatly vary in terms of functionalities and capabilities. Each chip delivers different mode capabilities to allow users to express themselves in numerous ways. The more versatile the light-up glove would be the better. 

Having a versatile glove will exude your creative side. Nightclub owners can also use this to control the party’s color entertainment. Much more, LED gloves can be lit up and let you have fun – may it be on birthday parties, Halloween, raving, or wherever. 


Durability is another important consideration especially when you want your light gloves to last for a long time. This is usually true for professionals since they would be using their LED gloves constantly. Wearing this is a usual part of their jobs. In such a case, make sure that the gloves exhibit excellent durability. 

In order to check, you need to find out the materials that it is made of. If premium grade and high-quality materials are used, then it is a guarantee that your glove will have an extended life. 

But then, if you buy a glove just to be part of fun temporarily, this factor won’t be that much important. Because you might just discard them after use. Just make sure that it is strong enough to last for your certain use.


Of course, it is also important to look into its price. In this aspect, you might want to set the budget that you are willing to invest in a pair of LED gloves. This way, it will be easier for you to narrow down your options, and eventually, you would be able to choose the best LED gloves that you can afford. 

The one that will not break the bank and at the same time not too cheap. Be careful in buying, especially in cheap products because it might end up disappointing you. 

Most often than not, low-quality options come at low prices. But they tend to have very short battery life and the glove lights itself are not as excellent and functional as other high-quality options. 

But this doesn’t mean that you have to choose the most expensive glove there is. Sometimes those kinds of gloves have other features that you will not need. In turn, you will be wasting some bucks for something that will be useless to you. 

Parts and Accessories

It is also important to know the parts of the gloves and accessories that come with it so that you will know what to get. 

The casings are the ones responsible for holding the batteries and chip together so that they will fit comfortably inside your LED gloves. Most brands design their casings to be compatible with any of their glove lights. 

Ensure that the exterior of the casing is durable and the underside is made of soft rubber for comfort. You can also tint your lights or add filters to it by choosing different colored casings. 

Additionally, the small plastic cap that is attached to the exposed bulb is called a diffuser. It magnifies your light trails and prevents the bulb from poking holes into the gloves. This comes in various altering colors and pattern drawing shapes. please read here artist gloves for drawing table.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer some of the most asked questions by previous buyers. You might as well encounter some of these questions as you acquire and eventually use your LED gloves so read further to find the answers. 

How to change the batteries emazing lights?

The most important part of owning LED gloves is changing their batteries. You can tell if the batteries of your glove are getting low or even dead if the lights won’t turn on or if it starts to dim. But if you worry because you do not know how to change the batteries, just follow the following easy steps. 

First, you need to set the glove lights on a flat surface. You can use the screwdriver to loosen the screws. Then secure the screws in a safe place. Pull off the top of the LED glove and remove the microlights from the casing. You can open the casing by moving them apart. 

After this, you have to slide out the circular batteries by simply pushing them from the side of the chip. The batteries are located at the bottom of each microlight. 

Next, replace the two 1620 microlight batteries with their logo facing the battery arm. Then, put back the microlights into the casing of your glove one by one. Although the battery arm is flexible and strong, you still need to be careful in this step. Put just the right amount of pressure.

Finally, place the top of the glove light back on and snugly screw it in. Avoid tight overlay. You can now click the button to see if the glove will turn on. 

What do you mean by flashing pattern?

This is the flashing style. Typically, there are twelve flashing patterns that you can choose from per color set. However, not all of these settings work with certain color sets. For instance, it will not work if the motion is off or if the chip is in a flux motion. 

How to reset the glove lights into its default settings?

Turn off the light. Then hold the button until you notice a white flashing light. Select the high white and your glove light will automatically reprogram back to its default setting.

But if you subtly press this, you can select the low white to cancel. This will exit the setting and the current programming will be kept. 

What should I do if the light won’t turn on?

You have to make sure that they are not eLocked. In order to check, you have to click and hold the button in three seconds and see whether they would flash red. Most premium gloves offer this eLock protection in order to avoid accidental turning on. 

This is designed in such a way that you are allowed to lock your glove lights so that the batteries will not drain in your bags or pockets. To remove this function, select the low red after you check and it indeed flashed a red light. This will exit the eLock function. The lights will then turn on and function as normal. 

If you want to lock your lights, just put off the light as you normally do and hold the button until it flashes red. Then select the high red. 

How to determine the best LED gloves?

The products in this review are among the many other decent gloves. But we are confident that these are the best. If you want to make sure of that, you can consider their quality, durability, and price. It is also important to identify the number of LEDs. Furthermore, you can check any extras included in your purchase. 

What is possibly wrong with my gloves if they are displaying red hue?

When the lights of your gloves start to display a reddish hue, this means that the batteries are already getting low. If the batteries that come with your gloves are rechargeable, then you might need to charge them. But you can also change the batteries for brand new ones. 

Take note, the more often you utilize your lights the quicker the batteries will drain. So if this is the case for you, always make sure that you purchase more spare batteries. 

How to extend the life of the batteries?

I suggest that you remove the batteries when the gloves are not in use. Doing so is a good idea that can help in extending the battery life because when they are constantly inserted into the glove lights, all of its power will be drained. Make it a habit to do this after each use so you won’t forget.

When you have extra batteries, make sure that they are kept in their original package unless it is the time to utilize them. Carrying the batteries outside its packaging or even when the two batteries are touching each other, will also cause them to drain.


Choosing among the top-notch products is indeed very challenging. With the combined information from the product review and the buying guide, hopefully, you can now determine the best LED gloves that will suit your need.