What Size Boxing Gloves For Women? A Comprehensive Guide To Finding The Perfect Fit!

what size boxing gloves for women

Are you here to find out what size boxing gloves for women? Then, you have come to the right post.

This will be a comprehensive guide to finding the right fit. Take note that the size of the gloves should be based on your boxing experience, height, and weight.

When companies advertise boxing gloves for women, it can be hard to determine whether those products can help in training and fights.

Sometimes, it was all about branding only. Are those gloves really different? Were they smaller? Are they designed with more padding?

You might be asking those questions. But no, they should necessarily be like that. Women can also wear classic gloves designed for any gender.

What matters here is to get the right fit and size.

To ensure that you will get the right fit and wear them comfortably during practice, read until the end of this article.


Size Boxing Gloves For Women With Small Gloves?

One should consider three factors when finding suitable gloves to pick for women boxers before they get on bag work training or a fight.

This includes size, weight, and padding concentration. It is essential that you already know what to look for before you buy one.

So, let us discuss each of them below to know what size boxing gloves for women.


#1. Size

This is the most essential aspect when choosing.

It should be the right for you, providing you with a snug fit so there will be a lesser risk of finger and hand injuries.

what size boxing gloves for women

Most beginners are surprised when they find out that size and weight are not the same in boxing gloves.

Professional boxers’ fight gloves should have the same weight regardless of their measurements.

If you are a beginner at this sport, you must find a comfortable fit so that your hand will not slip off your boxing gloves.

Your gloves should feel like the extension of your hands. Take note that if you get the wrong size, they will hinder your performance during the boxing match.

Boxing glove size is measured using ounces. Commonly, the sizes include 12 oz, 10 oz, and 8 oz.

They are large, medium, and small, respectively. But there are also gloves made for those extra large or small hands.


Size Boxing Gloves For Women With Large Hands?

Those women who are taller usually have large hands and long arms. If you are one of them, you can opt for 10 ounces or 12 ounces bag gloves.

Those women boxers with average size with a height of around 1.63 meters and weight of about 70.5 kilograms often opt for gloves with 10 oz size.

This women’s boxing glove size is the most popular.


What Size Gloves For Women With Smaller Hands?

Contrary to the previous one, those shorter women boxers also tend to have smaller hands.

You can size down to 10 ounces of boxing gloves if your hands are small. This site is also recommended for beginners.

They should start with gloves having a size of 8 oz.


#2. Weight

Boxing gloves available in the market come in a variety of weights. They can range from 8 to 20 ounces.

The glove weight determines the amount of padding it contains inside. Generally, professionals use lighter gloves.

Size Boxing Gloves For Women With Small Gloves

The 8-ounce gloves are the lightest. It also means that they contain the least padding. These gloves are often the ones used during a boxing match.

On the other hand, the heaviest gloves are often used for sparring. This type of glove is recommended for novices.

The 12-ounce gloves are the heaviest and are designed with the thickest padding.


#3. Padding concentration

You already know that the weight of the gloves defines their weight. But it is also essential to understand that the level of the padding differs.

A pair of boxing gloves can be weighted on the wrist or in front of the gloves.

Size Boxing Gloves For Women With Small Gloves

If the label says they are front-weighted gloves, it means that those gloves are designed with more padding around your knuckles and fingers.

This can help in tempering the impact of the blows.

On the other hand, rear-weighted gloves have fewer pads. They are used during a match and are ideal for professional boxers.

These types of gloves are suitable when you are training for better speed.

The front of the gloves is generally thinner. It is designed that way for fighters to deliver a much harder blow.

On average, a woman’s wingspan can be around 164 centimeters.

Combined with a hard blow, any number higher than this can advance the fighter into winning the match and take home the belt.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let us answer some of the most common questions about women’s boxing gloves.

These questions are mainly asked by beginners or those interested in this sport.  It may also be a good idea to read about the boxing gloves size guide.

Assuming that you are one of them, then these too might be helpful for you. Keep reading!


#1. How can a pair of gloves of different sizes affect performance?

This topic has been debated, and there is no definite answer. Generally, it is accepted that a pair of gloves that are snug fit is ideal.

However, some people argue that gloves that are loose fitting can offer more dexterity.

But then again, it will depend on your preference. You can experiment with various sizes and see what size works best.


#2. What are the benefits or disadvantages of larger or smaller boxing gloves?

Again, it will depend on your personal preference.

For some people, smaller gloves allow better dexterity and control. But others find more protection and comfort with oversized gloves.

If you opt for a larger glove, you can easily fit the hand wraps inside them.

Just take note of the possible disadvantages that come with wearing smaller gloves.

For one thing, it can be hard to find a glove that fits you well while being smaller than your hand size.

Another is that smaller gloves can make it less comfortable for you; it can even lead to hand fatigue.

Furthermore, it can limit your grip strength and dexterity. Lastly, wearing smaller gloves come with a higher risk of injuries.

Conversely, oversized gloves also have their fair share of disadvantages.

Your gloves can look and feel bulky. They can also interfere with the movements of your hands.


#3. What can happen if you choose the wrong size of boxing gloves?

You need to get the right size by referring to a boxing gloves size guide. But if things still go wrong, you will know.

That is because your hands might feel uncomfortable inside the gloves. In some instances, they can also slip off easily. You might also think that they are too loose.

If you purchase a small glove, your hand may feel constricted. In such a case, it would be hard for you to form a fist.

If you get a pair of large gloves, you will find it difficult to grip your opponent or even the boxing bag.


#4. Can you return the boxing gloves if they don’t fit you?

Yes, most stores selling basketball equipment will allow you to return them if they do not fit. Just remember some essential things before replacing them.

Of course, you have to bring the receipt with you. So ensure not to toss away your receipt unless you are sure that they fit you well.

Also, make sure that your gloves are still in new-like condition. In other words, your gloves must not show wear and tear, stains, or dirt. It may be helpful to read about the best way to clean boxing gloves.

If the gloves do not seem new anymore, the store might not accept your request for a return.


#5. What is the average size of boxing gloves for women?

The average size of boxing gloves for women can range from eight to ten ounces. It will depend on the weight of the boxer.

The general rule is that boxers with lighter weights should use smaller gloves.

The average woman’s boxing gloves measure 10 inches in terms of length. It is about 4.5 inches in width and 7 inches in height.

The circumference is usually around 16.5 inches. Its average weight would be about 1 pound, and the price would be approximately 40 dollars.


It’s A Wrap!

It’s good that you already know what size boxing gloves for women. With all the information above, you can surely get the right pair that fits you well.

By the way, you might be interested in another good read. You can check on the ultimate guide to caring for your gloves.

That’s pretty much it for today! Thank you for being here.