How To Break In Leather Gloves? In 5 Easy Ways!

How To Break In Leather Gloves

Are you wondering how to break in leather gloves? Well, there are six easy ways that I will be teaching you as you read along; one of these is by simply applying leather oil to your gloves.

Maybe, you’ll ask why doing so is crucial; it’s because it can aid you in delivering a great show and performance. But, unfortunately, you’re too lucky because breaking in your leather gloves is not that hard. The thing is that you can perform different ways to break and soften it.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most flexible and versatile methods for you to try. This being said, you have the discretion to apply or use each of the methods solely or simultaneously. So, without further ado, let’s start!

Ways On How To Break In Leather Gloves

So, what are the ways on how to break in leather gloves? Don’t fret, my friends; here are the following:

1. Applying Leather oil

Perhaps, one of the best methods for you to try to break in your leather gloves is to use leather oil. This kind of solution is sure to break or soften a leather material. Not just that, but it’s also ideal for making your gloves waterproof so that you can use them at their optimum usage.

What more can you ask for when you apply this method? It’s actually dual purpose. You soften it and make it waterproof at the same time; it’s a bonus, my friends!

In doing this process, you only need to get an old brush, preferably a stiff one. Then, apply the leather oil to your gloves. Maybe, you’re wondering how often you should execute this; the recommended duration is between three to six months, depending upon the gloves you have. please read here how to safely remove disposable gloves.

With this, you’re sure to allow the leather oil to absorb within your gloves entirely. But then, it’s worth noting that once you do this process, you’ll expect that the gloves will become dark. Well, it’s natural for the thing to get dark if it’s saturated with oil.

The other downside of this method is its resulting smell. Yet, it’s not that a big deal because it only takes a short time, after which it’s no longer a problem, and your gloves are good to go. Anyway, there’s still a need for you to apply oil again. One of the best indications if it’s time for you to repeat the process is when it’s no longer waterproof.

2. Placing Moist

Another way for you to break in your leather gloves is to put a little moisture in them. But, my friends, don’t just execute this process. It’s worth remembering that this method can lead to massive dampness, which can be detrimental to your leather gloves. Take note that your leather gloves only require a little bit of moisture.

In this way, you’re sure to keep the gloves softer and stretched. Adding moisture is easy as you think. First thing first, you have to dampen the gloves using clean water. Allow the water to absorb through the material, and it will soon break in. Please read here how to clean leather work gloves.

Then and again, I should remind you not to make it too wet. After you allow moisture to come in, get a scratch paper or maybe newspaper so you can stuff it into your gloves. Now, it’s time to let it dry; you can store the gloves for a while. Even if you should dry it, you should not use direct heat, such as a hairdryer. This means that you should make the gloves dry through indirect heat.

You may be wondering why it’s crucial; it’s because if you intensely dry it, the gloves may be cracked or damaged, and you don’t want that to happen, right? So now, leave it to dry, with a minimum of a day.

3. Using mink oil

Another way for you to break in your leather gloves is to use mink oil. For you to do this process, you should rub it on the surface of the gloves. Well, this solution is sure to be effective because it contains a natural acid that can aid in softening your leather gloves.

If you’re not familiar with this oil, you have to go to various leather shops or sporting goods. There may be a different process to apply the oil to leather things; follow the instruction. After which, you can get a clean cloth so you can buff the gloves and dry them.

Since it’s still an oil, it may lead to the darkening of the leather material. The best thing to do is first to try the solution you got. Do the first step to the part which is less visible. With this, you can see the result when applying mink oil to your leather gloves. please read here how to care for your leather gloves.

4. Using leather conditioner and rubbing alcohol

In this process, you have two options- to use leather gloves or to use rubbing alcohol. Well, the first option is ideal for keeping your gloves for many years. This thing can be available in local stores, and all you need to do is apply it to your leather gloves. Another alternative that you can try is a saddle soap, and the process is just the same.

On the other hand, you can use rubbing alcohol to soften your leather gloves. Perhaps, it’s the best and easiest way, and cheapest too. You have to put the rubbing alcohol on the glove’s outer surface; do so every six months. Then, when you maintain your gloves with rubbing alcohol, you’ll be sure to have optimum versatility, comfort, and dexterity when using your gloves.

5. Treating with silicone

Here’s another easy solution for you to soften your leather gloves. Silicone treatment is sure to help your gloves become more water-resistant. There may be different instructions according to the product you’ve bought.

The good thing about this solution is that it’s not only effective in softening your gloves but also ideal in making them resistant to water. So it’s useful whenever you’re using your gloves in places with great moisture or even with the rain.

It’s A Wrap!

Apart from how to break in leather gloves, it’s recommended that you make use of your leather gloves oftentimes. This is because it allows the gloves to stretch as possible, so it molds the actual shape of your hands.